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Union latine Concurso Diálogo Latino 2012 29/05/2012, Lisboa (Portugal) Comemorando o Dia da Latinidade, a União Latina promove um concurso multilingue, destinado a estudantes do ensino secundário. Este concurso tem como objectivo o de promover a aprendizagem das línguas latinas e o seu estudo comparativo. français facile Pédagothè : Plateforme pédagogique 國際在綫 教你輕鬆學法語 主持人:蓝山、夜龙舞(vilay) 好歌共享:《Paris》(巴黎) 精彩推荐:[看图学法语]巴黎的公共交通 地铁站里的风景 NEW! Free Stock Photos and Clip Art HomeMost PopularMost RecentBonus ContentMembersPrivacy PolicyFAQContact Free Stock Photo Search Image Categories AbstractAnimalsBackgroundsBordersBuildingsBusinessButtonsClip ArtComputersDesignsEducationEventsFoodHealthHolidaysIndustryLandscapesMenNatureObjectsPeopleRecreationReligionSpecial EventsSportsSymbolsTechnologyThemesTransportationTravelWomen Advertisement Site Links

Leçons de grammaire Introduction to French Studies -- Pascal Michelucci -- FRE 180Y | 1. Le présent | 2. Le passé composé | 3. L'imparfait | 4. Académie en ligne 學習瑞典語 介绍瑞典语 很多外国人说瑞典语听起来像唱歌一样。原因是瑞典语的节奏。除了这个节奏以外,学瑞典语和英语的难度差不多。 在第二世界战争后出生的大部分的瑞典人都会说英语,但是大部分瑞典人的性格比较内向,这就让不会说瑞典语的外国人感觉比较难和瑞典人深度得沟通。 Shutterstock Trouvez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour vos projets créatifs. Téléchargez instantanément. L'image gratuite de la semaine L'image vectorielle gratuite de la semaine

Grammaire française PEINTURE FLE Introduction to Swedish - home Swedish is a member of the Indo-European family, to which almost all European languages belong (with the exception of the Finnish-Ugrian, Basque, and Caucasian languages), and has many features in common with all of these. Its closest relatives are Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. The latter has due to its isolation remained remarkably intact from the Viking Age and therefore is very difficult to understand for other Nordic speakers. Swedes, Norwegians, and Danes usually do not have any difficulties in communicating with each other. Even though Danish is slightly more closely related to Swedish than Norwegian, its "hot-potato-in-the-mouth" pronunciation is the main obstacle when Danes and Swedes speak with each other, whereas Norwegian in that respect is very similar to Swedish. All in all, the differences between the languages are not very big - most Swedes would probably even find it difficult to tell whether a text was written in Norwegian or Danish.

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