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Code Search: - Java

Code Search: - Java
Welcome to Ohloh Code by Black Duck, the world's largest, most comprehensive code search engine! A free public code search engine for 21,417,232,235 lines of open source code. Check out our FAQ for more info. Other operators: ctor: Constructor definitions edef: Enum definitions ctordec: Constructor declarations fdef: Field definitions dtor: Destructor definitions odef: Object definitions

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Capturing Audio with Java Sound API This Tech Tip reprinted with permission by The Java Sound API has been a part of the standard libraries of the Java 2 Platform since the 1.3 release. Found in the javax.sound.sampled package, the Java Sound API provides support for playing and capturing audio. Hallmarks of a Great Developer - Test Guide If you ask me, I'll tell you a great developer Plans before coding A great developer takes the time to plan an approach before designing or coding. List of tools for static code analysis This is a list of tools for static code analysis. Language[edit] Multi-language[edit] .NET[edit] JavaScript[edit] Google's Closure Compiler – JavaScript optimizer that rewrites code to be faster and smaller, and checks use of native JavaScript functions.JSHint – A community driven fork of JSLint.JSLint – JavaScript syntax checker and validator.

The Java™ Tutorials The Java Tutorials are practical guides for programmers who want to use the Java programming language to create applications. They include hundreds of complete, working examples, and dozens of lessons. Groups of related lessons are organized into "trails". The Java Tutorials primarily describe features in Java SE 8. JJack - Java framework for the JACK Audio Connection Kit JJack is a JACK audio driver for the Java Sound API and a framework for the Java programming language that allows Java applications to use the JACK Audio Connection Kit. Copyright © Jens Gulden. Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). This software comes with NO WARRANTY. See file LICENSE for details.

Pointer Basics This document introduces the basics of pointers as they work in several computer languages -- C, C++, Java, and Pascal. This document is the companion document for the Pointer Fun with Binky digital video, or it may be used by itself. This is document 106 in the Stanford CS Education Library. This and other free materials are available at Some documents that are related to this one include... Check uploaded file MIME type with JMimeMagic « Embracing Technology October 24, 2007 at 7:44 pm | Posted in IT Security, Java, Programming | 6 Comments Does your web application allow users to upload file? If so, it is important that you check the MIME type of the file instead of just checking that it is an acceptable file extension. Let’s say you allow user to upload a zip file and it gets extracted at the server by running it. Something bad could really happen if it happens that the .zip file is actually a .exe file being renamed to .zip Some email servers will automatically remove .zip, .exe, .bat, .cmd files in email attachments for security or anti-virus reasons.

Simple Audio Out Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer Introduction This is a simple application I built to understand the basics of the Windows Audio WAVE API, and to get a basic grasp on Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs). Features of the application are: double buffering graphics, sampling an audio source, selecting an audio recording source using the mixer, calculating the FFT spectrum array, and plotting sampled data. Background I won't discus the details of FFT here as the math is a little beyond me. Basically, it involves complex numbers (those number like sqrt(-1)) and calculating discrete Sin/Cos transformations on sampled date. Coding4Fun Articles We've all cringed as a hopelessly out of tune contestant appears on the latest episode of “American Idol.” Occasionally, there's a contestant who manages to be pitch perfect all the way through—right until they flub the final note. And in the cutthroat world of televised auditions, sing one slightly flat note and you're out. So what takes care of a bad-pitch day?

p0f v3 Copyright (C) 2012 by Michal Zalewski <> Yeah, it's back! 1. What's this? Get the Mime Type from a File Get the Mime Type from a FileTag(s): IO Using Java 7 Files.html#probeContentType * FFTExplorer FFTExplorer is an advanced, Java-based signal processing workshop meant to introduce a number of advanced and interesting electronic processing methods. More details and documentation appear below the applet. For those unfamiliar with Java applets, the frame below is not a picture, it it a working copy of FFTexplorer, ready for your experimentation. To turn off the sound (and see FFTExplorer's true update speed), click the checkbox marked "Sound" at the lower right.

Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby - Hyperpolyglot a side-by-side reference sheet sheet one: version | grammar and execution | variables and expressions | arithmetic and logic | strings | regexes | dates and time | arrays | dictionaries | functions | execution control | exceptions | threads sheet two: streams | asynchronous events | files | file formats | directories | processes and environment | option parsing | libraries and namespaces | objects | inheritance and polymorphism | reflection | net and web | gui | databases | unit tests | logging | debugging

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