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A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems

A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems
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El auto solar que puede llevar a una familia Los vehículos solares que han conseguido más autonomía, están diseñados normalmente para una sola persona y no son muy cómodos. En cambio el Stella Lux, un coche solar familiar creado por estudiantes holandeses de la Universidad Técnica de Eindhoven, ha sido diseñado para el uso real en nuestra vida diaria. Con cuatro asientos y mucho espacio disponible, el Stella Lux no sólo es eficiente sino que es agradable; se nota que estos estudiantes dejaron sus estudios de lado entre un año y un año y medio para concentrarse en el proyecto. En el techo del coche hay 5.8 metros cuadrados de celdas solares para mover el coche, junto con una batería de 15 kWh. Sus creadores aseguran que tiene una autonomía de 1.000 kilómetros y una velocidad máxima de 125 km/h, aunque todo depende de la meteorología.

The Thai Mobile Advert That Has Everyone Weeping Hyundai 2020 – Vehículo inspirado en la fotosíntesis. Genial! Las plantas para sobrevivir solo requieren de agua y sol, tomando esta realidad biológica como inspiración Hyundai ha develado su visión del auto del futuro con el Hyundai 2020. Un auto concepto con cero emisiones y totalmente independiente de cualquier forma de derivados de petroleo que funcionaría con tecnologia desarrollada por el MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Con toda su cubierta exterior revestida con celdas solares el coche no necesitaria de ninguna otra fuente de energia mas que la luz solar que junto con agua imitarian la fotosisntesis de las plantas para producir energia atraves de electrólisis del agua la cual generaria hidrogeno que seria el combustible para mover esta maravilla.

CounterCrop: The Modern Way to Grow Your Own Food by Jack Abbott We like to think that CounterCrop is to other indoor gardening systems, what the apple computer is to the PC -- high quality, intuitive, packaged into a sleek, eye-catching design. CounterCrop’s self-contained growing system delivers the optimum light spectrum used by plants for efficient and sustainable growth. This targeted LED lighting results in faster growth cycles and stronger, healthier plants - and no wasted light! Our LED lights also employ biomimicry, which is a fancy way of saying they imitate the lighting patterns associated with sunrise, sunset and even seasonality. This important features signals the plants to wake up and start growing, or rest – a function that is not included with competing products on the market. Finally, each CounterCrop unit comes equipped with a handy remote control that triggers the unit to deliver water and light at the touch of a button.

Innovating for Smart, Sustainable Cities: Q&A with Zipcar Founder Robin Chase This post originally appeared on 2015 is a year of utmost importance for the global sustainable development agenda, and cities will play a pivotal role. Landmark global decisions over the next 12 months provide opportunities to unlock the potential of cities and improve quality of life for billions worldwide. TheCityFix sat down (for the second time!) with Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, Buzzcar, and and speaker at the upcoming Transforming Transportation 2015. Robin Chase is the founder of Zipcar, Buzzcar and GoLoco. 1) How have you seen the companies you founded – like ZipCar, for instance – transform mobility in the cities you’ve worked in? Zipcar has transformed not only the cities the company works in, but also the expectation and aspiration in most major metropolitan areas. Parking requirements for building developments in cities around the world have also changed as a result of the real concrete shift around car ownership that Zipcar spearheaded.

What Is The Tiny House Movement? Why Tiny Houses? | The Tiny Life What are tiny houses? What is the tiny house movement? Why do people choose tiny homes and what does tiny living mean? Simply put, the trend toward tiny houses has become a social movement. How Big is the Average Tiny House? What is a tiny house? Tiny homes may be rented or owned. Why Join the Tiny House Movement? To those who haven’t tried tiny house living, it may seem daunting. It turns out there are many merits to the tiny home movement and the tiny life philosophy. The tiny life provides huge financial advantages and the ability to live a lifestyle filled with adventure. We work hard to afford bigger houses than we need. Get The Tiny Life Newsletter Sign up for our newsletter and get updates about tiny houses, living minimal and running a homestead. So, what’s the alternative to this high cost of living? In my own journey, I started out in an apartment that cost me $1000 per month once you added in utilities, insurance, etc. Why is the tiny home trend becoming so popular? Your Turn!

+ | Solving for the first/last mile: micro-mobility looks to bridge city transportation gaps Sharing the streets Will Nicholas, executive VP of operations for Bolt Mobility Corporation, views e-scooters as a complement to other modalities of which he says there can’t be enough. Pointing to the behavior of Millennials staying in densely populated urban centers—not just major cities but also midsize and small cities—rather than moving out to suburban neighborhoods as prior generations once did, he says: “They are less interested in owning vehicles, which they know contribute to carbon emissions and global climate change and are a depreciating asset that they aren’t going to use that much because [alternative] options are becoming more prevalent.” He names Lyft and Uber as among them but notes that car- and ride-sharing services can be an expensive means for getting to work. Bolt Mobility designs and manufactures app-accessed e-scooters intended to be a green, inexpensive, reliable, and flexible mode of transit for bridging the first/last-mile gap.

• Smart city index worldwide 2019 Basic Account Get to know the platform You only have access to basic statistics. Premium Account Your perfect start with Statista Instant access to 1m statisticsDownload in XLS, PDF & PNG formatDetailed references Corporate Account Full access Corporate solution including all features. * All products require an annual contract. Leading companies trust Statista: Smart cities All Informationin one Presentation Everything On "Smart cities" in One Document: Edited and Divided into Handy Chapters. Statista is a great source of knowledge, and pretty helpful to manage the daily work.Christof BaronCEO, MindShare Germany Smart city industryIndustry connectionsSmart construction and manufacturingSmart homesSmart grids and microgridsSmart transportationSmart governanceSmart health Do you have any questions about our business solutions? We provide you with detailed information about our Corporate Account. Learn more about how Statista can support your business. EasyPark. EasyPark. EasyPark. (2019). EasyPark.