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The Sell! Sell! Blog book by fiftythree x moleskine: print-on-demand iPad publishing oct 01, 2013 book by fiftythree x moleskine: print-on-demand iPad publishing book by fiftythree x moleskine: print-on-demand iPad publishing systemall images courtesy fiftythree italian journal manufacturer moleskine and fiftythree, the company best known for their award winning ‘paper’ application, have collaborated to create ‘book’, a new service that brings your digital ideas to life as a custom-made hardcover notebook. the format has been designed uniquely for the paper iPad app, which allows users to print 15 foldout pages of their sketches onto FSC-certified matte paper. the print-on-demand publishing system has been developed to match the iPad’s 4:3 aspect ratio; there is no need to re-size pages, and the user chooses which of their personal drawings should become the journal’s cover artwork. in less than two weeks, for 40 USD, you can receive a handcrafted book made with high-quality HP Indigo 4-color digital prints. to see more on how ‘book’ works, see the video below.

Ignite Portugal Headvertising The video was created for Toronto-based Strategy Agency of the Year Awards.In creating the video, Lowe Roche did its homework, conducting in-depth qualitative and quantitative research. They tapped into the PMB database of over 22,000 respondents and did a vertical lifestyle analysis of Canadians who identify themselves as ad industry professionals. In doing so, they uncovered some lesser-known facts about ad people, for example, did you know that ad people use the internet for adult entertainment 1.7 times more than the average Canadian? Maybe you didn’t know that ad people mute the sound in TV commercials 1.6 times more than the national average. A tad ironic don’t you think? And surprise, surprise – ad people drink a lot. Advertising Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto, CanadaCreative Directors: Jane Murray, Mark MasonCopywriter: Jeremy RichardJunior Copywriter: Jason SoyArt Director: Matthew Camara

Design Quixotic: design and other beautiful miscellany. blprnt.blg | Jer Thorp Advertising Universe One Secret that will Dramatically Improve your Online Portfolio | The Design Range Published on September 10th, 2012 | by Alexander Singleton As a designer your portfolio is absolutely you’re most important asset. It doesn’t matter if you’re this generations Da Vinci in terms of you’re design skills if you can’t prove it. Likewise having a world renowned reputation as a Photoshop wizard will only get clients to your door, unless they can see the work you’ve done before they’re not going to take a risk on you. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but you’ve had the good fortune in being born into a largely digital age. How a Client Sees Your Portfolio When a potential client is looking through your portfolio they’re trying to establish what you’re really good at, what your skills are and most importantly; how you might handle their project. What they really want to see, what they’re really looking for is confirmation Think about it. What So Many Designers Do But… wait, you don’t have an image of that printed up either? No no… It’s ok… we totally trust you.

Blog The idea of animals as authors is a fascinating one. And the concept of capturing their very own point of view of nature is interesting and original. “Animal Copyrights” is the result of combining them both to raise funds for endangered species, as well as to study nature in a different way. The initiative consisted in putting small cameras on wild animals. <div style="background-color:red;color:white;width:160px"><strong>JavaScript is disabled! Category: Promo And Activation - Use Of Promo & Activation - Sponsorship Or Partnership Campaigns. Source: