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Urban Agriculture: A Guide to Container Gardens A Guide to Container Gardens With inexpensive containers and suitable soil mix,you can create an urban garden virtually anywhere - on roof tops,vacant city lots, borwn fields, and unused portion of parking lots Job S. Ebenezer, Ph.D.President, Technology for the Poor, 877 PELHAM COURT, WESTERVILLE, OHIO - It is estimated that by 2030 AD nearly 50% of the world’s population may live in urban areas. Due to the recent terrorist attacks, food security and safety are seriously compromised. Migration from rural areas also brings into the urban areas many persons with very little formal education. Urban agriculture has the potential for creating micro-enterprises that can be owned and operated by the community members without too much of initial capital. Urban farming is not new. A few decades ago ECHO (Education Concerns for Hunger Organization) in Fort Myers, Florida, has introduced container garden techniques for impoverished counties like Haiti.

On Agrarian Urbanism An opportunity for point-counterpoint on the topic of Agrarian Urbanism - one that, with the recent explosion of discussion and interest in urban agriculture - is vital to discussing the place of food in the city, and what impact this will have on the form and function of our urban agglomerations. The topic is poignant here in Portland, as it is both a hotbed of urban agriculture, as well striving for density through urban growth boundaries (UGBs) to protect adjacent farmland. The question becomes one of spatial configuration - as space within cities can be allocated in whatever configuration we choose - but this does have implications on the overall spread. I'm amazed with the ability to drive 10 minutes and find working farms - (while also looking around my neighborhood and finding working produce, poultry and other small-scale productive urban gardens). :: image via OregonLive More on this urban/rural - inside/outside dichotomy, but for now a few bits of related reading.

Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies : et3 Network : Space Trav One Glassy Garden: Growing Herbs in Mason Jars | Kitchen Garden Forget the usual terracotta and (ugh!) plastic pots for container gardening. When you grow herbs in mason jars, you can have garden fresh ingredients on hand and also add some style to a sunny windowsill. Picture a row of mason jars filled with different herbs—basil, chives, parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary—dressing up your kitchen. Pretty, right? The clear glass allows you to see the herbs’ rich root structure growing through the soil. With the right conditions—ample light and proper drainage—most herbs are extremely easy to grow, and growing them in mason jars is no different. 1. 2. 3. Finally, add some labels so you won’t forget what you planted! You diy, recycling junkies could also use pasta jars, pickle jars or whatever other glass container you come across for this project. image: B_Zedan

Spiraling Wind Tower Produces Energy for 2000 Homes The Wind Tower is a spiraling mega-structure designed by British architects David Arnold and Alexa Ratzlaff as a twisted steel and concrete diagrid aerodynamically shaped to take advantage of the prevailing wind currents. At the center of the tower is the core which contains the main vertical circulation and storage areas. Spiraling around the core is a series of platforms that will accommodate a variety of programs including commercial, residential, institutional, and recreational facilities. Located above the program, turbines measuring 45 meters will generate enough power for 2,000 residences. To commemorate the 9th Annual Skyscraper Competition, eVolo is publishing the Limited Edition Book "eVolo Skyscrapers 2" which is the follow-up to its highly acclaimed book “eVolo Skyscrapers”. -> EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 2 - Limited Edition Book

Frets On Fire Wiki: Custom Songs This is a work-in-progress list of songs that can be found on the forums. The list is sorted by Artist, then Title. If you would like your song(s) added, feel free to register on here so that you can edit the pages. *For all those who help in anyway with songs or updating the song database, we really appreciate all the hard work! If you are a fretter, please take a minute to sign the Fretters page to show off your profile, your current projects, and what you have done for the FOF Community." How to *PROPERLY* add songs to the database: 1. If you are going to be adding songs, please organize your song(s) by artist, then title. 2. 3. 4. **To save room: If you fret an ENTIRE album or come across one, please add it to the "Albums" page instead of posting every link in the db. 5. 6. Rule that must be followed - Do NOT add direct links to songs from file storage sites (e.x. If you are still lost, please read this In-Depth Tutorial, with pictures for extra guidance. :)

Vertical Gardening Tips - Organic Gardening A few years back I was leading an old friend through my garden, all the while bemoaning my lack of growing space, when he suddenly interrupted me and asked, "Why do people build skyscrapers?" What this had to do with my overcrowded garden, I hadn't a clue. "So they can cram a lot of people into a place without using up much ground room?" I ventured. "Exactly. Sort of like your garden, wouldn't you say? My friend was right. One more thing: Most bush varieties were bred from climbing ones, and many growers think the original climbing cultivars have better, old-fashioned flavor. Of course, short varieties do offer some conveniences. Best Trellis Supports For plants to grow up a trellis or other support, you first have to build it. Some common supports are wood posts, metal stakes and thick-walled rigid PVC pipe. Don't forget bamboo. Steel posts are less aesthetic than wooden ones but are quicker to install and move. Using Netting in Vertical Gardening Assembling Plant Supports

torres en la niebla – coastal fog tower Coastal fog tower (mid-size prototype) Huasco – Chile (2010). Arquitectura, Alberto Fernández González en colaboración con Susana Ortega Gómez. Fotografías, El proyecto resuelve un sistema de torres que condensan las partículas de agua contenida en la niebla costera, destinado a obtener agua potabilizada para la actividad agrícola del valle del Huasco. Con el objetivo de evaluar y optimizar el sistema, se ha construido una torre a escala 1:10, de 15.00m de altura y 71.00m2 de superfície, que permite obtener entre 140 y 700 litros de agua en un día. + Coastal fog tower – Holcim Foundation (descropción con ilustraciones y fotografías, en formato html y en formato pdf) + Coastal fog tower – Alberto Fernández (paneles del concurso en formato pdf) + Coastal fog tower – Tectónicas Digitales (artículo de texto con ilustraciones) vía plataforma arquitectura

Frets On Fire Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill Previous image Next image See these green and perky scallions? They weren't so perky a week ago. • Read more: Wordless Wednesday - Regrowth at Homemade Serenity ...there were no words, and the picture didn't need any. I chopped off some scallions and stuck them root-down in a Mason jar above my sink. To my surprise, these grew fast. It might not work a second time; I am not sure how long you can keep regrowing these things. Have you ever tried this? Related: • How To Grow Your Own Alfalfa Sprouts: Part One• How To Grow Your Own Alfalfa Sprouts: Part Two (Images: Faith Durand)

En el futuro podríamos respirar líquidos en ALT1040 (Ciencia) De las escenas/ideas más famosas y recordadas del cine de ciencia ficción: The Abyss y la respiración de líquidos, que en el futuro podría ser posible. En un posible futuro podríamos hacer algo parecido por medio de un traje de buzo patentado por Arnold Lande, un cirujano de corazón y pulmones junto a un líquido con características especiales que permitirían respirarlo. El líquido en cuestión es una versión altamente oxigenada de perfluorocarbono o PLC el cual tiene la capacidad de almacenar grandes cantidades de gas. Este estaría dentro de un casco que reemplazaría la totalidad del aire en los pulmones, nariz, oidos y todos los conductos respectivos. Todo el CO2 que pueda ser emitido en el proceso de respiración sería eliminado de nuestra sangre por medio de una branquia artificial en la pierna que está conectada a la arteria femoral en una pierna. Arnold Lande dice que no encuentra financiamiento para el proyecto pero parece una idea demasiado buena para dejarla atrás.

Let’s Make 2-Liter SIPs! Photo: Rachel Glass My mom and I have really been expanding our gardening knowledge lately. Though there is a lot more to learn, we have been sharing that gardening knowledge with kids and families in our community. When we were asked to teach children at a special event sponsored by the AUA (Advocates for Urban Agriculture) and Hull House, we decided to teach a workshop on making SIPs. “First the water at the bottom of the SIP is wicked or sucked up by the fabric. After teaching the Becker girls (above) how to make SIPs I took a quick break. My mom and I invented the seed match game so people could learn what seeds go to which plants. The Becker girls extraordinarily (unlike some other kids I’ve taught) seemed to want to learn more about gardening. After the kids constructed their SIPs, we gave them chocolate mint seedlings to plant in their new homemade planters. Not long after teaching kids how to make 2-liter SIPs, we taught more children to make SIPs. Please download and share!