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Academic lists - Templates

Academic lists - Templates

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10 Great Classroom Icebreakers 1. Self-Portrait. Have your students draw themselves. After they have done this, collect the papers and hang them up for the whole class to see. Now have students try to guess who the artists was for each picture. 2. Lesson Plan - Building the Foundation Handouts: Handout 1Print Handout 1 U.S. Constitution An Anticipation Guide Directions: Read each statement below and decide if you agree or disagree with what it says. 10 Open Education Resources You May Not Know About (But Should) This week, the OCW Consortium is holding its annual meeting, celebrating 10 years of OpenCourseWare. The movement to make university-level content freely and openly available online began a decade ago, when the faculty at MIT agreed to put the materials from all 2,000 of the university’s courses on the Web. With that gesture, MIT OpenCourseWare helped launch an important educational movement, one that MIT President Susan Hockfield described in her opening remarks at yesterday’s meeting as both the child of technology and of a far more ancient academic tradition: “the tradition of the global intellectual commons.”

Parts may come and go! Besides using the "Rockin' Behavior" chart in our classroom, which is individual behavior, we are also using Mr. Potato head as a whole group behavior incentive. When the class is caught being good or behaving appropriately as a whole, we allow a student to add a Potato Head body part. Once Mr.

Memory Improvement Techniques - Improve Your Memory with MindTools © VeerPRZEMYSLAW PRZYBYLSKI Use these techniques to improve your memory. The tools in this section help you to improve your memory. For Parents and Kids Lexercise offers services to help children with reading, writing and spelling disorders such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. We know this can be a confusing and overwhelming time for you and your child, so we've created tools for testing and treatment that are simple, highly effective and convenient. Our free online dyslexia test for children can help determine if your child is having trouble with reading and might be a candidate for our full evaluation. Lexercise also provides comprehensive online treatment solutions for children with dyslexia.

How to Use Commonly Misused Words Steps Method 1 of 17: "Affect" and "Effect" 1Use “effect” as instructed." Top 10 Ways to Wake-up Students in Class The following is a guest post from Michelle Doman, a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Brandon Middle School in Wisconsin. Top 10 Ways to Wake-up Students in Class Many people get a little squeamish, wiggly, and offer a scrunched expression when I respond to the question, “What grades do you teach?” I teach middle school, and with heart and honesty, I find great joys (and challenges) in teaching the group referred to as “tweens” and adolescents. 100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School – Eternal Code [via] With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for you, so why not latch onto the wide world that Google has to offer? From super-effective search tricks to Google hacks specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time.

10 Special-Needs School Tools Help your child sit stiller, write better, and read easier with these cool school tools for students with learning disabilities, fine motor delays, sensory integration challenges, or a bad case of the wiggles. 1. Pencil Toppers Having a little twiddly thing atop a pencil to play with can help wiggly kids burn off some fidgety energy. untitled Three-minute timed test. 1. Read everything before doing anything. 2. Put your name in the upper left-hand corner of this paper. 3. Circle the word "Name" in sentence two. 4. Draw five small squares in the upper left-hand corner of this paper. 5. Put an X in each square. 6.

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