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eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
12.25.13 - eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Update Added AMD Radeon R7 270 and AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics cards. Added ability to mix graphics cards. Added ability to select up to 6 graphics cards (Pro version). Added Enermax Liqtech 120X, Enermax Liqtech 240, Enermax Liqmax 120S liquid cooling kits. Added Butterflylabs The Monarch BPU 600 C, Butterflylabs The Monarch BPU 300 C, VMC Fast-Hash-One Silver, Fast-Hash-One Gold, VMC Fast-Hash-One Platinum Bitcoin Mining Modules. Added Socket LGA 1356 and Socket BGA 1284 10.30.13 - eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Update Added NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Ti, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti, AMD Radeon R7 240, AMD Radeon R7 250, AMD Radeon R7 260X, AMD Radeon R9 270X, AMD Radeon R9 280X, AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics cards. Added Socket FC-BGA 1170. view all updates » Related:  Personal

CalculatingConsumption Calculating Power Consumption There are a number of approaches that can be taken when trying to determine the power consumption of applicances around the home. Unfortunately there is no single approach that is suitable in all situations. Terminology used in these pages To differentiate between instantaneous power measured and measurements over a period of time, I'm using two of my own symbols: Pi: (Instantaneous Power): Energy used at a point in time, measured in Watts (W)Pt: Power used over a period of time, measured in Watt-hours (Wh) or Kilowatt-hours (kWh). Hard Wired - Appliances that are not attached to a normal 240V power outlet, but are 'hard-wired' to the electricity meter board. eg Electric Stove, Fixed lighting, Ceiling Fans, Electric Hot Water Service, larger air-conditioning units etc. Constant Load - Those appliances which draw about the same amount of power all the time (eg Lights, TV's, Stereo's, some heaters etc). Varying Load Also see the definitions of W, kW, Wh & kWh.

Pixenate - Edit photos online, fast and easily - No plugins required. Fleet management Vehicle Maintenance software - Videos tutorial, Demo Fleet management - Vehicle Maintenance software for accounting and control or your fleet Software tour - Vehicles Videos in this tutorial page, will familiarize you with our Fleet Management Software. Videos from YouTube load faster, but quality must be adjusted. For top quality viewing use local videos, please be patient, wait until videos load. Videos tutorial, Demo Please note, not all videos are not up to date with system. Software tour - Click image. If you click Youtube link, in order to have optimum quality, open video, go over the lower part and select change quality, then select quality 720p HD Chrome . Vehicles Exploring the module. How to add a record. How to add info after creating record. add information once the record is created. Exploring accidents module If your browser does not work, please use this alternative video Exploring Dispatching, Routing module. Daily Movement Exploring the module. Videos tutorial, Demo

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6 Soft Skills Every Technology Worker Needs For Career Success Imagine you’ve attended two presentations. In the first, the presenter reads from his Powerpoint slides, barely looks at the audience, and ends the presentation without accepting questions. The second presenter opens with an entertaining story, walks through the presentation with energy and emotion, and closes with a meaningful Q&A session with the audience. Which presentation do you think you’d be more likely to remember? The same thing is true at a job interview. You may have all of the necessary technical skills (hard skills) required for the job, but it’s the person that can look the interviewer in the eyes, smile broadly and talk about past experiences with poise and enthusiasm who will get the job. Building Soft Skills in IT In many other professional fields, students tend to develop all of those interpersonal soft skills in the course of their studies. 1. 2. If there’s one sacred truth in IT, it is this: Behind every successful project is a successful team. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7 frases que debes decirle a tus hijos todos los días De todas las palabras que puedes decirles a tus hijos, estas son algunas que pueden causar el mayor impacto positivo en sus vidas. Hay una infinidad de posibles combinaciones de palabras que podemos decirles a nuestros hijos para expresarles nuestro amor. A continuación te presento sólo algunas de las frases que me parecen de las mejores que podemos usar en nuestro hogar para estrechar los lazos familiares."Te amo/Te quiero". No debe pasar un solo día sin que tus hijos escuchen de tu boca, y sientan con seguridad, que los amas. Miriam Aguirre Miriam Aguirre nació en México D.F. y actualmente vive en Argentina.

10 Foods That Burn Fat Here are 10 Foods That Burn Fat 1. Oats : Its not only tastes great but also reduces your hunger. Oats contains fiber which helps and stabilizes the levels of cholesterol. 2. Eggs : Eggs are the rich sources of proteins and low in calories.