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Blog  – Golden Ratio in logo designs

Blog  – Golden Ratio in logo designs
Golden Ratio in logo designs. Beauty and aesthetics have been praised from time immemorial. But little did people know that the most effective, perfectly balanced, and visually compelling creations followed the tid-bits of mathematics. At least not until 1860, when German physicist and psychologist Gustav Theodor Fechner proposed that a simple ratio, an irrational number defines the balance in nature. The Golden Ratio! Fechner’s experiment was simple: ten rectangles varying in their length-to-width ratios were placed in front of a subject, who was asked to select the most pleasing one. Golden Ratio Golden Mean, Golden Section, Divine Proportion are all common names for what is known as the Golden Ratio which is based off the number phi (φ) = 1.61803398874… discovered by Italian Mathematician Fibonacci. the ratio between these numbers soon become very close to φ (1.618). What’s so amazing about this number? Logos with golden ratio National Geographic Pepsi Apple iCloud Toyota Grupo Boticário

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Understanding Lenses – Depth of Field Where do you focus, and how does the aperture affect an image? In a certain way, the opening question should be the other way around! There is a law of physics that governs the relationship between shutter speed and aperture (f-stop). Shutter speeds are pretty easy to understand: 1/60 second is one half as much time as 1/30. F-stops are a little different: f8 is one half the light of f5.6, which is half the light of f4! Font of the day: Gagalin Here at Creative Bloq, we're big fans of typography and we're constantly on the hunt for new and exciting typefaces – especially free fonts. So, if you're in need of a font for your latest design or just like to keep a collection so you're prepared, we may be able to help out. Every day, we're running 'Font of the day', where we'll be posting the best free and paid-for fonts the web has to offer. Subscription offer

Creating the perfect logo design “Among the accomplishments of the grammarians can be reckoned a method for paraphrasing Sanskrit in a manner that is identical not only in essence but in form with current work in Artificial Intelligence.” – 1985, NASA researcher Rick Briggs Sanskrit is an ancient language used and documented over 20,000 years ago leading way to the religious belief of Hinduism, the worlds oldest religion. Sanskrit has covered many questions in detail to connect science and spirituality as one. From physics and chemistry to medicine and maths, the language and discoveries made in the time of Sanskrit have been astonishing. Its even considered that the technological advancements and discoveries made today are simply reinventions of those made previously via the Sanskrit. It wasn’t just the formidable top three subjects that it covered (Science, English Maths) it also made great progress in the development of todays industry of graphic design.

Getting Mass Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide Many bloggers end up having a love-hate relationship with StumbleUpon. They love the amount of traffic that the service – which now boasts over 10 million members – can send, but they hate the conversion rate on that traffic. , yet their average time on site was just 26 seconds (overall site average is 2 minutes and 24 seconds) and they each viewed around 1.22 pages. Simply put, compared to other traffic sources, StumbleUpon is terrible. 25 Creative and Inspiring Typography Logo Designs Typography Logo has a very simple and effective design. if you look at the logo design showcase like, you will find a thousands of typography logo collection which indicates that this type of logo is very popular among designers. In today’s post, I want to show you some of the most creative and inspiring typography logo designs. You might also want to check out our related posts below; 1. Fix it

Discover the making of John Lewis's heartwarming animated Christmas ad, The Bear & The Hare John Lewis's Christmas ad, The Bear & The Hare, mixes stop-motion and 2D animation that has been widely praised across both traditional and social media. Alonside the spot (below), its creators have released a making-of-video (above) that provides a wonderful insight into how the spot was created under directors Elliot Dear and Yves Geleyn. Alongside the spot itself, the team also created an illustrated ebook and paper book, plus an interactive iPad app. The ad was produced by London-based Blinkink and New York/LA-based Hornet Inc, who's provided us with some extra information on how it was created. But before that, here's the spot itself.

Blog : #NewTwitter’s Divine Proportions “To anyone curious about #NewTwitter proportions, know that we didn’t leave those ratios to chance,” explains Twitter’s Creative Director, Doug Bowman, referring to the site’s recent revamp. The two-pane layout remains the basis for the redesign, but the new proportions are based on an age-old mathematical constant that – applied correctly – can result in some of the most effective, perfectly balanced, and visually compelling creations. The Golden Ratio – also known as the Divine Proportion – is represented by the calculated number 1.6180339887, and denoted by the Greek letter Phi (Φ). It is all around us, in nature, science, art, architecture and even music – from nautilus shells to spiral galaxies, the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, and Bartok’s Music For Strings, Percussion & Celesta. It is ingrained in our consciousness, causing us to find attractive anything in which the ratio appears by nature or by design. The Golden Ratio is pervasive in graphic design.

The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize So you learned the base id, class, and descendant selectors—and then called it a day? If so, you're missing out on an enormous level of flexibility. While many of the selectors mentioned in this article are part of the CSS3 spec, and are, consequently, only available in modern browsers, you owe it to yourself to commit these to memory. 15 Famous And Successful Logo Redesigns - What Has Been Improved? As we realize that we are now living in the Brand Era, where everything is branded and labelled we are more concern to companies we believe can help us, shops where we can get our supplies, or websites we trust to keep our data or information securely. This is how a company’s logo appeal as the first thing costumer will consider to trust or not. Among thousands of logos out there, some of them may look cheesy and cheap, and some visually give us confident. In order to grab our attention and get our trust, many companies even consider to re-brand/redesign their logo. As might be expected, the company will have to take the risk and be prepared of the pros and cons of this act.

GUILLERMO LUIJK >> TUTORIALS >> UNIWB. MAKE CAMERA DISPLAY RELIABLE It is well known how useful is looking at the histogram and the clipping information warning that our cameras provide. Specially if we are exposing to the right, taking a look on them is very interesting and almost mandatory. Unfortunately the histogram and clipping information displayed by our cameras is not directly related to the RAW file as it would be desirable, since this will be the source of all our image postprocessing. They refer instead to the JPEG generated by the camera, no matter if we are in RAW only or RAW+JPEG mode. Of course there exists a strong correlation between the level of exposure of this JPEG file and the underlying RAW, but the truth is that the development processes, with critical level modification actions such as: This is what some authors erroneously call "the amazing information recovery capabilities of the RAW", when the information was always there and it was just the camera that destroyed it in its inner development to build the JPEG.

Grafic Notes / Σημειώσεις Γραφιστικής: Design amazing mosaic effects This tutorial shows how to create a cool look using Illustrator’s Symbols and Global Colors. But what if you want total control over your mosaics’ appearance, and the ability to update it at the click of a button? It’s not as tricky as it sounds. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a more stylized mosaic that uses smaller, vector shapes rather than images to make up the final piece. Fibonacci Font Friday A glorious number of type designers have created fonts based on the Fibonacci spiral. Some of the designs are lovely, such as Sarah Samira’s, some are incomprehensible, such as Nicola Ball’s, and some are just terrible, such as Rachel Sinclair’s, but it’s the (mathematical) thought that counts. Fibonacci Font—Sarah Samira Design The Fibonacci Spiral Fibonacci Font—Nicola Ball Nicola Ball is a third year graphic design student at Salford University, and lives in Manchester, UK.

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