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Geotoko - Real-Time Location Based Marketing & Analytics Platform

Geotoko - Real-Time Location Based Marketing & Analytics Platform
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Location Analytics: The Future is Where In Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster sci-fi thriller "Minority Report," there’s a scene where actor Tom Cruise, hotly pursued by the bad guys, hurries through a major shopping mall and as he passes advertising billboards, personalized messages appear and deliver customized content just for him. In the movie, technology could identify the person based on a digital scan of a person’s eye. Everywhere someone travels, shops would know what to deliver to you as you pass by. Today, that vision of the future is coming closer to reality. Businesses are capturing vast quantities of data with the end goal of giving you more of what you want, when and where you need it. It’s the ultimate consumer experience. To make sense of it all, businesses are rethinking all things data using the power of where. The simplicity and ease of use GPS-enabled cell phones and mobile devices help you find the closest movie theater, shoe store, or coffee shop. 1. 2. 3. 4. Simple maps are great.

Location Analytics: The Next Big Step in Business Analysis Esri Maps for IBM Cognos highlights regional performance for an insurance company. Today it seems that no conversation about information technology (IT) is complete without a discussion about big data, the cloud, or the consumerization of IT. However, arguably, the most impactful trend to hit IT has been analytics—both in media buzz and in corporate investment. Since the publication of Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris's book Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning in 2007, both private- and public-sector organizations have been sold on the notion that they need to leverage analytics on their data to gain insight and drive decision making. Business analytics has now become pervasive in most large public- and private-sector organizations. These analytic systems basically turn an organization's data into actionable information by discovering and illustrating patterns, trends, and relationships in tabular business data. Business Analytics and Geography

The State of Location Analytics: Ventana Research Wi2 and Accenture Offer Analytics Services Platform to Consumer Companies in Japan New platform enables businesses to push targeted offerings to their customers based on analytics insights and geolocation data TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 05, 2013-- Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd. (Wi2) and Accenture (NYSE:ACN) have launched an analytics services platform for consumer companies in Japan that delivers context-based customer insights and supports in the creation of new, personalized services. The platform will allow businesses across a range of consumer-facing industries to identify relevant target groups, better understand where and how these customers purchase products and services, and engage them on their mobile devices with tailored offerings and promotions. The new platform enables companies to develop personalized offerings such as product recommendations and coupons based on consumers' whereabouts and preferences, and directly push these to customers' smartphones and tablets. Businesses can use the new platform and the insights it provides in a variety of ways. or

Cityzenith MapInfo AnySite for Site Selection of retail, hotel, restaurant locations AGS Base Demographics AnySite Online's Base System with AGS demographics includes the following database tabulations. Current-year estimates, and Five and Ten-year projections can be supplied for the following tabulations, unless specified otherwise. The Base System demographic database is supplied by AGS which utilizes household level data from Experian's Performance Data System as an integral component in the updating process. Population: Population by Age Population by Age by Sex Race Hispanic Origin Population by Household Type Occupation Employment by Industry Labor Force Education Marital Status Ancestry Group Quarters Presence of Children by Household Type Households: Household Income Household Income by Age of Householder Family Income Tenure Household Type Persons per Household Housing Value Rent Units In Structure By Tenure Year Structure Built Year Moved Into Unit By Tenure Household Language AGS Premium Database Descriptions Other Data Available

Cardlytics Location Intelligence Applications For Everyone Mapping and Location Analytics for all Imagine the ability to map your data and test hypothesis without the need for a complex and traditionally expensive GIS, combined with the flexibility to do this in the office, at home, at a client location, on the move and even via a tablet device such as iPad. MAPCITE delivers an extremely powerful toolset that has no reliance on your internal IT teams, internal server connections or requires additional software to be installed. Use cases: Chief Constable visualizing officer movement Epidemiologist mapping disease Global tech company anlayzing distribution channels Bank location based transaction analytics Insurer mapping/analyzing fraud locations Health Analyst understanding the "causes of the causes" Full features comparison

Future of geo-spatial technology In 2020, the location-based service market is a $1.3 trillion industry.* In 2020, use of geo-location data, including GPS, generates $500 billion in consumer value Geographer jobs grow 35 percent per annum, while those of cartographers and photogrammetrists grow 22 percent between 2010 and 2020 Location becomes an integral dimension of data, allowing information patterns and decisions to be viewed through the lens of place. See: The power of zoom See: Beyond the bars See : Gov on the go Geospatial technology in 2020: *”Location Based Services – Market and Technology Outlook – 2013-2020,” Market Info Group LLC, **”Implications of the ICT Skills Gap for the Mobile Industry,” MacLeod Consulting, Now let’s hear from you. URBAN4M | New Insights and Perspectives on Location