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Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

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3 EdTech Tools for the One iPad Classroom iPads are amazing learning instruments that can improve instruction and student engagement dramatically. Those of us privileged enough to work in 1:1 iPad classrooms can attest to that. But lets be realistic: most classrooms around the world do not have access to the funds and resources necessary to equip a full classroom with iPads for each student. Top 5 Websites for Advertising Your Property Rental Listing Newspaper classified ads are dead; long live the Internet! As property managers, we work in a world where renters are looking for dynamic content that gives them more than the number of bedrooms and baths. They want videos, rental reviews, social integration, 3D walk-thrus, real-time mapping, and interactive media. Today’s renters are Internet savvy and accustomed to shopping and communicating online. They will likely visit many websites, not just one, so you need to increase your reach over as many of the top websites as possible.

Kanda Software Development Services Advanced Skype Call Recorder Callnote 3.0.26 (Windows), 2.3.7 (Mac OS X) Download Download Callnote Premium is a Free Skype Call Recorder: Record Skype Video Calls Save Skype Videos to Evernote and Dropbox Share Call Records on Facebook, Youtube or via Email Record Shared Screen and Chat from your Skype calls Take instant snapshots during your video calls Manage Skype Call Recordings on PC ATTENTION: Due to the limitations of Skype API , users who have Skype 6.13 or newer installed, might have a problem hearing Their Voice on Callnote recordings. Please downgrade to versions below 6.13 to avoid this issue. 5 Marketing Ideas That Will Fill Your Rental Vacancies Quickly A vacant rental property is like a pimple on the complexion of your real estate investment business—it’s all you can think about when it’s there and you look and feel so much better when it’s gone! When you have a vacant rental property, it costs you money for every day it sits empty, so it’s important to reduce that time between qualified, paying tenants to the bare minimum. Filling a vacant unit with good tenants takes more than just printing up neighborhood flyers. The key to minimizing the time that your rental sits empty is by acting quickly and effectively in trying to get the property ready, market appropriately and attract prospective tenants who are ready to sign a lease agreement—all without putting your cash flow at further risk. Landlords Should Act Immediately Ideally, your current tenant will give you a 30-day notice that he or she is moving.

Secure Passwords Often, there is really only one thing standing between your sensitive information and criminals - your password. If they get it, they can get into banks accounts and private files, and wreak havoc. For this reason, it's important to know what makes a password strong and secure. Chances are, you use passwords everyday. To open your computer, to log into your favorite websites, to get work done. Hello Remember people When you meet someone, you can enter their information manually, scan their business card, or instantly connect to a group of people using the Hello Connect feature Make meetings memorable How to Host a Landlord's Open House Traditional Open Houses may work really well for Real Estate Agents, but I’ve found that they are not as useful when trying to find Tenants for my rental properties. Tenants usually “just need a place to live”, which is a far different motivator when compared to a Buyer who is “looking for a home”. I have found that tenants typically want to minimize the time spent when trying to find their next home. After all, most tenants view a rental property as a temporary home and are less invested than traditional buyers. Over the years, I’ve created something called a “Landlord’s Open House“, which is a hybrid approach, between Traditional Open Houses and Single Appointment Showings, that tends to work well for all parties involved. Summary

The Pen That’s Smarter Than the…Pen Learning Tools The Pen That’s Smarter Than the…Pen You’ve heard of smartphones—now smartpens are taking a familiar classroom tool into the digital age. By Jennifer Netherby11/03/11 A few years ago, science teacher Janice Crowley noticed a student in one of her classes who had failed the same course the previous year.