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Download KlipFolio 4 Beta, the Personal Dashboard for Windows, now with Klip Sidebar

Download KlipFolio 4 Beta, the Personal Dashboard for Windows, now with Klip Sidebar

Learn Tarot card meanings & spreads at Supertarot GeoFlow Takes Data for a 3-D Drive In November, during the SharePoint Conference 2012, attendees received a Public Preview of project codename “GeoFlow” for Excel, the latest business-intelligence (BI) functionality to be integrated with Microsoft Excel 2013 later this year. As an Excel add-in, GeoFlow provides interactive, 3-D geospatial and temporal data visualizations. It enables information workers to discover and share new insights from data through rich, 3-D data on a globe and fluid, cinematic guided tours—virtual cinematography moving through data. With dynamic data exploration that turns rows and columns of spatiotemporal data into rich 3-D maps, the term “add-in” really doesn’t do justice to the technology behind GeoFlow, a preview of which is available for download. But even while Curtis Wong, principal researcher at Microsoft Research Redmond, was busy giving talks about WWT, he had further ambitions in mind for the technology. GeoFlow visualization of global city population

POV-Ray - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer Entity Resolution Framework News Jan. 2012: Our paper on Pay-As-You-Go ER [11] has been accepted to the IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. Overview The goal of the SERF project is to develop a generic infrastructure for Entity Resolution (ER). In our approach, the functions that "match" records (i.e. decide whether they represent the same entity) and "merge" them are viewed as black-boxes, which permits generic, extensible ER solutions. Some of the challenges we are addressing in the SERF project include: Performance: Entity resolution algorithms must perform a very large number of comparisons. Papers [1] Swoosh: A Generic Approach to Entity ResolutionOmar Benjelloun, Hector Garcia-Molina, David Menestrina, Qi Su, Steven Euijong Whang, Jennifer Widom. [2] D-Swoosh: A Family of Algorithms for Generic, Distributed Entity ResolutionOmar Benjelloun, Hector Garcia-Molina, Heng Gong, Hideki Kawai, Tait Larson, David Menestrina, Sutthipong Thavisomboon. Software People Faculty Students Steven Whang Alumns

Free PHP User Management System: UserCake Every web application that works member-based needs a functionality where visitors can register & manage their profiles. UserCake is a free user management system, built with PHP/MySQL, which aims to be a foundation to ease creating the application. UserCake is object-oriented, cleanly written, well commented, formatted & documented. It offers the following functions: Login Register Lost password Update password Update user details Email templates (optional) Account activation (optional) User groups (Basic, id – group_name) The system comes with frequently used member-page functions like isUserLoggedIn() or isGroupMember($id) which will help developing faster. And, in means of security, UserCake uses salt along with a SHA1 hash.

Champix Information and Stopping Smoking How to Become a Paranormal Investigator In case you don’t understand what I mean by ‘paranormal investigator’, I mean someone who tries to figure out if ghosts, spirits or other alleged phenomenon are responsible for certain events. When I first saw the term, I thought of Dirk Gently, the holistic detective from Douglas Adams’ books. Turns out he was just an abnormal investigator. That was too obscure of a reference for a joke, wasn’t it? Since I am the self-proclaimed tin-hatter here at MakeUseOf, I’ll give you my take on how to become a paranormal investigator and some great sites to help you on the way. Yes, the first site I recommend is Canadian and that is pure coincidence. Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada has a great site with tons of information. – Paranormal Phenomena It may seem like a bit of a cop-out to list The Atlantic Paranormal Society Also known as TAPS, the gang over there are responsible for the show Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel as well as Beyond Reality Radio.

Swiftfox Web Album Generator: Free Photo Album Software Create your own online photo albums. Did you know that free web space is usually provided with your Internet service? Use it to share your digital photographs with friends and family! Web Album Generator is a software program that creates all the HTML, JPEG thumbnails, and CSS for your online photo albums—all you need is your digital pictures! I've been honoured to have Web Album Generator appear on television and in digital photography magazines across the world, consistently praised for its quality and ease of use! Web Album Generator is currently paid for through donations, so if you find it useful, please feel free to drop a little something in the tip jar. Download WAGVersion 1.8.2 Web Album Generator Features Automatic thumbnail creation Photograph resizing / resampling Photograph rotation NEW! System Requirements Web Album Generator requires either Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or higher. Stay up to Date Be among the first to learn about new releases! Sample Photo Album

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