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This Badass High School Senior Just Responded to Haters in the Most Beautiful Way One gutsy and gorgeous student from East Orange, New Jersey, hit back against limiting Western beauty ideals by taking matters into her own hands: wearing a custom-made prom dress she designed herself to celebrate her black heritage. The Internet has taken notice. Kyemah McEntyre, 18, posted photos of her creation to Instagram with the popular hashtag #BlackGirlsRock, as well as her own original hashtag, #KyeBreaktheInternet. In a series of captions, she made her fashion inspiration clear. The full caption reads: I'm Kyemah McEntyre, I am 18 years old and I am undoubtedly of African descent.

serendipity Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise". It was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754. In a letter he wrote to a friend Walpole explained an unexpected discovery he had made by reference to a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. - Fluid’Advance – by Brieuc Saffré Here is a very nice slideshow on « How to create advocacy and conversation ». I saw it on Paul Isakson’s blog (another great strategist even if it’s not him who did this presentation). I wanted to point out these two slides because they sound the most relevant to me.

European seasonal energy efficiency ratio In Europe, the seasonal efficiency of refrigeration equipment, chillers and air conditioners is often rated by the European seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ESEER) which is defined by the Eurovent Certification Company.[1] A similar standard in the United States is the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). The ESEER is calculated by combining full and part load operating Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER), for different seasonal air or water temperatures, and including for appropriate weighting factors. These values are shown in the following table. The formula for ESEER can then be presented as follows: ESEER = (EER@100% load × 0.03) + (EER@75% load × 0.33) + (EER@50% load × 0.41) + (EER@25% load × 0.23)[1]

Content Curation Guide for SEO <div style="clear:both"><a href=" ><img src=" title="Content Curation Guide for SEO" alt="Content Curation Guide for SEO" border="0" /></a></div><div>Brought to you by : <a href=" Techmagnate SEO Company India</a></div> Before we get to the point of actually laying down a guide on how to curate content for better SEO, it seems like a good idea to first explain and explore what content curation actually means. As a term, content curation, is pretty self-explanatory. Curated content is content that has been assembled from all over the web and brought together at one place (a website) for further promotion.

Are You Body-Positive, But Struggling with Binge Eating? Here Are 4 Ways to Support Yourself “You don’t have an eating disorder.” Many people who struggle with binge eating hear this phrase over and over again. They experience a denial of their disorder from friends, family members, and loved ones. And this response can trigger a lot of emotions – from guilt and shame to insecurity and self-doubt – especially for someone already dealing with so much. Unfortunately, that same denial resonates within some corners of the body-positivity and feminist movements.

Coincidence A coincidence (often stated as a mere coincidence) is a collection of two or more events or conditions, closely related by time, space, form, or other associations which appear unlikely to bear a relationship as either cause to effect or effects of a shared cause, within the observer's or observers' understanding of what cause can produce what effects. From a statistical perspective, coincidences are inevitable and often less remarkable than they may appear intuitively. An example is the birthday problem, where the probability of two individuals sharing a birthday already exceeds 50% with a group of only 23.[1] Computer—simulation of alignments[edit] Alignments of random points, as shown by statistics, can be found when a large number of random points are marked on a bounded flat surface.

Want to Succeed In Social Media? Recently, I've seen a lot of studies about the lack of success of small businesses in social media. In one eMarketer article alone they reference not one but two of them: Small businesses are not hitting it off with social media, according to an August 2009 study from Citibank.

XBee Helps Libelium Monitor Harsh Environments - Digi International-Mozilla Firefox Background Sensor technology research and development is important for monitoring the environment around us, ranging from prevention of forest fires and floods to detecting and monitoring contamination levels in cities. The research and development team at Libelium (Zaragoza, Spain) is dedicated to developing hardware for the implementation of wireless sensor networks, mesh networks and communication protocols. Libelium needed radio frequency modules to guarantee accurate transmission of information from sensors placed in isolated or difficult-to-access areas. To enable Libelium to develop its sensor devices, they needed to source a wireless networking provider that offered both long-range links and the interconnection of wireless networks of different frequencies. “Our objective is to detect and store critical values and send these values to a data processing centre for analysis or send emergency alarms.

The New Reality Is Disrupted "People tell you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be"-Don Draper Why do we so often ignore the very advice that can save us? The answer may very well be found in Disrupted by Stefan Pollack which is easily one of the most important books of the year, especially if you want to understand the iGeneration (sometimes called Generation Z) or anyone that was born after 1994. It isn't a Futurist book, a Library book, or even a PR / Marketing book. It's about relationships. Ever since I entered library field about 20 years ago, people have been telling me that I am wasting my time and Libraries are dying and so indeed is the book.

I Didn’t Know My Boyfriend Was Abusive Since He Never Hit Me (Content Warning: intimate partner violence, attempted suicide) Originally published on xoJane and cross-posted here with their permission. He spent over a year trying to convince me to be with him. We were friends for two years and became close. When one of his relationships ended while I was in college, he said he wanted to be with me. He loved me and needed me. Serendipity casts a very wide net It is no accident that technology commentator Bill Thompson believes that the web does a lot to promote chance discovery One of those rumbling arguments that betrays a deeper discontent is going on within the loose collection of blogs, newspapers and academic websites that has replaced public lectures and university common rooms as the space for public debate on matters of intellectual significance. The question is whether the online information sources we use today limit our potential to find material by accident, and so reduce the chance of inadvertently discovering wonderful things or life-changing facts. Accidental empire For some, like journalism teacher William McKeen, we are losing the space within which serendipity can guide us to those ideas that will change our world. Writing in the St Petersburg Times, which comes from Florida rather than Russia, he argues that modern technology reduces the space within which we can "make fortunate discoveries accidentally".

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