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Word Problems

Word Problems
This page contains links to free math worksheets for Word Problems problems. Click one of the buttons below to view a worksheet and its answer key. You can also use the 'Worksheets' menu on the side of this page to find worksheets on other math topics. Addition Word Problems Introductory word problems for addition Subtraction Word Problems Introductory word problems for subtraction Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Mixed addition and subtraction word problems. Multiplication Word Problems Introductory word problems for multiplication. Division Word Problems Introductory word problems for division. Girl Scout Cookie Division If you've been working as Troop Cookie Mom (or Dad!) Division With Remainders Word Problems Story problems using division and involving remainders. Mixed Multiplication and Division Word Problems Mixed multiplication and division word problems. Mixed Operation Word Problems Mixed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems. Printable Flash Cards

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Education and research Outline maps of the Great Britain, United Kingdom and Europe. Ordnance Survey is now providing a selection of free, downloadable, basic small-scale maps of the GB, UK and Europe for you to use for your own purpose. All the maps are available at A3 or A4 and in TIFF or, PDF formats. The PDF versions have layers that can be removed; please view the read me document for more information.

Mathematical Images: Symmetry I love finding ‘maths pictures’, and thought it would be nice to start collecting and sharing them. Symmetry is the easiest to begin with, unsurprisingly. Images with simple line symmetry can be great for young (i.e. Y7) pupils to engage with, allowing for discussions about strategies to ‘test’ to how symmetrical an image is and how it could be improved to be ‘more’ symmetrical (this is a good ‘way in’ to using squared paper to complete reflections). Multistep Problems Worksheets Multistep Problems Worksheets Determining Correct Equation Example (Hover to Enlarge)

Homeschool Math Worksheet Number Lines to 100 "Math Salamanders Free Math Sheets" Welcome to the Math Salamanders Homeschool Math Worksheets. Here you will find a wide range of free printable number line worksheets, which will help your child understand how to count on and back in 1s and understand place value to 100. Probability How to solve probability problems Level 1 A hotel has 2 rooms by the seashore and 4 rooms by the golf course vacant. Search 16 problems, 3 games, 70 articles, 27 general resources, 2 interactive environments, 2 projects, 48 Lists, 47 from Stage 1, 64 from Stage 2, 71 from Stage 3, 71 from Stage 4, 46 from Stage 5 Distribution Maker Stage: 5 Challenge Level: This tool allows you to create custom-specified random numbers, such as the total on three dice.

Sudoku - Play, Share & Print Sudoku puzzles for free! u36824 Easy What is Sudoku? Sudoku is a number-placement puzzle. You start with an almost empty puzzle, which has some of the cells already filled with numbers. Fractional Triangles Use the lines on this figure to show how the pattern of triangles can be used to divide the square into two halves, three thirds, six sixths and nine ninths. More lines are needed to divide it into four quarters. What is the least amount of line needed to do this if the quarters are in one piece and all the same shape? How many ways can you divide it into halves using just the lines given? Why do this problem?

Contents, Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles Since May 6, 1997You are visitor number E66B7E in base 20 Raymond Smullyan, a Mathematician, Philosopher and author of several outstanding books of logical puzzles, tells, in one of his books, a revealing story. A friend invited him for dinner. He told Smullyan that his teenage son was crazy about Smullyan's books and could not wait to meet him. The friend warned Smullyan not to mention that he is a Mathematician and that Logic is a part of Mathematics because the young fellow hated Mathematics. Having told this story, would it be wise to announce up front what this site is about?