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Technology: The data deluge EIGHTEEN months ago, Li & Fung, a firm that manages supply chains for retailers, saw 100 gigabytes of information flow through its network each day. Now the amount has increased tenfold. During 2009, American drone aircraft flying over Iraq and Afghanistan sent back around 24 years' worth of video footage. Interactive: Personal taxation by country As governments grapple to raise more revenue, the question of income tax levels for the rich is back on the political agenda. Though a number of prominent individuals in the US and France have called for raised tax levels, Italian and Spanish parliamentarians have both backed away from the idea and the rich in general look set to escape a higher tax burden. But what is the situation now? This graphic explores both what high-earning individuals pay in personal tax around the world and additionally the contribution that income taxes make to different governments’ revenue. Taxation around the world This content requires an Adobe Flash plugin for your browser.

Your data is your interface By Jarno Mikael Koponen On April 17, 2013 We all view the world differently and on our own terms. Each of us use different words to describe the same book, movie, favorite food, person, work of art, or news article. Data Cultivation - MonkeyFist Marketing Introducing the "Fox In The Hen House" Most marketing companies will tell you how important Database Collecting is to your business and how good they are at doing it. Well, MonkeyFist is not like most marketing companies. Don't get us wrong, having a wide range of traditional and creative in-store and online data collecting programs is indeed important. MonkeyFist excels in this field like no other.