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Learning English - News about Britain

Learning English - News about Britain
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7 Swedish words that English speakers shouldn’t be confused about | Global Master's and Bachelor's Programmes As an expat in Sweden (although I do speak Swedish), I sometimes find it difficult not to laugh at some of the Swedish words that have the exact same spelling of English words, but mean something extremely different. Amazingly enough, some of these words are so commonly used that you can almost hear or read them many times a day. Here’s a list of 7 words that I think English speaking people shouldn’t be confused about when they come to Sweden. * 1. The “A” in Swedish is pronounced like “Ah” which means that this word “bad” is not the one that you’re familiar with, but is pronounced “b(ah)d”. Apart from how it’s pronounced, Bad (n) = Bathroom (or pool sometimes as you can see in the pic) Bad (v) = Past tense of the verb “Ber” which means “Ask for/Pray” 2. Although it sounds almost the same in English and Swedish, the Swedish “barn” means “children”… 3. First things first. Gift (or Yeft) interestingly has 2 meanings in Swedish which you can use your imagination to correlate. Gift (adj) = Married

Английский язык онлайн: бесплатные уроки английского для всех желающих - Learning English - Words in the News - Corner shop or art gallery? The Most Useful Everyday Phrases in English Traditional English language textbooks and courses will do a great job of introducing you to vocabulary and grammar, but they don't always teach you the important everyday phrases in English. When students visit an English-speaking country, they can sometimes be confused by some of these phrases. Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses Sometimes the problems are because pronunciation is different in spoken English, and sometimes the problems are because English speakers use idioms that cannot be translated literally into another language. When you are learning everyday phrases, it is important to learn if they are formal, informal or slang. Some important everyday phrases in English "How are you?" How can you start to increase your usage of natural English phrases? The most important thing is to listen. A practical tip if you are living in a non-English speaking country: Set yourself a goal for each movie/radio talk show you watch or listen to.

Английский язык онлайн -> Native English Benefit fraud in the United Kingdom Benefit fraud is a form of welfare fraud as found within the system of government benefits paid to individuals by the welfare state in the United Kingdom. Definition of benefit fraud[edit] The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) define benefit fraud as when someone obtains state benefit they are not entitled to or deliberately fails to report a change in their personal circumstances. The DWP claim that fraudulent benefit claims amounted to around £900 million in 2008–09.[1] The most common form of benefit fraud is when a person receives benefits, but continues or begins employment. In 2002, the DWP launched a 'Targeting Benefit Thieves' advertising campaign to spread their message that benefit fraud carried a criminal sanction. Examples of alleged benefit fraud[edit] In recent years the term benefit fraud has been used by the DWP to encompass a wider range of behaviours, beyond simultaneously claiming unemployment benefit whilst working in the informal labour market. Penalties[edit]

Christmas shopping Christmas shopping in London. There’s nowhere like it in the world. When the West End Christmas lights go on and the big shops reveal their special Christmas window displays, it’s time for the festivities to begin. Fortnum & Mason, here in Piccadilly, has been selling the finer things in life around the world for over three hundred years. From chocolates to china, luxury goods are what Fortnum & Mason specialise in. Today’s an important day. Paul Symes is the head of visual presentation and the creative force behind the Fortnum & Mason Christmas window display. Amandeep: This is so exciting, Paul. Paul: It’s all about dancing, burlesque, theatre, shows and glamour and style. Amandeep: And what are the challenges involved in designing something to this scale? Paul: One of the challenges is trying to get it all to fit. Amandeep: So Paul, you’re about to reveal your Christmas shop window. Paul: Very, very. Amandeep: Andrea, when did Christmas shopping become such an important tradition?

Тексты на английском для Сашки In 1078, William the Conqueror built the first part of the Tower, the White Tower, as a (Festung) fortress. (über die Jahrhunderte) Over the centuries, other kings and queens (erweiterten) extended the Tower and used it as a palace or prison. Prisoners usually arrived by boat and entered the Tower through (Verrätertor) Traitor's Gate, which (hier: zeigt zum) faces the river. The Tower of London, seen from the river, with a view of the water gate called “Traitors Gate”. (sehenswert) Worth seeing in the Tower are old (Rüstungen und Waffen) armours and weapons, the crown jewels and the famous (Raben) ravens. Raven inside of the Tower Near the Tower, there are the ruins of an old (römische Stadtmauer) Roman city wall. Emperor Trajan in front of Roman City Wall Tower Bridge ►

Rights Activists Criticize Trial of 17 Reporters in Turkey A trial of 17 journalists opened this week at a courthouse in Istanbul. The writers and media workers are accused of involvement in the failed attempt last July to overthrow Turkey’s government. The defendants face long jail sentences, of up to life in prison, if they are found guilty. The first hours of the trial on Monday were spent reading from more than 200 pages of charges. Journalists deny wrongdoing Government lawyers say the journalists are followers of the Turkish Islamic religious leader Fethullah Gulen. Much of the evidence noted by government lawyers did not deal with the journalists’ activities, but with their suspected ties to the clergyman. Gulen has denied involvement in the attempted coup. Nazli Ilicak writes a newspaper column. Ilicak and the brothers Mehmet Altan and Ahmet Altan are among the most famous writers and journalists facing charges. All 17 reporters have been detained for months. Rights groups voice strong concerns Emma Sinclair Webb is a researcher with the U.S.

Listen to English around the World. Click on any of the flags below to hear accents from some of the main English-speaking countries. Hear more English accents. One of the best ways of improving your English is to listen to radio news and discussion in English on your computer. Using the links below you can get instant access to English language radio news programmes wherever you are in the world, without a radio. Listen to the Bible in MP3 format Listen to film soundclips Some Useful Guidelines and Techniques for Picture Description The first picture shows a group of people sitting on chairs, in the middle of San Marcus square in Venice. The square is full of water, so they are wearing swimsuits. They look pretty funny and carefree, despite being in the water.

English as a global language For more than half a century, immigrants from the Indian subcontinent and the West Indies have added variety and diversity to the rich patchwork of accents and dialects spoken in the UK. British colonisers originally exported the language to all four corners of the globe and migration in the 1950s brought altered forms of English back to these shores. Since that time, especially in urban areas, speakers of Asian and Caribbean descent have blended their mother tongue speech patterns with existing local dialects producing wonderful new varieties of English, such as London Jamaican or Bradford Asian English. Standard British English has also been enriched by an explosion of new terms, such as balti (a dish invented in the West Midlands and defined by a word that would refer to a 'bucket' rather than food to most South Asians outside the UK) and bhangra (traditional Punjabi music mixed with reggae and hip-hop). Slang Original influences from overseas American English Influence of Empire

Picture Descriptions This section contains around 100 writing resources for young learners. Though simple and repetitive, these resources are effective for getting learners to make sentence length constructions. I usually have my young learners do one or two a week. In the beginning, I usually do these as a teacher guided activity in class, but, later, as they get more practice, I usually just send them home as homework. The activity is simple: students look at a picture and write any six sentences describing the picture. At first, it may seem like there is not a lot to write about, but here is where the teacher can be a guide in the beginning. (1) Describe what they are doing. He's riding a dinosaur. (2) Describe what they are wearing. She's wearing a ribbon. (3) Describe what they are holding. He's holding a bat. (4) Describe what there is and how many there are. There is an elephant. (5) Describe where they are. There are at the beach. (6) Give an opinion. Her dress is pretty. The bear is next to a tree.