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YQL Code Examples Making YQL Queries with JavaScript This code example shows you how to make YQL queries with JavaScript and the OpenSocial function makeRequest . The YQL query in the code example will get data from the GeoPlanet API based on the user's input. OpenSocial Method: makeRequest By using the OpenSocial method , you can make calls to a Web service with JavaScript without using a crossdomain.xml file. The calls in this example use 2-legged OAuth authorization. All Stories by Zeynep Tufekci The Media Needs to Stop Inspiring Copycat Murders. Here's How. After a wave of teen suicides in the 1980s, news outlets began reporting on these deaths more cautiously. Similar guidelines could help prevent more shooting sprees. Social Media's Small, Positive Role in Human Relationships It's just one factor in modern life that can increase connection in a world divided by the vagaries of capitalism, the disengagement of television, and the isolation of suburban sprawl. If We Built a Safer Nuclear Reactor, How Would We Know?

Stock Screener - Pre Trade Analysis Overview These pages provide some insight into the historical baseline information for each stock that we track. The alerts server automatically uses this data. 4 Hot Stocks to Watch Thursday, October 28 - AC Investor Blog ( click to enlarge ) Today was another AMAZING day for Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ:PLUG) ! The stock finished the day up 9.78% on huge volume of over 835.000 shares traded and is already up more than 20% since my initial alert on twitter.

JSON quote API Overview Our Javascript Quote API allows you to quickly and easily integrate market data into your web application, using a simple request-based API Requesting Data To request data from our servers, you insert a <script> tag into your web page. Starting over: Coining a new dollar - tech - 01 April 2011 Exotic dancers and traditionalists may come to miss it, but the iconic US dollar bill is ripe for replacement - with a coin. Scrapping the paper dollar would do more than prevent a frustrating time at the vending machine. It would also be more cost-effective: US dollar notes drop out of circulation within around two years due to wear and tear, but coins last decades. Although dollar coins made of a copper alloy do circulate in the US, they are not widely used. If Congress scrapped the note and committed fully to coins of this composition, the country could save more than $500 million a year, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Richard Gingras For more than thirty years, Richard Gingras has led highly-regarded efforts in the development of online services, software, and new media. These endeavors range from pioneering uses of satellite networking for television, the first applications of television signals for data distribution, both pre-Web and Web-based online services, and the creation of various platform technologies. Over the last several years Gingras has focused his attention on the transformation of the media landscape. Profit on a Flat Stock (BA, JNJ, KO, MSFT, SBUX) Since its bottom on March 6 of last year, the S&P 500 has made a historic rally -- about 65% -- rivaling what we saw coming out of the Great Depression in 1938. However, if you take a gander at the years following 1938, you see -- after that big market rebound -- that stocks were relatively flat for a handful of years, including about 10% declines in both 1940 and 1941. If you were an investor back then, you were left twiddling your thumbs, merely hoping for additional gains from the market at some point. These days, we're more fortunate. The market may end up being flat for a few years after its recent jump, but stock options, launched in the 1970s, give even a conservative investor ways to profit when a stock is flat. The benefits of covered callsThe most common option strategy to profit if a stock stays flat, or goes down modestly, is also the most conservative: covered calls.

Yahoo Download Stock Data Almost everyone knows that Yahoo has API to retrieve financial data.We will write a client that will consume Yahoo API to retrieve history stock data. Let's start to develop set of classes that will handle required functionality. First we define an Enum that holds different period types. Why Americans Can't Save Money - Room for Debate Ed Nacional For a short time, Americans seemed to be born-again savers. In the second quarter of 2009, in the depths of the Great Recession, households put away 7 percent of disposable income, compared with under 2 percent in the third quarter of 2007.

Innovation The intrinsic structure of companies has long been a subject of study, most famously by Ronald Coase, the eminent British economist and recipient of the 1991 Nobel Prize in economics. In 1937, Coase published a seminal paper, The Nature of the Firm, in which he explained that, in principle, a firm should be able to find the cheapest, most productive goods and services by contracting them out in an efficient, open marketplace. However, markets are not perfectly fluid. Transaction costs are incurred in obtaining goods and services outside the firm, such as searching for the right people, negotiating a contract, coordinating the work, managing intellectual property and so on. Firms thus came into being to make it easier to get work done. A well managed company tries to achieve a good balance between the work that gets done within and outside its boundaries.

10 Stocks That Could Double in 2011 Given the substantial move of equities over the past two years, traders will likely become more selective in 2011 and focus on those companies that can grow significantly faster than the rest of the market. While there are a multitude of names poised to show strong growth in 2011, many have already seen their stocks move 300-400% over the past 18 months. APKT, FFIV, NFLX and RVBD are some examples, to name a few. As such, we have chosen to focus on ten companies poised for outsized growth, all of which could potentially double over the next year.

Yahoo data download Dear Peter Ponzo, I serve as copyright counsel for Yahoo and write to you with respect to your site specifically the page located at Yahoo offers certain services on its website, including the Yahoo Finance service available at, subject to its Terms of Service, located at It has come to our attention, through a data partner, that your page located at provides a tool and instructions for using the tool to enable users to hack the Yahoo Finance site. While it appears from your website that you may not be aware of the infringing nature of your conduct, this letter serves to provide you with specific notice of such. Yahoo contends that your use and distribution of the tool and the content located at constitutes a breach of sections 6, 12, and 18 of the Terms of Service (among other provisions), gives rise to unfair competition, and induces others to breach the Terms of Service. For the above reasons, we request that you immediately do the following:

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