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Articles - SSAS-WIKI Articles There are hundreds of free articles on the web about SSAS. Most articles are of very good quality. The goal of this page is to organize them into a single "book". Please help us keep this "book" up to date! Technology: The data deluge EIGHTEEN months ago, Li & Fung, a firm that manages supply chains for retailers, saw 100 gigabytes of information flow through its network each day. Now the amount has increased tenfold. During 2009, American drone aircraft flying over Iraq and Afghanistan sent back around 24 years' worth of video footage. New models being deployed this year will produce ten times as many data streams as their predecessors, and those in 2011 will produce 30 times as many. Everywhere you look, the quantity of information in the world is soaring.

Microsoft BI Books « Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Microsoft BI Books Analysis Services (SSAS) Books, including Data Mining, MDX & OLAP Integration Services (SSIS) Books including ETL Reporting Services (SSRS) Books Microsoft BI Books (mix of SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) AnonOps Communications One account. All of Google. Sign in to continue to Blogger Find my account Forgot password? Sign in with a different account Create account Business Intelligence Software Comparison - 2014's Best Tools The Beginner's Guide to Business Intelligence Overview What is Business Intelligence? Covering a range of technologies, business intelligence (BI) loosely refers to applications that transform data into meaningful information that helps businesses make better decisions.

Alberto Ferrari In my last post about Parent/Child hierarchies, there is a question, in the comments, that I found interesting. Nevertheless, the formula is a complex one and cannot be written in a simple comment. Thus, I am making a follow-up to that post. Your data is your interface By Jarno Mikael Koponen On April 17, 2013 We all view the world differently and on our own terms. Each of us use different words to describe the same book, movie, favorite food, person, work of art, or news article. We express our uniqueness by reviewing, tagging, commenting, liking, and rating things online. Taken together, all of this data can be viewed as a reflection of ourselves.

Gartner - Magic Quadrants Positioning Technology Players Within a Specific MarketWhich are the competing players in the major technology markets? How are they positioned to help you over the long haul? A Gartner Magic Quadrant is a culmination of research in a specific market, giving you a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market's competitors. By applying a graphical treatment and a uniform set of evaluation criteria, a Magic Quadrant helps you quickly ascertain how well technology providers are executing their stated visions and how well they are performing against Gartner's market view. 4 Sites To Find Interesting New Startups & Betas To Join Through the caverns of the Internet, I’ve managed to get put on rather quickly to some of today’s hottest Internet startups such as ifttt, Instagram, and Startups and betas are as popular as they’ve ever been, and I can promise you that every single day a brand new startup is launched that will garner attention and is probably worth joining. Until recently, it’s been pretty tough finding these little guys in the wide space of the Internet. Luckily, we’ve got a few sites that aggregate the best of them and show them to you, so you can be the first of all of your friends to get invited.

50 Best Business Intelligence Tools - Docurated Business intelligence tools (BI tools) are a way for companies to monitor data and generate business insights – necessary components in making smarter, better decisions that drive results. But once you start research BI, you realize there are many types, from analytics and big data statistics to reporting tools and dashboards that offer at-a-glance information across indicators. When choosing the right business intelligence tools for your organization, consider your company, your employees, your departments and teams – and the success factors that drive your decision-making. What isn’t working currently, and what factors would benefit from improvement? Select tools that allow you to visualize and analyze relevant data, combining and eliminating and customizing to generate information that helps you better understand your data. The goal: to make fact-based and insightful decisions that will improve company performance.

InfoSphere DataStage – IV (Parallel processing) « Namit's Blog Companies today must manage, store, and sort through rapidly expanding volumes of data and deliver it to end users as quickly as possible. To address these challenges, organizations need a scalable data integration architecture that contains the following components: A method for processing data without writing to disk, in batch and real time.Dynamic data partitioning and in-flight repartitioning.Scalable hardware that supports symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), clustering, grid, and massively parallel processing (MPP) platforms without requiring changes to the underlying integration process.Support for parallel databases including DB2®, Oracle, and Teradata, in parallel and partitioned configurations.An extensible framework to incorporate in-house and vendor software. IBM® InfoSphere™ Information Server addresses all of these requirements by exploiting both pipeline parallelism and partition parallelism to achieve high throughput, performance, and scalability. Data pipelining Like this:

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