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atomium bench Los yihadistas detenidos preparaban una atentado en Catalunya Barcelona. (Redacción y agencias).- El conseller del Interior, Ramon Espadaler, ha concedido este miércoles la máxima importancia a la operación de los Mossos d'Esquadra que ha acabado con la detención de once presuntos yihadistas en varias localidades de Catalunya. Espadaler ha asegurado que los miembros de esta célula "completa y estructurada" estaban "abiertamente vinculados" a la organización del Estado Islámico y que además "tenían la voluntad explícita de atentar" en Catalunya. Además, el grupo se dedicaba a captar a jóvenes islamistas para radicalizarlos y enviarlos a combatir con el Estado Islámico en Siria e Iraq. Según el conseller, la voluntad de la célula de atentar en Catalunya se acreditó durante la investigación, por lo que hacía meses que la organización estaba monitorizada y controlada por la policía. En rueda de prensa, Espadaler ha detallado otros aspectos de la operación de los Mossos.

7 simple grammar rules EVERYONE should know “YOUR WRONG. Apple’s are nicer too eat than banana’s.” Does seeing a sentence like that send a shiver down your spine? It’s grammar, calling to you from beyond the grave. We’ve given you a few tips on how to spell notoriously tricky everyday words, now it’s time for a grammar lesson. Eyes front, everyone. 1) There/Their/They’re UGH. Let’s clear it up, once and for all. “There” means “in or at a place/point”. Source: Flickr/Glen Scarborough “They’re” is a contraction of “they are”. 2) Its/It’s When do I use the apostrophe? No need to jump to extremes. “Its” is possessive. Source: Flickr/Taro the Shibe Inu “It’s” is a contraction of “it is”. Source: Flickr/Ana yoo 3) Your/You’re This one is probably one of the nastier rules, because “your” flouts the “apostrophe = possessive” rule, which we’ll go into more detail about later. This is as simple as we can make it. “Your” is possessive. Source: “You’re” is a contraction of “you are”. Source: Fanpop 4) Two/To/Too “Two” is a number. “Too” means “also”.

Have Fun Teaching Sport si Sanatate Free soccer drills for soccer training learnenglishlikeme I also want to share with you the complete list of phrasal verbs I worked with during the last 10 days. If you want to know more about the strategy I used, you can also read the next post … How you can learn phrasal verbs easily Remember that you can find an extensive summary of my Phrasal verbs learning process in the post … How to learn phrasal verbs easily – Part 2 The Complete List Of Phrasal Verbs… I chose these 50 phrasal verbs at random: As you can see I didn’t work with all the different meanings that every phrasal verb have. I think that the most important is: To internalize as many phrasal verbs as possible. That being said, you don’t have to stress if you don’t know a lot of phrasal verbs. What You Have To Do… It’s now your turn to use this strategy to learn phrasal verbs. You can use the same complete list of phrasal verbs I list in this post or you can choose others phrasal verbs. And Remember… – Are you going to work your phrasal verbs like me?

Oceania Travel - Australia - The Pacific Coast Although Australia was settled by Europeans just over 200 years ago, it has evolved into an exciting cosmopolitan nation composed of people from every corner of the globe. The largest of all the Pacific islands, it sits on the edge of the South Pacific rim, its eastern shores fringed by long stretches of white sandy beaches, washed by pounding surf. Originally called the great south land, this vast southern continent has everything a holiday maker could wish for. This Web site gives just a glimpse of the excellent and spectacular tourist facilities and locations on the north-eastern seaboard of this vast continent, Australia! Let us hope that you enjoy some of the enchanting and beautiful images of what Australia has to offer to make your visit an enjoyable and memorable one! As a travel destination, Australia deserves its own Web site or "guide book" in order to do justice to its many exciting and varied attractions. Boutiques along the Pacific coast offer opal jewellery.

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