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Tutorial~Ruffle shirt~

Tutorial~Ruffle shirt~
I have been a big fan of Down East Basics and Shade for a few years now. I wear Wonder tees from Down East all the time. They are comfortable, modest (hide everything I need to hide and when I bend over it doesn't flash people) and since it is not baggy, I wear it under a cardigan all the time. There is only thing I was hoping for... I wanted the same shirt, but with a little bit more feminity and flare. Then, one day I was at a Down East store, and going through their sales rack and found this... I couldn't believe my eyes, yes, I know, it was a $1!!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. You can stop here. 7. 8. 9. 10. That is what I did today. Except, Rachel kept telling people, "There is an American flag hiding!"

CHIC BOHEMIAN STYLE In the fashion world, bohemian or boho, refers to a a state of mind regarding fashion that is individual, romantic, and free-spirited. This style is often called hippie-chic. Try drafting and making a fully-gathered yoked boho blouse to wear with your skinny jeans. You will need: Approx. 1.5 yds. [1.4 m] of fashion fabric, 60″ [150 cm] wideApprox. 0.5 yd. [0.5 m] of fusible interfacing, 24″ [60 cm] wideCoordinating threadKraft paper CRAFT: Bleach Art Tees (with Tulip Fabric Dye!) I just came back from an eight-day cruise where we crafted, ate, and had as much fun as possible. I came home, unpacked and was excited to get crafty with some new t-shirts I bought for $8 each. The technical term for this technique is called "discharge dyeing", it's where you use bleach to remove color from fabric, but I like to think of it as "bleach art."

SEXY summer halters from a Tshirt in 10 min.! *with tutotrial* it only takes about 10 min. to make one of these.i drew you a tut. ask me if you don't understand anything.NOTES:dark color=wrong or back sidelight color= front or right sidei would not suggest using girls shirts for this project, the are too small and very thin fabric...hard to work with.i would use men's large T shirts.they are stronger fabric, and more of it to work with.use shirts with no side seams, just the tube kind.use shirts with cool graphic logos, or band shirts.know your measurements.snaps, ties, Velcro or safety pins with also work as closures.try this with contrasting thread for a neat look.

Pearls & Scissors: DIY Romantic Lace T-shirt (and pattern) DIY Romantic Lace T-shirt (and pattern) I think no-one would argue with the fact that t-shirts are a staple in any wardrobe, especially during the warmer months. I was doing a little spring cleaning in my closet the other day, putting away my winter wardrobe, and organizing for spring, when I realized I had only a few basic t-shirt, and half of them were black. Gasp! Kariza dress to 2 tops Have you seen the Kariza dress... It's those cute wrap dress sold at kiosks at the mall?I bought one when I was in Maui, because I was on vacation and thought that dress was so perfect...Only to find out that I just cannot work it!!

Tutorial: Lighter Than Air Peasant Top It's still really warm here. It is, after all, early August in North Carolina, and I'm not complaining; if I wanted cool weather, I'd live in a different part of the country. But my mind has been wandering more frequently to the quickly-approaching end of summer, when I'll go back to school and will have to wear more subdued, school-appropriate clothing, and fewer strappy dresses and summery frocks.

"hip" cover up for girls I think these are a brilliant idea. They're perfect for hiding underwear and muffin tops that are often visible with today's lose-rise jeans, without having to wear a t-shirt or tank. Unfortunately, these hip cover ups are for grown woman. Anyone with a tween daughter will know that younger girls could use this too. t_shirt_surgery: First Post! + 2 reconstructions I've been lurking around this community for well over a year, but I really haven't completed any good shirts until now. I was home sick today, and what better time to finish two projects? I didn't bother to take any picture before cutting up the first shirts, so I found others in the same styles: Green tank = white tank w/ laceThe blue tube top is the exact same as the pink tube top I cut up C:

Spring Sewing ~ Spring Ruffle Top Tutorial From Rae: This spring top is perfect for layering under cardigans in cool spring weather and can be worn right into summer! Choose two contrasting fabrics for extra pizzazz. The instructions here can be tailored to any size. Women’s Shirt: Ruffled Neckline Nope, not another toddler clothing idea. Shocking. Hahaha…..I’ve been pumping out a lot of little kiddo clothing lately and my closet was getting a little jealous.

My Laced Up Collar Sleeves. DIY Supplies: Old tshirt or jersey cotton. Eyelet Grommet Pliers Set or I've seen metal grommet trimming sold at most fabric stores in leather...(this is the best option). Here is another fun tshirt recycle I designed and quite easy. Empire Cut Blouse Empire cut Blouse, T-Shirt reconstruction with Tutorial I’ve been fascinated with all the T shirt reconstruction I’ve seen around, so yesterday, I was bored and decided to make my own reconstruction.. I had a big t shirt (it was my mom’s) I trace it and start cutting… This is how it looks like, I can’t wear tight T-shirts, very often I get stomach inflammation because thanks to digestive problems, and sometimes I look like I’m 4 months pregnant, so this blouse is perfect for those days. Of course I need to perfection it but it wasn’t that bad for my first attempt, what do you think? well I thought I made a tutorial of how I made it.. please bear with me since English is not my first language, and if something needs corrections or do you need more explanation please let me know, this will also be my first tutorial.

Watermark Tee Tutorial by Sweet Verbana Hello U-Create readers! I am so excited to be guest posting here today. It just so happens to be my first guest post and I'm still a little shocked that it's here at Ucreate, one of my favorite blogs! A little bit about me.. I'm from a little town called Keller, Texas. I'm a junior at Texas A&M University (whoop!).