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An installation by Aaron Zinman

GoodMorning! GoodMorning! is a Twitter visualization tool that shows about 11,000 ‘good morning’ tweets over a 24 hour period, rendering a simple sample of Twitter activity around the globe. The tweets are colour-coded: green blocks are early tweets, orange ones are around 9am, and red tweets are later in the morning. Black blocks are ‘out of time’ tweets which said good morning (or a non-english equivalent) at a strange time in the day. Click on the image above to see North America in detail (click on the ‘all sizes’ button to see the high-res version, which is 6400×3600), or watch the video below to see the ‘good morning’ wave travel around the globe: GoodMorning! I’ll admit that this isn’t a particularly useful visualization. The first task was to gather 24 hours worth of good morning tweets. I’d already decided to embrace the visual cliche that is the spinning globe. In my first attempts, I coloured the tweet blocks according to the size of the tweet. GoodMorning!

Amplification and online identity (or wot I I don’t know if it’s just me, but do you ever dread answering the question, “so what is it you do?” To those who don’t work in education, or in a technology related field, it can take quite a while for me to explain just exactly what it is that I do. Often, I just opt for the slightly tongue in cheek “I type and go to meetings” option. However, over the last year I have found myself increasingly using the term “amplify” when describing what I do. Over the past two years blogging and twittering have become an integral part of my working life. This week I’ve been reading (via a link from twitter of course) “The Future of Work Perspectives” report. The report is worth a read if a bit scary in parts. I’m actually very comfortable with being an “amplifier” it has been a natural progression for me. We also need to highlight the need to maintain and protect online identities as we gain more and more presence and professional recognition of them. picture of Sheila MacNeill's online DNA

:: TRUNK :: Trunk is a series of small, corporeal, personal, and sensual books. They are intended to be beautiful, coveted objects filled with fascinating content, much like an old trunk in an attic. These collectable volumes are consumable and engrossing as a whole, yet filled with short pieces so that each book can also be flipped through or dipped into at random. edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones with a foreword by Lenny Henry edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones with a foreword by Jeff Lindsay (Dexter) Opening for submissions Feb 2014. 039;Twitterjacking' -- Identity Theft in 140 Characters or Here's a message that aspiring Twitterati shouldn't miss. Read those 140-character "tweets" carefully; they may be the work of an imposter. Celebrities, athletes, politicians and media personalities alike have been flocking to the hugely popular social networking site in droves, with actor Ashton Kutcher leading the way and media magnate Oprah Winfrey recently joining the fray. But how can you be sure that the Twitter account you're reading is actually real? How do you know that Condi really just saw John Ashcroft in Sharper Image ... or that Bill Gates really wishes you a happy Earth Day? • Click here for's Personal Technology Center. • Got tech questions? In some cases, you can't. "It's easy to do, there's no identity verification," former hacking whiz Kevin Mitnick said of the ease of registering accounts at sites like Twitter. "[Administrators] thought I was an impersonator and for some reason disabled my account," said Mitnick, who know heads Mitnick Security Consulting.

: Continuing from my last post, the next part of the programme technical journey focuses on Cluster B projects: T-Sparc, PALET, UG-Flex and PREDICT who all had a broad common theme of organizational change. In many ways this cluster represents the ‘business end’ of the programme. With Cardiff, Greenwich and City Universities all having pretty robust institutional system integrations in place before the programme started. The programme was a way to develop these existing systems to allow more effective and pedagogically driven processes to be developed and incorporated. T-SPARC *Project Prod Entry Unlike the other 3 projects in this cluster, T-Sparc didn’t have as robust an infrastructural starting point, however providing a means for organizational change around curriculum design was a key driver. The project had four key aims; The team were also able to negotiate dedicated time from an specialist Sharepoint developer in the institution to work with them using an agile development process.

PersonalDNA | Your True Self Revealed - Fast Fun Free Personalit The Inspiration that is Twitter Be Sociable, Share! Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t get it, Twitter is a thing of fascination on so many levels. It’s supposed to be a one-trick pony, designed for the restless, the narcissists, and the stalkers (pick one) to answer one simple question: “what are you doing?” Ironically, it has managed to spawn more innovations and hype—clients, web applications, memes, contests, meetups—than any of the big, bloated social networks. This is interesting because Twitter is not just a “web application”, which, literally, is an application that exists on and uses the Web. It’s an activity taking on many different forms in scattered locations, whose very nature seems viral, and whose openness seems almost unprecedented. Identity and Branding Twitter has a stylized blue bird as its mascot. The birds don’t even have to be blue, they don’t even have to look like the original Twitter bird. Twitter’s colors and images have also been adopted by 3rd-party applications. Interfaces Humor