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Top 10 Mistakes When Using Technology

Top 10 Mistakes When Using Technology
When you use technology with your class, do you think that you are you using it correctly? Or are you unknowingly making mistakes that you should avoid? Now is the time to learn what they are so you can avoid making these mistakes in the future. This information was shared during one of Jerry Swiatek's Teacher Learning Community's Webinars. Top 10 Mistakes Educators Make When Using Technology: 10.) 9.) 8.) 7.) 6.) 5.) 4.) 3.) 2.) 1.) Have you made any of these mistakes?

Five Questions For The (Technology) Leader As I am have been transitioning into a Technology Leadership role I have been thinking a lot about how to lead and drive real change in an environment where the pressures are clear. Technology is often seen as another thing. "I don't have time to worry about technology. I have to get my kids ready for the test," is something we hear all the time. So, each day I ask myself 5 questions that help me focus my vision and goals for what I am trying to do. 1) Where are we, as an organization going? 2) What are we doing to carry out our mission? 3) What are we doing to make learning better for kids? 4) What connections can we make today? 5) What am I going to do to be better for kids? Everyday is chance to do something great.

70+ ways to start using ICT and multimedia in the classroom The Best Free Task Management Tools for Teachers While reading The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption , a great book which I will review in the Book Review section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning as soon as I finish it, I got the idea of compiling a list of some of the best task management tools that can help you effectively manage your tasks online and stay organized. Check out the list below and share with us your suggestions : 1- Free Time Management Tools Talking about task management is inherently talking about time management and the list of tools I compiled in this article will provide you with the necessary tools to manage your time online. 2- Free Sticky Notes tools Sticky Note tools are also very important elements in managing your task online and organizing your infrmation, links , resources, and online data. 3- Free Note Taking Tools Check out these 9 free tools that you can use to take notes online. 3- Workflowy 4- Tasskr 5- Trello 6- Any.Do 7- Thought Boxes 8- 42 Tasks 9- Todoist 10- Lazy Meter

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About Steve is in the back, uploading your file We're sorry, but we could not find what you are looking for. Global Digital Citizen Foundation © 2015|terms & conditions|privacy policy 8 Great Free Templates to Make your Presentations more Engaging Creating PowerPoint presentations is not only about assembling data and sharing it into slides, the secret of presentations lies in the way this data is constructed and presented to the reader. The feel and look of a slideshow can either make it engaging and motivation-arousing or turn it into a dull and attention deterring piece of media. As teachers, our biggest challenge is to get students engaged and hold their attention as long as possible and the inclusion of presentations in our lessons could help us achieve this goal provided these presentations are well constructed with clourful and eye catching templates. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already shared with you 6 awesome free templates and today we are adding another 9 great free office themed templates that you can dowload and use on your PowerPoints. All thanks and gratitude go back to Rapid E-learning for his efforts in coming up with the list. 1- Multi-layout Overhead Office Template Download it Here

30+ Creative Studio Backdrop Ideas for Photographers on a Budget You are here: Blog Home » MCP Thoughts » 30+ Creative Studio Backdrop Ideas for Photographers on a Budget There are dozens of incredible backdrop companies in the marketplace now. When I first started shooting, you pretty much were limited in studio to heavy muslin backdrops or large paper rolls. For newer photographers and for those on a budget, we created a list of things you can use for backdrops in your studio, Big thanks to all those who contributed on my Facebook. Image by Tashana Klonius Designs Ideas for backdrops to use inside your home or studio: Now it is your turn. Previous Post: Which Photoshop Actions Recipe Do You Prefer?

4 Awesome Tools to Easily Watermark your Images Watermarking is a great way to protect your images. It is basically the process of adding a chunk of text or image to a photo to claim its ownership. Many stock photograph websites use watermarks to prevent the theft of their images but with the introduction of web 2.0 technologies, anyone now can easily add watermarks to their photos using tools that do not even require software installation. 1- PicMarkr PickMarkr lets you add custom waterm (image or text ) to your images online and for free. 2- Web Watermarks Web Waterks is another great free website where you can add watermarks to your images. 3- PDFaid PDFaid provide a series of pdf tools to help you make amazing and useful changes to your pdf files online.These tools do not require you to install any software on your computer. 4- is a modern tool that allows you to watermark your photos online.It offers features like batch processing, resizing, image compression, text and image watermarking and many more

First-Time Yearbook Teacher Has Success! As some of you may know, I took on my school's yearbook class this year in addition to teaching my other classes. It has been both a fun and frustrating experience. I know I've learned a lot--probably more than my students, actually! Anyway, our yearbook is almost finished (we just have one more file that a senior editor needs to upload on Monday), and I am experiencing a great feeling of accomplishment and pride for my little staff. Our theme was Technically Speaking, and we really took that theme and ran with it. The actual cover looks way cooler than this--this is just a small file drawing of it. Our pages themselves look like internet sites, except for our first and last pages, which look like a computer desktop and the infamous "blue screen of death."

The Easiest and Quickest Ways Teachers Share Files online for Free The idea of compiling a list of some free and easy tools for teachers to share files dawned on us while we were working on " Great Web Tools to Share Large Files". As busy teachers, we often times find ourselves pressed by time even to go on Dropbox and share a file for it does take sometime. Well if you think file sharing takes much of your time then check out the list of the web tools included below and I am pretty sure you will change your mind .These tools are very easy to use and allows users to instantly share files without any need for sign-up or any software installation. Just ulpoad your file and you will get a generated link to share with others. Yes it is that simple. 1- Pastelink Pastelink is a great tool that lets you very easily and quickly share files with no need for any registration of software download, jut drag and drop your file and you are good to go. 2- Droplr 3- Get.TT This is another awesome tool to easily and instantly share files. 4- Dropcanvas 5- Share Send

TypeRacer - Test your typing speed and learn to type faster. Free typing game and competition. Way more fun than a typing tutor!