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30 Free Icon Packs from the Dribbble Community

30 Free Icon Packs from the Dribbble Community
Dribbble is not only a great website to find insights into what fellow designers are working on, it’s also home to an array of freebies available for download from generous Dribbble users. This post rounds up 30 high quality icon sets that can be downloaded and used in your own projects for free.

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65 More Free Cutout People by xoio 240 Flares Facebook 90 Twitter 25 Pin It Share 97 Google+ 21 LinkedIn 6 inShare6 StumbleUpon 1 Reddit 0 240 Flares × Studio xoio previously shared 65 free cutout people they made, and today they release 65 more! This is their second set of green screen people, with mostly different lighting angles then in the first one. Stay tuned for a third set sometime later. Working with Default FontSize in Windows Phone 7 Applications Hope you already read my article series "Collection of Windows Phone 7 (Mango) Tutorials". During the tutorial series, we used the common styles "PhoneTextNormalStyle" and "PhoneTextTitle1Style" in the TextBlocks added to the TitlePanel. So what are those?

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet Volume 2 - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer Displays, dimensions and icons. More than a year ago, I published the iOS Design Cheat Sheet, a collection of useful data about iOS devices and things you have to keep in mind when designing something for iOS. Since the last update of my Cheat Sheet, a lot has changed in the world of Apple’s mobile devices. Designers now have to deal with a retina resolution iPad (aka. “The new iPad”), and a new 16:9 format iPhone 5. Instead of a bulky PDF, the new Cheat Sheet is right here on this site. How to make your Websites Retina ready - by @allanberger Making your website ready for Retina displays doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you are building a new website or upgrade an existing one, this guide is designed to help you get the job done smoothly. Make it Retina first The easiest and most time-saving way to add retina support is to create one image that is optimized for retina devices and serve it to non-retina devices as well.

Handy ‘Flat Design’ iPhone / iPad UI Templates A couple of months back I featured some pretty cool examples of flat web design trend, I find myself rather enjoying the simplicity of some the flat UI’s designers are creating. I have also noticed the flat design trend being applied to mobile and desktop device templates. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite flat iPhone and iPad mockup templates. I find using these flat mobile device templates pretty handy for showcasing design mockups to clients, you can easily add the responsive view of your website into the template to help the client see how the website or app looks in situé. Flat iPhone/iPad Mockups:

Mobile UI Design Patterns: 10+ Sites for Inspiration User interface design patterns are solutions to common design challenges, such as navigating around an app, listing data or providing feedback to users. Mobile apps and sites have unique UI design requirements because, compared to their desktop counterparts, they’re used in smaller screens and, at least with today’s modern mobile devices, rely on fingers instead of a keyboard and mouse as input mechanisms. Whether you’re designing a mobile app UI for the first time or in need of specific design solutions, these mobile UI design pattern resources will surely help!

30+ Handy Blank Templates for Designers Sometimes you have a nice concept for a design in your mind, but you don’t know where to start; or sometimes you are just not aware of the right size for the design to implement. That’s where templates come handy. I have collected some very useful templates with proper guidelines, sizes and resolutions for design projects like business cards, letterheads, vinyl designs, brochures etc.

Complete Collection of Blank T-Shirt Mockup Templates In this post you will find a complete collection of blank t-shirt mockup templates that would make a perfect frame for your creative t-shirt designs. The templates cover all major and trending t-shirt styles, and they all vary in format, you will find .psd, .eps, .ai, .jpg and .pdf, so you are practically guaranteed to find the template that is perfect for you and your next t-shirt design. Hi-Res Blank Black T-Shirt Template (.jpg) Hi-Res Blank White T-Shirt Template (.jpg) T-Shirt Color Guide Template (.eps) Precomposed Touch Gestures By downloading PCTG you agree to the following license and use. You are free to use PCTG in any personal, open-source or commercial work. Do not sell the gestures, host the gestures or rent the gestures (either in existing or modified form). While attribution is optional, it is always appreciated. Intellectual property rights are not transferred with the gestures.

Skeuocard by kenkeiter Give it a try. If you have a recent browser, the credit card input above will be progressively enhanced by Skeuocard. To begin, simply enter your card number (don't worry, it's not sent outside your browser).