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A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems

A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems

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Gamification of Learning Learn how incorporating a sense of play into your classroom or elearning environment can make your content more engaging and help students retain more information. Keyboard Shortcuts Overview Transcript View Offline Exercise Files Released Gamification is an underutilized element in instructional design, but it's crucial to engaging today's learners and enabling content mastery. In this course, professor, instructional game designer, and author Karl Kapp lays the foundations of the theory, provides examples of gamification in three real-world learning scenarios, and breaks down the dynamics of gamification (aka what makes games fun!)

My H+ Shopping List - Six Excellent Upgrade Items Available Now When I go shopping for transhumanist enhancements, these items will be on the top of my list. As more futuristic innovations arrive, I’ll add additional enhancements. 1. Better-than-human eyesight “Tiger Woods won golf’s biggest tournament, The Masters, with the help of super-human eyesight.

Drew Peterson trial updates: Day 2 of jury deliberations Continual coverage of Drew Peterson's conviction for murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. 7:50 p.m. Final holdout swayed by hearsay testimony The final holdout juror said he finally decided Drew Peterson was guilty after talking with other jurors this morning. “After talking with them, in my mind I reached (that he was guilty beyond) reasonable doubt,” Supalo said. Enterprise Gamification Consultancy - Start Patience is a rare commodity these days, as we live in an age of instant gratification. At GamEffective, we've decided not to try and combat this trend, but incorporate it in to the way organizations work, to their benefit. We do this by providing feedback on performance, which has a great impact on employee motivation and performance. We're big believers in real time gamification and in the possibility of being able to know how well you're doing your job at all times.

Aging research; molecular concepts of aging, related diseases and cloning. One way to look at our path to longevity is to regard it as a journey over three sequential bridges. Bridge One is based on therapies that exist today. Bridge One therapies consist of the best of present-day medicine, including biotechnology breakthroughs that are occurring every day. Bridge One will take us to Bridge Two, which consists of the full blossoming of the biotechnology revolution. Then Bridge Two will take us to Bridge Three, the nanotechnology/artificial intelligence revolution, which will lead to life spans that are currently incomprehensible, but which will soon be commonplace, measuring in the hundreds of years.

Behold, the Toothbrush That Just Saved the International Space Station - Megan Garber Astronauts aboard the ISS find a low-tech way to solve a high-tech problem. Here is the high-tech implement that helped repair a damaged ISS. (NASA) It was a little like Apollo 13 -- if its mission to the moon had been saved by a tool of good oral hygiene, that is. Yesterday the International Space Station, having battled electrical malfunctions for over a week, was repaired by a combination that MacGyver himself would have been proud of: an allen wrench, a wire brush, a bolt ... and a toothbrush. Yep.

Gamification Wiki Gamification is a business strategy which applies game design techniques to non-game contexts to drive user behavior. According to a Gartner Research Report, it is estimated that by 2015, more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes. By the end of 2014, Gartner predicts that over 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one "gamified" application, and that "gamification is positioned to become a significant trend in the next five years." The gamification market is expected to reach $5.5B in 2018. Gamification has been picking up major momentum and has gained support from industry heavy weights such as such as Bing Gordon, Al Gore, J.P.

Biotechnology Will Stop Aging With rendition switcher Question: What is your health regiment? Ray Kurzweil: I’ve read series of two books with a co-author Doctor Terry Grossman who’s a complementary physician, complementary medicine physician in Denver.

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