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What are Tab Groups? Tab Groups (also known as Panorama) are an easy way to organize a lot of tabs. With Tab Groups, you can visually group related tabs, switch between groups and quickly search through all of your tabs. This article will have you juggling dozens of tabs in no time. Why should I use Tab Groups? If you're a tab addict, regularly ending up with more tabs than fit on the Tab Strip, Tab Groups were made for you. How do I create a Tab Group? If you don't already have a number of tabs open to work with, do it now. Enter the Tab Groups view by using the keyboard shortcut, Command + Shift + ECtrl + Shift + E. How do I switch between Tab Groups? Switching between groups is easy. Enter the Tab Groups view by using the keyboard shortcut, Command + Shift + ECtrl + Shift + E. Try it out: Tab Groups are great for grouping tabs by task. How do I search through my tabs? Quickly find that tab – it's much easier than finding a needle in a haystack. How do I organize my Tab Groups? App Tabs in Tab Groups - The Internet Clipboard Topsy - A search engine powered by tweets With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more. Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Quick Search Drag down from the middle of the Home screen and type what you're looking for. Siri Suggestions Drag right from the Home screen to show Search and get Siri Suggestions. Get Siri Suggestions Siri Suggestions include apps and contacts that you might be interested in. You can use Siri Suggestions with iPhone 5 and later, iPad Pro, iPad (4th generation) and later, iPad mini (2nd generation) and later, and iPod touch (6th generation). Change search settings Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search. From here, you can turn Siri Suggestions on or off and choose which apps to include in your searches. If you don’t want Siri or Spotlight to suggest nearby locations, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Last Modified:

Thanks for trying the Visual Thesaurus The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that allows you to discover the connections between words in a visually captivating display. With a subscription you will also get access to the Spelling Bee, VocabGrabber, and Online Magazine. 14 day risk-free trial! Visual Thesaurus Unlike a paper-bound book, the Visual Thesaurus is fluid and dynamic, like the way you think. Subscribe Now Spelling Bee The Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee will sharpen your spelling skills and expand your vocabulary. VocabGrabber Take any text and Vocabgrabber will instantly pull out the most useful vocabulary words and show you how those words are used in context. Online Magazine The Visual Thesaurus magazine is a feast for language lovers, with informative features written by experts in fields ranging from word origins to copywriting. With a subscription to the Visual Thesaurus, you can: Find the right word and explore The Visual Thesaurus has over 150,000 words and 120,000 meanings. - New York Times

20 Outils gratuits de Surveillance des médias sociaux « Digital Nous vous proposons une sélection d’outils gratuits, simples d’utilisation et puissants "selon nous" qui vous permettront de surveiller ce qui se dit sur vous ou votre sujet de prédilection sur les plateformes de médias sociaux. Addict-o-matic: Consulte plusieurs moteurs de recherche (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) et plusieurs réseaux sociaux (Flickr, Yahoo, Bloglines). Les résultats sont affichés sous forme de widget par source. Dommage, il n’y a pas possibilité de définir des alertes!! Ice Rocket: Outil performant qui donne les résultats en temps réel. Back Type: Permet la surveillance des commentaires sur les blogs, réseaux sociaux… en temps réel. SamePoint: Remonte des informations sur les blogs et réseaux sociaux. YackTrack : en se basant sur l’URL d’un billet donné, cet outil permet de traquer les commentaires émis dans les médias sociaux. Social Mention: surveille les blogs, plateformes de microbloging (Twitter…) et de bookmarking (Delicious…). Surchur: Les widgets sont bien agencés.

Merge PDF Documents Easily and for Free Using How to merge PDF files? Simply upload the PDF files, order them as you want in the final output and click Merge PDF. Need help or want to learn more? Read our detailed instructions or contact us via Combine PDFs anywhere Our services work through the web browser, so that is all you need. Easy and powerful PDF merger Our user-friendly web interface makes merging PDF files a breeze. Stay up to date with your PDF software No need to update your software, or deal with installation issues. Secure file transfers and handling All files are transferred over a secure encrypted connection (https) to maximize the security of your files. High quality, reliable PDF suite We have been making our PDF tools for many years, continuously optimizing them through millions of conversions.

Email Trace - Trace Email and Track Email tool Performing an email trace can be done with two different methods and can help you discover the sender of any email by using that person's IP address information that you received. The way we can help you do this is by using the email header to determine the IP information of the device where the email originated, and then using that information to run an IP lookup here on our site. How To Perform An Email Header Trace Step 1: Locate the email header (see example further down).Step 2: Copy the email header and paste in the search box below.Step 3: Click the "Trace Email Sender" button for the results. To trace an email using a header, copy and paste the email header below: please wait Example Email Header Shown Below: How To Trace An Email Address Directly This option is for using our partners database in order to search for the owner of the email. Learn More About Email Headers And Tracking Below What is an email header? How do I view my email header?

January 2011: The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide Note: This guide is now out of date. For the latest guide (September 2011), head on over here. New Year's resolutions are among us, though voluntary and often roll over from year to year. This time around, though, take one New Year's resolution as a wild card, and lock down your Facebook profile like your own personal Fort Knox, and get it out of the way for the year ahead. The bad news is that damage could well have already been done, as some features are hidden away and are difficult to find. For my 700th post for ZDNet, here are four guides, each focusing on an intrinsic part of Facebook's privacy and security features, allowing you to work your way through with step by step help in each area. Gallery guide 1: Secure your profile page This guide will walk you through the settings and features of your profile page - the main page where your friends can post on your wall, and allow you to learn how to limit certain features while protecting your privacy from outside your friends list. bedtime calculator gt; Get Started > Enable OpenDNS BillP Studios - WinPatrol Sptrans

Quarkbase analyse n'importe quel site Internet : fréquentation, popularité, liens, etc. by castorp Dec 21

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