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HTML5 Viewer for Documents & Images We invite you to explore VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer, our true Zero Footprint, universal document and image viewing solution. You can test drive its viewing and annotation functionality immediately with our online demo complete with test documents. After you’ve experienced VirtualViewer HTML5 document viewer from our Website, you can request a full trial version to install and configure to meet your needs. Our HTML5 document viewer is available for either Java or .NET. Demo Tips:

Figshare: a carrot for sharing - Helping researchers share their research more quickly. Helping researchers share their research more quickly. Figshare, a tool designed to enable researchers to release all of their research outputs quickly, and in an easily citable, sharable and discoverable manner, has just launched a significantly upgraded site today. Originally launched in March 2011, Figshare has since received support from Nature’s sister company, Digital Science. The tool provides an interesting way to quickly publish all file formats, including videos and datasets that are often demoted to the supplemental materials section in current publishing models. Files that aren’t ready for publication can be stored privately for free in the cloud.

Edocr Integrates With Zendesk To Allow Embedded Documents It’s been a few years since edocr appeared on the scene to allow people to share, edit and organise documents, not unlike Slideshare. To be honest I thought they’d disappeared but it turns out they are out of the startup ‘trough of despondency’ and getting somewhere. Founder CEO Manoj Ranaweera tells me they now have over 26,000 users and are growing at 33% monthly. They’ve also now integrated with customer service giant Zendesk. Brava HTML Viewer View and collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere with Brava's new HTML5 client. That’s the new Brava!® Enterprise HTML client—a more powerful, flexible and accessible way to securely view and collaborate on virtually any document, image or drawing. It integrates to major content management systems and requires no workstation installation or plug-ins, so users can run Brava on virtually any operating system—including PC, Mac, Linux and Unix—using popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

SciGit Blog SciGit is an online platform that helps scientists collaborate on documents easily. SciGit’s goals are to help scientists track changes made to their documents, not require any alteration of workflow or environment for it to be used, and provide easy to use publishing tools with peer review. SciGit provides three services: A website where you can browse projects, including their history, team members, and files.A desktop client that provides a simple, Dropbox-like interface where you drag and drop files into a folder to have them automatically cloud-synced.A publishing service on the website with integrated crowdsourced peer review. Website The SciGit website is where the most action happens.

CircleMe Lets You Plant – And Find – Virtual Items On Locations There are one or two apps which allow you to ‘plant’ virtual objects in a location allowing others to pick them up later on (Pinterest for location anyone?). Everplaces literally just launched, Stikinotes and Pinwheel have yet to launch. But CircleMe comes out of a six months closed beta today to try and prove it’s different than the others. Launching with a website, an iPhone app and $2.5 million in funding from VC firm Innogest Capital, this social network lets users geo-tag a city to trigger alerts when you are near something you’ve said you already like on another social network.

Personas: The Art and Science of Understanding the Person Behind the Visit Market segmentation is a basic tenet of marketing that has long been ignored by SEOs. And that's okay, because for a long time working on the keyword-level of abstraction was enough. In fact, you can still do SEO and marketing in any other channel without ever having the idea of market segmentation cross your mind despite (not provided), Hummingbird, and a whole host of changes Google is forcing as of late. That is… if you enjoy 0.04% conversion rates. Right.

GroupDocs PDF, XLS, PPT & DOCX HTML5 Viewer This plugin allows you to embed GroupDoc's online document viewer to your Drupal webpages. GroupDocs Viewer is an intuitive online document viewer that can be used to view documents online effortlessly. The uploaded documents appear in exactly the same quality as the original. Simply install this plugin and embed documents as well as our efficient online document viewer to your Drupal pages. Github for Writers - Made By Loren Short version: I'm building Penflip, a collaborative writing platform. It's similar to GitHub, but designed for writing instead of coding. Longer version: For the past three years, I've used GitHub for hosting code projects, discovering bleeding edge tech, and collaborating with an engineering team.

DealBoard For iPhone Finds Offers You Like, So You Can Kill The Daily Deal Emails DealBoard, a recently launched iPhone app from Seattle and London-based nFluence Media, has just emerged as a new player in the crowded “daily deals” space. But this app isn’t yet another Groupon clone, it’s a daily deal aggregator. However, what makes dealBoard unique – and why the company has $3 million in funding – is how the app goes about aggregating those deals for you. HTML5 Stereo Viewer This post is also available in: English Overview This project is a Javascript code that allows you to make a slideshow to view stereo-images (stereo-pairs for cross eyed or parallel viewing methods) with different methods (mono, cross eyed and parallel, different anaglyphs for Red-Cyan and Green-Magenta glasses, interlaced) as well as simple flat images. This code runs on all modern desktop browsers (except IE and Opera Mini) and Mobile Safari. desktop browser screnshots:

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