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Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) Home Page

Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) Home Page
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CELT 1Q60.16 BBC News: "Dark matter hunt: US LUX experiment reaches critical phase" (video) Public Lecture on Friday, April 11: "All Stars: Reflections on the Study of the History of Astronomy at Brown" at Ladd Observatory LUX dark matter results confirmed Science and Curiosity walk into a pub: Professor Dell'Antonio discusses dark energy at the English Cellar Alehouse, as part of the series organized by the Science Underground group Brad Marston and Jim Valles have been elected as 2013 fellows of the American Physical Society LUX Experiment leads off Nature's "365 days: 2013 in review" Paxson, faculty in DC for Higgs event Welcome to the Physics Department! We offer undergraduates a comprehensive experience that includes many opportunities to work directly with cutting-edge researchers who are also dedicated classroom instructors. Please explore this site to learn more about our exciting research initiatives and what Brown Physics can offer you.

Extraterrestrial Contact - Scientific Study of the UFO Phenomenon.url Real Star of Bethlehem,see what the Magi saw,astrology,astroarchaeology All original materials i.e., 'The Content' as further described herein (link) ™ and servicemark and© 1997 John Charles Webb, Jr. The Disclosure Project Rendlesham File: A Triangle-Shaped Aerial Craft - Sgt James Penniston interview < < Go back to Rendlesham UK UFO 1980 main page (featuring witness sketches, video interviews, case documents etc) Rendlesham File: A Triangle-Shaped Aerial Craft - Sgt James Penniston interview From: eric stewart To: ewar Sent: Monday, December 16, 2002 7:54 PM Subject: [EWAR] Rendlesham File: A Triangle-Shaped Aerial Craft (with interview) Twenty-two years ago on December 26, 1980, U. S.

Vitruve Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, connu sous le nom de Vitruve, est un architecte romain qui vécut au Ier siècle av. J.-C. C'est de son traité, De Architectura, que nous vient l’essentiel des connaissances sur les techniques de construction de l'Antiquité classique. Biographie[modifier | modifier le code] Cetius Faventinus parle de « Vitruvius Polio aliique auctores » dans son épitaphe. Vitruve architecte[modifier | modifier le code] Principalement connu pour ses écrits, Vitruve était lui-même architecte. De architectura[modifier | modifier le code] Vitruve est l’auteur d’un célèbre traité nommé De architectura (en français, « au sujet de l’architecture »), écrit à la fin de sa vie (Ier siècle av. Ce texte « a profondément influencé, dès la Renaissance, des artistes, des penseurs et des architectes, parmi lesquels Leon Battista Alberti (1404-72), Léonard de Vinci (1452-1519), et Michel-Ange (1475-1564) » selon Petri Liukkonen (2008). Machines[modifier | modifier le code] VITRUVII, M.

UFO sightings caused by scientific experiments Science experiments that might be mistaken for a ufo Introduction Warning, this article does contain some heavy-duty discussion of physics and astronomy. The people talking here work with cutting edge technology and their words are more difficult to understand without lots background in the sciences. This section introduces another aspect of the UFO phenomenon. While the videos below seem to revolve around the aerospace industry, there are probably may ground based experiments that might cause various effects that may be also witnessed by people and misinterpreted as possibly a UFO or a ground based effect caused by aliens. This section is not designed to explain away the idea that aliens might or do visit our planet. This section after investigation seems to be pointing at exploiting anti-gravity technology. the author does not currently do know of any such technology, but it is thought dark energy does have this property. The Boyd Bushman Videos m1 = 10 kg, v1 =5 m/s Also see: Also see

UFO Rendlesham forest, Bentwaters-Woodbridge AFB UK Dec-1980 Best UFO Resources Written by Dimitris Hatzopoulos Last modified: Sunday 12-Aug-2012 03:52:48 EEST In December 1980, the 3 nights after Christmas (26-28 Dec 1980), a series of UFO incidents occurred in the Rendlesham forest area, which lies between the twin RAF/USAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases in Suffolk England, which at the time reputedly held the largest stockpile of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. UFO sightings at two of UK's most sensitive military sites. Quick intro: clip from "Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Cases" documentary (2007): Summary: What is the Rendlesham Forest incident? Two nights later (night of 27 - early morning 28 Dec 1980) the bizarre lights were spotted again. Note: original witness statements in the days right after the event, are misleading. "The first of these areas concerns the original witness statements made by Penniston, Burroughs, Cabansag and Chandler. Since the official documents have surfaced in 2001, several important witnesses have come forward.

Gazette de Rennes le Chateau Berenger Sauniere CNES CNES programs[edit] CNES concentrates on five areas:[2] access to spacecivil applications of spacesustainable developmentscience and technology researchsecurity and defence Access to space[edit] Sustainable development[edit] CNES and its partners in Europe—through the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security initiative (GMES)—and around the world have put in place satellites dedicated to observing the land, oceans and atmosphere, as well as to hazard and crisis management. Civil applications[edit] CNES is taking part in the Galileo navigation programme alongside the European Union and ESA, and—in a wider international context—in the Cospas-Sarsat search-and-rescue system. Security and defence[edit] In addition to Spot and the future Pleiades satellites, CNES is working for the defence community as prime contractor for the Helios satellites. Ongoing missions[edit] UFO Archive[edit] Announcement[edit] Publication[edit] Tracking stations[edit] The CNES has several tracking stations. History[edit]

PROJECT CAMELOT: AN INTERVIEW WITH CARMEN BOULTER I traveled with Dr. Carmen Boulter on her group tour of Egypt for the special meditation inside the Great Pyramid and at the foot of the Sphinx on 10-10-2010. This interview was done in view of the pyramids where at the end of the tour we had a chance to sit down and talk about Amarna, Nefertiti and Akhenaten and what really happened in those days. Detaching themselves from the intrigues and treachery of temple life, they moved to Amarna built temples and their palace and established a new religion which was focused on the one god. This was a time of peace and as depicted in the temple inscriptions and carvings of the period, a more natural mode of being. Our conversation deals with Carmen's considerable past life recall from the period of Amarna, what really happened during the reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, the general state of Egyptology, and 2012. This was my third trip to Egypt. Kerry Cassidy December 2010 Carmen Boulter's website:

Nicolas Poulain Un prisonnier dans la tour Nicolas Poulain dans son cachot Où son aventure commence, ne peut se terminer qu’au fond d’un cachot humide et malodorant du château de Gisors. Le prisonnier de Tour, Nicolas Poulain (ou Poullain) est toujours resté une énigme. Son image mythique à susciter toutes les hypothèses. Il faut reconnaître que les élucubrations ravageuses tournant autour de ce mystérieux prisonnier ont vu le jour après la publication en 1962 du livre de Gérard de Sède, « Les Templiers sont parmi nous ». Plus sérieusement, N. Les deux initiales N et P retrouvées parmi les graffitis ornant les murs du cachot de Gisors sont autant de preuves supplémen- taires qui accréditent cette version. Graffitis de la Tour du Prisonnier Graffitis et sculptures de la Tour du Prisonnier Autour des graffitis Nicolas Poulain, le fils, fut jeté en prison à Gisors pour traîtrise. Pour comprendre les mécanismes plantardesques, sources de G. de Sède, qui firent de N. Signature Nicolas Poulain relevée par P.