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Necklace Whenever I go over to Chameleonic's I usually peak inside her closet (I'm only a peeper because she has a lot of cool stuff) and on the way out I would touch her Rachel Roy necklace. I love it so much but it's just too bad that the necklace is few seasons old so I can't buy it... So I made my own version of it! Here are the steps: 1. You would need a thick gold chain, wires, various stone beads and the usual jewelry making tools. 2. 3. 4. I love how versatile this necklace can be, and hey ma, it dangles around my neck with no clasp! {Photos by LoveK; wearing Modcloth two tone jacket, Rock & Republic by Victoria Beckham jeans}

DIY bracelet As a teen, I was obsessed with making Friendship Bracelets and I’m so pleased to see they have made a comeback recently! My favourite type is the easy Chevron Friendship Bracelet made with embroidery thread and a few knots. This is a great project to make in front of the TV, so I hope the DIY tips below will mean you can all join in my favourite 90s craft trend! I picked up my pastel coloured threads in the charity shop. Start by cutting 5 lengths of embroidery thread each around 60cm long. Divide the threads either side into colour order from the outside in. Starting on the left hand thread (mint green in the image below), loop it around the next thread in the sequence and pull tightly to the top of the strand. Repeat this sequence in turn for each thread, knotting from left to right. Now work from the right to left with the mint green thread, making two knots on each colour (4 threads). Now make two knots with the left hand mint green thread to close the chevron shape in the middle.

moño de bolitas Hey everyone! Long time no blog. I have tons of earrings I need to photograph and blog about, but here is something a little bit different. I went to Anime Mid-Atlantic, a small anime convention around early summer and saw different artists selling bows made of perler beads. I fell in love with them! This is probably considered a little juvenile, but I think they're adorable and great for little girl crafts. Perler Beads Tips: Buy more black/white. I would start off by separating your colors. I first created the middle. Please be careful with your iron! When you're finished with your design, place your sheet of paper in between the iron and the beads. The ones that come with the bead buckets usually come folded. Flip it over. Iron the other side. Now to make them into pins. Generous dollop of your favorite glue. Wait for it to dry, and then tada! This is an example of when the holes are pretty much melted away: And here is an example when the holes are still really big. Thanks for reading!

hairbands-pulseras When I was engaged, my sister gave me the best no-snag hair ties. They were awesome, but there’s only so long a married girl can rock fabric hair bands that say “I do” and “bride to be.” In search of post-nuptial hair bands, I found that they are quite expensive. Anthropologie has adorable color combinations, but they are $12 for 5 bands. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. When I saw the world’s easiest DIY directions on Simple Medicine, I set out to see how many I could make myself for $12. 80 hair bands! Now the question is: what the hell am I supposed to do with eighty hair bands? Materials: stretch elastic (I purchased mine here) (I used 5/8″ elastic on the glitter and “fold over” elastic for the rest) Instructions: Measure elastic equivalent to wrap around the circumference of your wrist, leaving an extra inch on each side Cut the elastic (a sharp scissor is best to avoid fray; cut on a slight angle)Hold the two ends of the elastic together and wrap them around one finger.

Metal Necklace de triángulos Try This: Leather + Cut Metal Necklace Not only is this little guy super easy to make, he might just be one of my favorite projects that I've created lately. Materials: 2 - 24" Leather Laces, 7 Metal Shapes, 6 large Jump Rings, PliersWithout any particular project in mind, I ordered these cut metal triangles from Etsy seller Geometric Land. You could order your own, or skim the jewelry supply aisle at the craft store for something similar. I bet you could also find something really interesting to use at the hardware store. Begin by folding one of your leather laces in half and creating a girth hitch knot (yes, I Googled that) through one of the shapes. Repeat the girth hitch knot with the other lace and one of the other metal shapes. Join the remaining metal shapes with the jump rings, separating and rejoining the rings with a set of pliers -- one in each hand. Join the string of shapes with each of the other pieces using jump rings, as shown. And that's it. find me elsewhere

Chan Luu Bracelet Chan Luu bracelets are just so cool! What's great about them is that they use simple macrame techniques to produce different results, this time with the addition of beads! This tutorial adds on to my previous Square Knot Friendship Bracelets, but utilizes the beads in a different way; on the outside of the knots as opposed to the inside. What you get is a totally different result! Step 1: Gather materials. Step 2: Start the knots. Once you have a couple of square knots, take either side of the thread and add beads to these threads. Take two beads right up to the last knot. Make a square knot, making sure the beads are caught in the knot and lie right on either side of the center thread. Step 2: Continue this method. Once you have gotten one square knot set, continue to knot in this way, until your bracelet is as long as you need. You're finished! If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me.

ReStyle a comfy sweatshirt! I am so in love with this restyled sweatshirt. When Amanda sent it my way I think I gasped aload! It's so beautiful, simple and cozy. Who doesn't want to look pretty in something so comfy! Here's how you can make your own... Supplies needed: sweatshirt, crochet doilies, scissors, pins, thread, bias tape, crochet or embroidery thread, sewing machine, crochet/lace trim (optional). Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Your sweater can be washed on gentle cycle and either hung to dry or dried with low heat. Thanks so much, Amanda, for sharing this beautiful idea!

Bead & Chain Bracelet One can never have enough bracelets for a fun arm party. So, this week we are getting high on a gold chain and pearl bead bracelet DIY. You just need a few tools and supplies and you will be upgrading your wrist action in less than 30 minutes. Lets get started! Here’s what you’ll need: 30cm Gold Chain (Chains with medium size links work better)31cm Gold/Brass Jewelry Wire (I used 0.44mm size wire)25 Gold Pearl Beads (I used 5mm size beads by Jewelry Essentials from Michael’s)Jump-ring & ClaspJewelry Wire Cutter or ScissorsPair of Jewelry Pliers Step 1: Begin by cutting the wire into three 4cm, two 3.5cm, and four 3cm pieces using the wire cutter or scissors. Step 2: Open a link at one end of the 3cm chain and attach it to any link on the 24cm chain. Step 3: Pick a link that’s right in the middle of the top half of the 24cm chain. Step 4: Now that the wire is attached to the chain, add 5 pearls beads on the wire. Step 7: Secure the beaded wires on the bottom half the 24cm chain.

collar You know these guys, right? They have been a hanging out at SeptemberHouse for a few years and I get asked about them all the time. I thought these embroidered pendants would make a good tutorial to share for the "Stitch-tember" festivities. Let's get started, shall we? 1. You'll also need a small piece of fabric. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. To finish it off I snip the floss ends and use a needle to tuck in any bits that can still be seen. I should be sure to say that this is how I have made these embroidered pendants but there may be other methods out there that work just as well or even better. Let me know if you have any questions about this project - I'm always happy to help! If you haven't entered the calendar panel giveaway be sure to stop by and do that before Friday.

bracelet DIY Wrapped bracelets Tuesday September 4 2012 When I paid our local bead store a short visit last week, I saw some wrapped bracelets that were really easy to re-create. What you’ll need: 20 cm of chain (I used approx 17cm)*50 cm of wax cord**end cap with eyelet2 eyeletsclosure2 pliersscissors * cm to inch converter ** rigid and thin enough to pull through the links of the chain twice How to: (yes, that’s a lot of words, but it’s really easy, I promise!) Measure out approx 17 cm of the chain, or so much that the connected chain fits your wrist snuggly. All done! The first bracelet needs a little practice, but after that, it will take you no longer than 5 minutes to make the next one. Cost: €1.15 for the chain + €0.25 for the wax cord + €0.20 for 2 eyelets + €0.20 for the end cap + €0.50 lock end piece = € 2.30 per bracelet! photo credits: For life's a DIY project. most recent tweets:

Flower sunglasses! Now! Here it is guys! My super super easy sunglasses tutorial! I think they make a fun addition to everyone's wardrobe and that you ALL should have some :) An old pair of sunglasses Fake flower heads And a glue gun! Tada! Now didn't I promise that would be easy! Jess xox Bandeau Top and Collar Necklace I've had this spring outfit in mind for awhile now! I wanted to use a sheer blouse as a way to both play up and down the saturation of a brightly printed fabric (by creating a bandeau top to wear beneath it, and a collar made from the same material to go on top). The vintage scarf below was perfect for this. I used to wear it all the time, but the past couple of years has seen it just sitting in my closet, mostly because some areas had become frayed and worn, and like everything else in my life, has way too many coffee stains. This project let me finally bring my bandeau top idea to life while using the parts of the scarf that were still in terrific shape. So excited to be able to wear it! Materials -rectangular scarf -5" wide piece of elastic Bandeau Top:Step 1: Measure around your chest with a tape measure. Step 2: Cut your materials. Step 3: Fold the fabric in half longways... Step 4: ... and pin. Step 5: Sew the two long sides. Step 7: Sew straight across. and the back like this....