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Appbistro Run Multiple Location-Based Marketing Campaigns with One Cool App [INVITES] Mashable’s Spark of Genius series highlights a unique feature of startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, see details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. Name: Geotoko Quick Pitch: Geotoko is a simple, powerful platform for businesses, brands and agencies to run location-based contests and sweepstakes around checkins from a range of apps. Genius Idea: So, your company or agency wants to get into location-based marketing. You can create your campaign using multiple apps, manage the rewards you dish out to users and drive foot traffic to locations all from Geotoko's dashboard. In addition, the company provides the all-important metrics: real-time analytics to measure your campaign's performance and ROI, customers' behavior, and how various locations and services perform. Here's what a sample campaign might look like: On the user side, there have been quite a few attempts to consolidate checkins for more than one app at a time.

AppNexus Raises A Meaty $50 Million Series C For Realtime Ad Bidding Network Realtime ad bidding network AppNexus today announced that it raised $50 million in a Series C financing. Investors include Microsoft, Venrock, Kodiak Venture Partners and First Round Capital. The round brings the total capital raised by AppNexus since its founding to $65.5 million. The company first raised an angel round in 2007 from Ron Conway, Marc Andreesen, Ben Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, and First Round Capital. AppNexus is based in New York City, and was founded by Brian O’Kelley, who was also a co-founder of Right Media. AppNexus calls itself a realtime bidding platform for ad networks. More than 4 billion ad impressions are served through AppNexus every day, up from zero two years ago. While he won’t disclose specific details, CEO O’Kelley tells me, “We’ve gone crazy on the revenue side in the past year.”

FluidDB Image: Jin Wicked One way to use Fluidinfo, among many, is as a universal engine for metadata. I’ll have to explain what I mean by that, especially seeing as some people got the impression from the earlier post on data vs metadata that we don’t think metadata is important, or that it doesn’t exist, or similar. I tried to make it clear in the post, and in responding to the comments that followed, that that’s not what was meant: In fact that’s one of the major initial goals of Fluidinfo – to be a metadata engine for everything. So that’s how important we think metadata is! The question is: how can Fluidinfo be used as a universal metadata engine? Metadata can be loosely defined as data that’s about other data. The key word in the above paragraph is about. To give some simple examples, there might be objects in Fluidinfo with about tags that have values such as isbn:140679239X or The second crucial component is Fluidinfo’s model of control.

Yahoo Japan scoops up location-based mobile ad firm Cirius Yahoo Japan has acquired location-based mobile ad firm Cirius Technologies. Cirius is based in Tokyo and operates AdLocal, a service that targets consumers with ads. It takes into account the physical location of the users via global positioning system (GPS), cell phone identification, map coordinates and other data. Cirius has about 38 employees. Gen Miyazawa, 28, founded Cirius in 2004. [Photo: Mobile Planet TV]

Social network analysis, Inbound marketing & SEO report – Jungle Torch LLC Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt TappLocal Is A Platform For Foursquare-Like Deals Beyond Foursquare If you’ve used Foursquare, you’ve likely seen the little badge that appears in the corner of your mobile phone’s screen when a deal is nearby. It’s a good way to alert someone to a location-based offer, and it seems to be working well for the company. A new startup, TappLocal wants to take that idea and expand upon it to create a new location-based ad network. The way this works is that TappLocal uses their backend to create a geofence around certain partner venues. When a user crosses that boundary and happens to be using one of the partner apps, a deal indicator will pop-up. A quick click on this area will open a larger area explaining exactly what the deal is. Co-founder William Kasel fully understands that this is a hot space right now, and that’s why he and his team behind Jumpfox, a mobile app development company, wanted to pour resources into this new project. And it’s not just these proximity deals that TappLocal is working on.

Earlybird Offers (earlybird) The Third Disruptive Wave #tcdisrupt Warning: Long post ahead. If you just want the trailer, it’s this – “Everything is changing. Again.” Tomorrow morning we’ll kick off our most ambitious event to date, TechCrunch Disrupt, in New York. We’ve called the event TechCrunch Disrupt, but we weren’t thinking about the name as a theme for this particular event. And yet, as I have conversations with the launching startups and the amazing speakers lined to to talk at Disrupt, it’s become clear to me that we are indeed in a massively disruptive moment. These conversations are why, for the first time, I am extremely nervous to go on stage tomorrow morning. Until the last few days it hasn’t crystalized for me. The “symptoms” I’ve noticed are only there because I’ve been sitting down with these people – leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others – and just listening to what they have to say. You are going to hear a lot over the next three days about how our world is changing in a fundamental way. Zynga. Ok, Back To Earth

POIdo makes location-based advertisers compete for your attention POIdo is one of 20 promising startups included in the MobileBeat 2010 Startup Competition and is in the running for one of two coveted Tesla Awards. POIdo, one of a number of location-based advertising startups, is putting a new spin on the concept. The Moscow-based company is able to target advertisements at users based on their exact locations, the context of them being there, and their recent behavior in other applications on their phones. A pay-per-action advertising platform, POIdo is able to deliver ads when mobile users happen to approach a certain virtual billboard, or when they search for specific addresses that happen to be nearby. “POIdo is the world’s first location-based advertising platform that creates a competitive marketplace where the price of advertising is determined by the market,” the company says. In addition to serving marketing messages, POIdo can also be used to send coupons, special offers and event information to users when they are near relevant locations.