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Seoulistic – Korea Simplified

Seoulistic – Korea Simplified

Get to Know The Faces You’ll See Everyday in Korea – Who’s on South Korean Money | Seoulistic – Korea Simplified Get to Know The Faces You’ll See Everyday in Korea – Who’s on South Korean Money Keith Blog, Just for Fun 23 [Note: This is a repost in response to a reader's question about who is on Korean money.] If you’re in Korea, of course you’ll have to deal with South Korean won. 50,000 won (bank note) Shin Saimdang (신사임당) (1504-1551) The most recent addition to the Korean won banknotes is the only sexy lady to be on any South Korean bank note (just kidding, she wasn’t that sexy). 10,000 won (bank note) King Sejong the Great (세종대왕 – Sejongdaewang) (1397-1450) If you don’t know this man, you will once you come to Korea. 5,000 won (bank note) Yi I (이이), aka Yulgok (율곡) (1536-1584) The son of 50,000 won mommy Shin Saimdang, this man was probably much much smarter than you. 1,000 won (bank note) Yi Hwang (이황), aka Toegye (퇴계) (1501-1570) There’s two really famous guys for being smart in Korean history. 100 Won (coin) Admiral Yi Sun-shin (이순신) (1545-1598) Other Coins

Travel Guides - Seoulistic - Korea Simplified Travel Guides Our Best Recommendations for Seoul’s #1 Tourist Spot! Myeongdong In this ebook find: - Seoul’s most famous restaurants - Exact locations for free Wifi - Double your haul with samples - Best places to shop in Myeongdong - Dog & Cat cafe recommendations Tips on bargaining and how to know if you’re getting ripped off! Dongdaemun - Money saving shopping tips - How to bargain the Korean way - Signs your getting ripped off - Activities for non-shoppers - Delicious restaurants locals love

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100 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Make Yourself Happier) I’ve been striving to simplify my life for many years now, and have recently (through my writing) been advising others how to do the same. In the process, I’ve learned that making little changes in our attitudes, habits, and environment can have a big impact. So today, I thought I’d compile a list of 100 ways to simplify your life – from the practical to the philosophical, and everything in between. Of course, not every item on the list will work for every person reading it. AROUND THE HOUSE1. WARDROBE AND STYLE21. KITCHEN AND DINING36. OFFICE AND TECH46. TIME MANAGEMENT66. ATTITUDE81. MISCELLANEOUS96.

Emotion Expression - Emotion Faces and Facial Analysis Neither emotion nor its expression are concepts universally embraced by psychologists. The term "expression" implies the existence of something that is expressed. Some psychologists deny that there is really any specific organic state that corresponds to our naive ideas about human emotions; thus, its expression is a non sequitur. Other psychologists think that the behaviors referenced by the term "expression" are part of an organized emotional response, and thus, the term "expression" captures these behaviors' role less adequately than a reference to it as an aspect of the emotion reaction. To match a facial expression with an emotion implies knowledge of the categories of human emotions into which expressions can be assigned. Happy Happy expressions are universally and easily recognized, and are interpreted as conveying messages related to enjoyment, pleasure, a positive disposition, and friendliness. Sad Anger Fear Disgust Surprise Other emotion expressions and related expressions

9 Body Language Do's and Don'ts For Meeting With Clients And Prospects If you're sure you've been saying all the right things but still can't close the deal with prospects, author Sharon Sayler suggests you consider what you've really been saying to potential customers -- not just verbally, but nonverbally. She explains while you might be saying, "I'm the person who can help you with your life insurance needs," the message you're conveying through your body might be very different. Words are only a small part of communication. The most influential parts of communication are your nonverbal. And in an ideas-based economy, like the one we have today, your ability to influence others and get them to really listen to you is what sets you apart from the majority in your profession. True communication goes beyond words, and great communicators use every tool they have to deliver their message. Read on for a few nonverbal do's and don'ts: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Want to Be Happy This Practice has a prerequisite. You have to actually WANT TO BE HAPPY. This requirement is not as easy as it seems because many people, perhaps you, are secretly afraid to feel good. When you see yourself as a wounded person, coping with depression is a way of life. If you were to become a truly happy person, your sense of self would have to radically change. If you truly want to be happy, but just don’t know how, this Practice can be a powerful turning point. If you truly want to be happy, you have to learn to see the long-term big picture. Most importantly—and this is the hardest part—you have to let go of the part of your identity that feels like a wounded person. The greatest relief is not caring about it anymore! Instead of wasting your energy worrying about what others are doing, focus on what you are doing and how you are feeling. It’s Not Out There You also have to understand that what you want isn’t out there. If you believe in praying to God, then “give it to God.”

How to use the law of attraction - good feeling thoughts know what you do want – know what you don’t want One of the main points in creating the life that you want is understanding and deciding what you don’t want, then using it as a springboard to what you do want. you can change yourself not others When you look at your life and decide you want to change most people want to change this part of their life and that little bit. They have a plan to change people to how they would like them to be. The problem is it is very hard to change people and the way most people think about how they want people to change only really adds energy to the negative aspects of the relationships. 2 steps to change From my own experience i have found there are two ways to change your life for the better The first is to start to think of something new and fulfilling rather than trying to mend broken relationships or changing people to suit you Pretending that you are new to this planet think how yo would like things to be from the ground up.

Watch Your Mouth (and Thoughts)! – How What You Say and Think Influences Your Experience | Discovering Peace How often do you really notice what you are thinking and saying in reference your ability to change how your life is going? My guess is “Not very often”. Your words and thoughts are very powerful influencers of your vibration. So, you say, what exactly qualifies as an upstream thought? Phrases like: “I can’t do …”“I’m not worthy …”“I don’t have …”“You need to stop …”“I’ll never …”“This (insert negative experience of choice) always happens to me” Any thought or phrase that makes you feel less worthy, makes you feel more disempowered, or requires anyone to change their behavior to make you feel better qualifies as an upstream thought. Get into alignment with what you desire in your existence by thinking and saying things that make you feel good. Upstream Words: can’t, won’t, don’t, never, no, stop, hate So, how do you move your thoughts in a more “downstream”, go with the flow, direction? This quote from Abraham gives you a pretty good starting point: Have fun with it all

18 ways to educate yourself every day (because nerds are sexy) “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” Henry Ford At the start of this year I made a decision that I want to commit to myself to a pursuit of intellect. I’m already a bit of a nerd, so this wasn’t really an alien concept for me, however I quickly realized that in order for me to make educating myself a priority in my life – I would have to make it into a daily habit. Wow, I did not just say that. 1. “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” 2. They are quick, easy, informative, and give you a glimpse of a subject that you may decide to do more research on later! A lovely reader recommended the podcasts “Stuff you should know” and “Stuff mom never told you” which can be found on the website. 3. This is such a monumental suggestion. 4. Focus more at work. 5. 6. This could be jigsaw puzzles, riddles, math puzzles etc. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Body Language - guide to reading body language signals in management, training, courtship, flirting and other communications and relationships body language index introduction and basics body language definitions background and history nature or nurture? body language and evolution universal facial expressions reading and analyzing body language body language signals and meanings :- eyes | mouth | head | arms | hands | handshakes | legs and feet | personal space mirroring (synchronizing) body language seating positions and arrangements body language - examples of cultural differences flirting, courtship, dating and mating body language - male and female glossary - main body language terms body language references and books other audible signals body language warning Body language is not an exact science. No single body language sign is a reliable indicator. Understanding body language involves the interpretation of several consistent signals to support or indicate a particular conclusion. Skip the background theory and history, and go straight to the body language signals and meanings. body language - basics and introduction So can you. For example: