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C4D Débutant

C4D Débutant

Downloads | Plugins DocumentsDate added Description The Flock Modifier is a modifier object for the good old standard particle system im CINEMA 4D. It allows to easily apply the behavior of flocks, swarms or schools to the particles. The modifier uses a distributed behavioral model, as described by Craig Reynolds in his 1987 SIGGRAPH paper "Flocks, Herds, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model". Several of the classic "Reynolds Rules" are implemented. ...keep a minimum distance to its neighbors...try to stay in the center of the a target...match the velocity and travel direction of its flockmates...obey a certain minimum / maximum speed limit...avoid collision with level / avoid steep rising or falling...apply a certain randomness to its movement See it in action here: Flock Modifier is OpenSource, the full source code is included! Installation Unpack the ZIP archive into CINEMA 4D/plugins and restart CINEMA 4D. Compatibility CINEMA 4D R14 or higher. the c4d base Tutorials HDRI Handbook The HDRI Handbook 2.0 is the most comprehensive guide to high dynamic range imaging (HDRI). HDR imaging takes photography to a whole new level. It opens the door to unprecedented creative freedom in digital post-processing by capturing everything from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. It represents a quantum leap in imaging technology, as revolutionary as the leap from black-and-white to color imaging. HDRI means truly lossless image editing, full exposure control, mastering any scene contrast without artificial lighting, and preserving all light from a scene so it can be digitally revisited anytime in the future. Combined with panoramic photography, this captured light can even be used to render 3D objects with a deceivingly realistic appearance. In 2007, The HDRI Handbook was the first book to present this revolutionary new field to a larger audience. Now The HDRI Handbook 2.0 redefines its own gold standard.

Graphics / Atelier 3D Cinema 4D Zbrush Bonjour à tous et je vous souhaite une excellente année 2014 ! L’année 2013 fut complètement inactive pour le blog et je m’en excuse, mais cette année devrait être plus riche en évènement. Donc, à très bientôt pour de prochains Lire la suite Ca y est, c’est parti pour une nouvelle année ! Je vous souhaite à tous, une excellente et heureuse année 2013. Une année pleine de nouveaux tutoriels ! Voici un nouveau tutoriel sur le Motion Graphic avec MoGraph dans Cinema 4D R13. Voici un nouveau tutoriel sur le Motion Graphic avec MoGraph dans Cinema 4D R13. Voici un nouveau tutoriel sur le Motion Graphic avec MoGraph dans Cinema 4D R13. Voici le troisième et dernier tutoriel, d’une série qui traite du principe du rigging dans Cinema 4D R13. Voici le deuxième tutoriel, d’une série de trois, qui traite du principe du rigging dans Cinema 4D R13.

Valkaari | Plugins – Cinema4D – Zbrush Cinema 4D Scripts & Plugins | Make Cinema 4D Easy! Cosmic Motors Vehicles | danielsimon Cosmic Motors™ is a fantasy manufacturer of vehicles of all kinds, located in the center of the Galaxion galaxy. CoMo, as it is affectionately referred to by its outer space fans, was founded in the Galaxion year 8966-B.CoMo soon became a rising star among the big established vehicle makers in the Galaxion system, and countless record-breaking CoMo vehicles steadily caught the attention of the public. Besides their groundbreaking developments in transportation, CoMo gained fame by turning retired war machinery of other makers into the finest sports competition vehicles. The transformation of these retired war machines into racers accentuates the now peaceful state in the galaxy, even if there are still remote planets with ongoing conflicts. Today, Cosmic Motors produces some of the finest vehicles in the Galaxion galaxy, successfully blending cutting-edge technology with battle-proven crude mechanics, packaged in a sophisticated design aesthetic.

Corona Alpha1 for Cinema4D is out! | Corona Renderer Cinema 4D here we go! First public build of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D is here and we would like to give a warm welcome to new Cinema Coronauts. If you cannot wait any longer, here is your download link, but I would still recommend you to read this article carefully anyway, so you will know everything about this build, installation, features and limitations. It is FREE for commercial use until 31. 12. 2014Supports Cinema 4D R14, R15 & R16No limitations, no watermarksCPU basedOffers Biased and Unbiased RenderingBy default very slightly biasedCinema rendering core is exactly same as 3ds Max Core – A7.1!Needs activation (done automatically over internet)ADD + NBP – Artist Driven Development & No Bullshit Policy As you might already know, this is the first public alpha build of Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, so it will not be perfect yet. Artist Driven Development Forum & Bug Reporting You can express yourselves on our forum. Difference between Cinema 4D and 3ds Max version Rendering Camera Adam