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The Global Brain Institute

The Global Brain Institute
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ECCO Home | neuroscience of Imagination Albert Einstein said of the theory of relativity, "I thought of it while riding my bicycle." Anyone who exercises regularly knows that your thinking process changes when you are walking, jogging, biking, swimming, riding the elliptical trainer, etc. New ideas tend to bubble up and crystallize when you are inside the aerobic zone. You are able to connect the dots and problem solve with a cognitive flexibility that you don't have when you are sitting at your desk. This is a universal phenomenon, but one that neuroscientists are just beginning to understand. Aerobic exercise clears the cobwebs from your mind and gives you access to insights that are out of reach when you are sedentary. What is happening to the electrical, chemical and architectural environment of our brains when we exercise that stimulates our imagination and makes us more creative? Many scientists believe that the creative process springs as much from the subconscious as it does from a conscious thought process.

Google, Spotify, & Pandora bet a computer could generate a better playlist than you can | VentureBeat | Big Data | by Jordan Novet Google, Pandora, and Spotify haven’t exactly advertised it, but they are all working on using a type of artificial intelligence called “deep learning” to make a better music playlist for you. All three have recently hired deep learning experts. This branch of A.I. involves training systems called “artificial neural networks” with terabytes of information derived from images, text, and other inputs. It then presents the systems with new information and receives inferences about it in response. Companies including Google, Baidu, and others have put deep learning to work for all sorts of purposes — advertising, speech recognition, image recognition, even data center optimization. A startup even intends to use deep learning to recognize patterns in medical images. Now these companies are turning to music. Putting these complex systems into production won’t necessarily happen overnight. Send in the interns Above: Spotify started a radio station based on a single song. Image Credit: Screen shot

Think Global / Act Local & Communicate Digitally / Connect Analogue - A 360 Degree View of Thinque's Solutions Recently, we have had the privilege and fortune of connecting globally and locally with multinational organisations in a diverse range of markets. Technology combined with future-minded human connectedness and connection is making this possible. Recent projects we have been working on have included a national 'Thought Leadership and Social Media Marketing' roadshow for one of the world's leading financial services organisations, scenario planning with Australia's leading bank, a 'leadership styles' program with an American pharmaceutical company, employer branding advice for one of the world's thought leading HR companies, executive coaching with pharmaceutical leaders, and an international innovation roadshow with an American-Japanese printing and digital solutions provider. Given the depth, breadth and global nature of these programs, we thought it apt to visually demonstrate some of the services and solutions that we offer at Thinque.

Karl Polanyi Besonders bekannt wurde sein einflussreiches Buch The Great Transformation, das zu den Hauptwerken der Soziologie gezählt wird.[1] Daneben verfasste Polanyi auch wichtige Arbeiten zu den Ursprüngen monetärer Wirtschaftsformen. Leben[Bearbeiten] Das Leben und Wirken von Karl Polanyi fiel in eine Zeit und Umgebung, die mit ihren einschneidenden Ereignissen einen großen Einfluss auf seine wissenschaftliche Arbeit und sein Leben hatten. An der Universität engagierte er sich in linken Studentengruppen und war aktiv an der sozialistischen Bildung von Arbeitern beteiligt. 1940 kam er in die USA, um mit einem zweijährigen Stipendium der Rockefeller-Stiftung von 1941 bis 1943 The Great Transformation fertigzustellen.[2] Im Jahre 1947 berief ihn die Columbia University auf eine Gastprofessur, die er bis 1953 wahrnahm. Schriften (Auswahl)[Bearbeiten] Literatur[Bearbeiten] Weblinks[Bearbeiten] Literatur von und über Karl Polanyi im Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek Einzelnachweise[Bearbeiten]

A 3D-printed running shoe that regenerates itself Running shoes are becoming increasingly sophisticated – but this one may well top them all. London-based designer Shamees Aden is developing a shoe that can be printed in 3D so that it fits a foot just like an extra layer of skin. The material used in printing the shoes is known as protocells. These are basic molecules which are not themselves alive but which can be combined to create living organisms. Aden is developing the shoe together with Dr Martin Hanczyc, an expert on protocell technology from the University of Southern Denmark. By mixing various types of these ’dead’ molecules, they will try to create materials that can be programmed to behave in different ways, depending on pressure, light and heat, thus providing extra cushioning if needed. Hanczyc explains the background of his protocell research in this TED talk. Shoe regenerates at night For the shoes to function optimally, they need to be soaked in a liquid protocell solution when not in use.

Downloads Gapminder Slides Download Gapminder’s slides, free to modify and use in any way you like! Here are the slides used in our public presentations and TED talks. Gapminder Tools Offline Handouts & Lesson plans (PDF) Interactive presentations (Flash, PowerPoint etc.) Life expectancy is a very important measure when we compare the health of different countries. Use this animated presentation when you lecture about HIV. A complete package of animations for your lecture. Is the world a better place? Från Liberia till Singapore. A clickable presentation on MDG4. Arabic version of Human Development Trends. Karolinska Institutet awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Barnadödlighet och antal barn per kvinna. For the Tellberg Forum. An interactive chart about gender equity (% women in parlament) in all countries. The Income Distribution of the World over time. International health data for learning.

The personal blog of Futurist Thomas Frey » Blog Archive » 12 Laws of the Future 12 Laws of the Future For several decades now I have been contemplating our relationship with the future. Many of my colleagues think of me as that crazy guy who assigns human attributes to this thing we call the future. On occasion you can hear me uttering phrases like, “I know it’s going to be a great day because the future is clearly happy with me today.” At one point I even tried to convince my wife that the future wanted me to buy a new car, but she wasn’t buying it. So why is it so important to study the future? The Physics of Time Vs the Physics of the Future “As physicists, we believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.” – Albert Einstein From everything I’ve studied, past observers have focused on the concept of the future as being a consequence of time, rather than a stand-alone force of nature. The History of the Future 1.) 1. 2. 3. Clarke often joked that Newton had three laws, and so three were also enough for him. 2.)

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