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Grow your own food with these patented cylindrical growing systems. Harvest bountiful, healthy, and nutritious produce year round. All from the convenience of your home! Increase growing spacegrow in the circle with a design that greatly increases your square foot growing area. The Volksgarden® unit, for example, can grow up to 80 plants in just 8 sq.ft. of floor space. Maximize light capturethe same cylindrical design captures almost all of the lumens emitted by your light source, ultimately saving money and minimizing your time to harvest.

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Urban Agriculture: A Guide to Container Gardens A Guide to Container Gardens With inexpensive containers and suitable soil mix,you can create an urban garden virtually anywhere - on roof tops,vacant city lots, borwn fields, and unused portion of parking lots Job S. Ebenezer, Ph.D.President, Technology for the Poor, 877 PELHAM COURT, WESTERVILLE, OHIO -

5 Urban Design Proposals for 3D City Farms: Sustainable, Ecological and Agricultural Skyscrapers 3D City Farms: 5 Urban Design Proposals for Green Towers Article by Urbanist, filed under Cities & Urbanism in the Architecture category. (Check out our complete collection of Green Art, Design and Technology.)

Hydroponics NASA researcher checking hydroponic onions with Bibb lettuce to his left and radishes to the right Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.[1] Terrestrial plants may be grown with only their roots exposed to the mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel. The nutrients in hydroponics can be from fish waste, duck manure, or normal nutrients. History[edit]

Hydroponics Net Hydroponic Gardening For Beginners On this pageBuying a System or Building a SystemContinuous DripGrowing MediumsNutrient Film TechniqueNutrientspHThe Benefits of HydroponicsThe Ebb and Flow SystemThe History of HydroponicsThe Wick System The History of Hydroponics The word hydroponics comes from two Greek words, "hydro" meaning water and "ponics" meaning labor. The concept of soil less gardening or hydroponics has been around for thousands of years. The hanging Gardens of Babylon and The Floating Gardens of China are two of the earliest examples of hydroponics.

One Glassy Garden: Growing Herbs in Mason Jars Forget the usual terracotta and (ugh!) plastic pots for container gardening. When you grow herbs in mason jars, you can have garden fresh ingredients on hand and also add some style to a sunny windowsill. Picture a row of mason jars filled with different herbs—basil, chives, parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary—dressing up your kitchen. Pretty, right? The clear glass allows you to see the herbs’ rich root structure growing through the soil. Top 20 Logical Fallacies - The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe Introduction to Argument Structure of a Logical Argument Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, our arguments all follow a certain basic structure. They begin with one or more premises, which are facts that the argument takes for granted as the starting point. Then a principle of logic is applied in order to come to a conclusion.

My Most Successful Homemade Hydroponics System My most successful homemade hydroponics system was the result of many years of trial and error. A good design eliminates many of the potential problems with using a hydroponic system and simplifies its day to day use. In the end success depends not only on a good hydroponic system design, but also on how you use it (good hydroponic gardening technique). Below I describe my homemade system, along with design changes I've made over time and why. Next I discuss construction tips and a couple small problems that still exist with the system. Finally, I share my experience on proper hydroponic gardening technique to help you get the best results from your homemade hydroponic system.

Vertical Gardening Tips - Organic Gardening A few years back I was leading an old friend through my garden, all the while bemoaning my lack of growing space, when he suddenly interrupted me and asked, "Why do people build skyscrapers?" What this had to do with my overcrowded garden, I hadn't a clue. "So they can cram a lot of people into a place without using up much ground room?" I ventured. "Exactly. Sort of like your garden, wouldn't you say? The Peace Revolution Podcast Project Constellation: Connect the Dots, See the Big Picture. A Message to the Future of America by Richard Grove; published by Meria Heller ( on the Meria Heller Show, May 31, 2006. Wall Street Whistleblower Richard Grove's first publication- a message to media hosts and their audiences- to inspire them to look beyond the veil of illusion and inspect the actual facts regarding some of the biggest myths of our time. To play, click the "pod" icon at the top left, or right-click and "save as" to download. For more information, includes an archive of more than 500 hours podcasts in the form of a curriculum which instills the tools of Intellectual Self Defense.

Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes This interactive web site provides practical, accurate information on growing hydroponic tomatoes for students, hobbyists, and beginning growers. Hydroponic culture is one of the most exacting and intensive methods of crop production used in agriculture today. Over the last 20 years, great advances in hydroponic technology have been made through extensive research and development programs in the United States and Europe. And although hydroponics may be technology and capital intensive, it is also extremely productive and efficient in its water and land use. Whether your interest in hydroponics is as a hobby, an additional source of income, or you want to get into the commercial market, the future and opportunities in soilless culture are more favorable today than ever before.

Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill Previous image Next image See these green and perky scallions? They weren't so perky a week ago. Denying Science: Conspiracy Theories, Media Distortions, and the War against Reality Denying Science: Conspiracy Theories, Media Distortions, and the War against Reality by John Grant [978-1-61614-399-2] - $25.00 : Prometheus Books "A timely and intelligent dissection of all that is wrong with popular responses to science. This articulate and impassioned account of the workings of the world should be required reading for decision-makers everywhere. Hang on: that's all of us." —Keith Brooke, PhD, author, The Accord, Genetopia, and alt.human