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Excel, data, and the story lines that lurk within

Excel, data, and the story lines that lurk within
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Introduction au Scraping Le « scraping » de données est un ensemble de techniques utilisées pour extraire des contenus du Net. Ce sujet clé pour le datajournalisme avait été abordé une première fois par la bande dans un tutorial sur wget. Dans cette brève intro, on va aborder les bases de la technique du scraping à proprement parler. Cet texte fait suite à un atelier qui s'est tenu le 9 juin 2015 au Schrödinger's Cat, à Bruxelles, dans le cadre des #Data-Crypto Parties de l'AJPro et de l'Ihecs. Euh... juste une question, scraper, ça sert à quoi ? Les applications sont très nombreuses. Ces données peuvent également être moulinées et réutilisées sur le web pour créer des tableaux de bord, des graphiques et toutes sortes d'informations statistiques. Un autre emploi du scraping, qui peut se révéler très utile pour les journalistes, est de réaliser la "photo" d'une page web à un moment précis. Les outils du scrapeur Il existe d’innombrables techniques pour scraper des informations sur le Net. De quoi a-t-on besoin?

Amphibia Inicio - Nancytropias Nancyt(R)opías Página en español dedicada al pensamiento de Jean-Luc Nancy Bibliografía de Jean-Luc Nancy (actualizada: mayo 2013) Traducciones al español (julio 2013) Página creada por: C.R. "Je l'entends comme je l'aime" Emisión de France Culture del 7 de febrero de 2011: Teaser del largometraje NICE LAGO a partir de un texto de Jean-Luc Nancy Hablar a Martin Ziegler MartinZiegler-Films à le plaisir de vous présenter un second texte de Jean-Luc Nancy lu, cette fois, par lui-même. Como siempre, estamos en DECONSTRUCCIÓN (DECONTRA)

Spreadsheets - Berkeley Advanced Media Institute Tutorial: Spreadsheets Introduction A spreadsheet is a software program you use to easily perform mathematical calculations on statistical data and, such as totaling long columns of numbers or determining percentages and averages. And if any of the raw numbers you put into your spreadsheet should change – if you obtain final figures to substitute for preliminary ones, for example – the spreadsheet will update all the calculations you’ve performed based on the new numbers. You also can use a spreadsheet to generate data visualizations like charts to display the statistical information you’ve compiled on a website. You can use free applications like Google Docs to create a spreadsheet. You also can purchase Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program to run on your computer. Both spreadsheets programs work in similar ways. Excel has far more sophisticated tools and features. Spreadsheet Layout To create a new spreadsheet in Google Docs, sign into your Google Docs account. Just below A1 is A2. Numbers or

Help Me Investigate | A network helping people investigate questions in the public interest The Awl - Be Less Stupid. OpenRefine My next ebook: the Data Journalism Heist In the next couple of months I will begin publishing my next ebook: Data Journalism Heist . Data Journalism Heist is designed to be a relatively short introduction to data journalism skills , demonstrating basic techniques for finding data, spotting possible stories and turning them around to a deadline. Based on a workshop, the emphasis is on building confidence through speed and brevity , rather than headline-grabbing spectacular investigations or difficult datasets (I’m hoping to write a separate ebook on the latter at some point). If you’re interested in finding out about the book, please sign up on the book’s Leanpub page . Meanwhile, I’m looking for translators for Scraping for Journalists – get in touch if you’re interested.

Juan Soto Ivars The Migrants Files Center for Digital Storytelling - Blog - Data Journalism + Personal Storytelling = Brave New World? – by Laura Hadden In the world of storytelling, words and numbers have a complicated relationship. When I was an Americorps*VISTA volunteer at the Center for Digital Storytelling, I was privileged enough to bear witness to hundreds of stories. Sitting in that circle and listening to folks from all walks of life share of themselves and their experiences never got old and, when my time at CDS came to an end, I carried so many of those stories with me into the world. I knew that the experience had changed me fundamentally, but couldn’t quite figure out how and what that change actually meant. Although I still feel like my feet are firmly planted in the personal storytelling world, these questions have lead me to take a closer look at what can be learned by data-driven journalism. For example, this visualization of rape convictions in the UK shows that over the 78,000 estimated rapes that happen every year in the UK, only 1,153 of them turn into convictions.