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Teamwork without email

Teamwork without email

Phonevite - Share Your Voice - Community-Based Voice Broadcasting - Phone Tree Service Project2Manage - Project Management Software Five Collaboration Sites A Developer Dashboard for All Your Tools A Developer Dashboard for All Your Tools Posted by Michael Chletsos on Wed, May 22, 2013 You ever have those really good ideas, create a product or website around it, and no one cares? That is what is happening with the Custom Tab at Assembla. Our team used to have a bunch of tools all over the place, New Relic for monitoring our application, Nagios for monitoring our servers, Jenkins for our CI, Kibana for log aggregation, and even a custom application for showing off our Developer stats. Instead, I put them in Custom Tabs: Now, when we add a new tool to our stack, its immediately available and visible for all our developers to use from within the Assembla project. Ideally you are able to use authentication integration so that being logged into Assembla also has you logged into the other service or tool removing the need to double login, but typically this is not an issue as you would have to login again for another browser tab. To Check Out More Cool Features and Tools -

Microsoft Online Services Tapez l'adresse de messagerie du compte avec lequel vous voulez vous connecter. Nous rencontrons des problèmes pour localiser votre compte. Quel compte voulez-vous utiliser ? Se connecter à Office 365 Avec quel type de compte souhaitez-vous vous connecter ? Assurez-vous d'avoir saisi l'identifiant attribué par votre organisation. Assurez-vous d'avoir saisi l'identifiant attribué par votre organisation. Assurez-vous d'avoir correctement saisi le nom de domaine de votre organisation. Assurez-vous d'avoir correctement saisi le nom de domaine de votre organisation. Veuillez saisir votre mot de passe. Pour vous connecter, commencez par saisir un identifiant utilisateur. Vérifiez l'adresse de messagerie que vous avez saisie, car il se peut que celle-ci soit erronée. Veuillez réessayer dans quelques minutes. Veuillez réessayer dans quelques minutes. Veuillez réessayer dans quelques minutes. Veuillez réessayer dans quelques minutes.

Fast Data Processing with Spark eBook: $22.99 Formats: $19.54 save 15%! Print + free eBook + free PacktLib access to the book: $60.98 Print cover: $37.99 $37.99 save 38%! Free Shipping! UK, US, Europe and selected countries in Asia. Overview Table of Contents Author Support Sample Chapters Implement Spark's interactive shell to prototype distributed applicationsDeploy Spark jobs to various clusters such as Mesos, EC2, Chef, YARN, EMR, and so onUse Shark's SQL query-like syntax with Spark Book Details Language : EnglishPaperback : 120 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]Release Date : October 2013ISBN : 1782167064ISBN 13 : 9781782167068Author(s) : Holden KarauTopics and Technologies : All Books, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Open Source Holden Karau Holden Karau is a transgendered software developer from Canada currently living in San Francisco. Sorry, we don't have any reviews for this title yet. Submit Errata Please let us know if you have found any errors not listed on this list by completing our errata submission form. In Detail To Go proudly announces: ' To Go' - a package containing the software for the well-known open data website This allows other governments and open data communities to quickly install and customize a full open data website and develop it further in partnership with the worldwide community. Although the central components CKAN, Drupal and's custom components have each been open source for several years, few have used them in combination, due to the complexities of set-up. To Go provides an organized way to configure these components to quickly launch a fully-featured open data portal along the lines of To Go builds on the CKAN's data catalogue to provide extra features such as: Blog postsApp listingJoint log-in (CKAN+Drupal)Data request mechanismSpam protectionData quality reportsFlexible content using Drupal's CMS features

Association for Computing Machinery | San Francisco Bay Area Professional Chapter Toyota InfoTechnology Center, U.S.A., Inc. (Toyota-ITC) together with ACM, announces sponsorship of Toyota ACM Quantified-Car Hackathon. Come join this competition to create apps that utilize the API for vehicle data on either iOS or Android platforms. At these events, Toyota-ITC will provide qualified developers with access to Toyota's vehicle data streaming API for the first time in the industry, in the US.The event will be preceded by API roll-out and idea brainstorming sessions (Ideathons). Here you can learn about and discuss the API, generate app ideas and form teams. Step 1: Learn about the API Come to one of our API idea brainstorming sessions (aka "Ideathons") where you can learn about the API, generate app ideas and form teams. Ideathon / Kickoff - Mountain View, Oct 17th Ideathon / Kickoff - Mountain View, Oct 21st Ideathon / Design Emphasis - SF, Oct 29th (register) Step 2: The Hackathon Hackathon - Mountain View, Nov 9-10th (register) See photos from the second Ideathon.

Movies Featuring the Nmap Security Scanner For reasons unknown, Hollywood has decided that Nmap is the tool to show whenever hacking scenes are needed. At least it is a lot more realistic than silly 3D animation approach used in many previous movies (e.g. "hacking the Gibson" on Hackers, or the much worse portrayals on Swordfish). We always like to see Nmap in the movies, so we have catalogued known instances here. If you catch Nmap in another flick, please mail Fyodor. The first person to do so wins a signed copy of Nmap Network Scanning and credit on this page when the movie is added! Movie script writers, artists, and digital asset managers are also welcome to email Fyodor for advice. This page only covers movies, we have a separate page coving news articles, reviews, books, and popular culture references. While Nmap had been used in some previous obscure movies, it was The Matrix Reloaded (Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon) which really turned Nmap into a movie star! A video of the exploit is available on YouTube or as matrix-nmap.mp4.

[春節企劃] 1/23 有錢人養成計畫杜拜 11 天自由行 $25,360 | 旅知網 照片:杜拜帆船酒店 by Jamie (旅知故事 013, 寒假又要到了,與其和小孩在家裡看不特別的特別節目,大吃大喝養三圍,不如飛去杜拜,在杜拜一年最涼爽 (但還有 25 度) 的時候,參觀世界第一高塔、世界最大黃金市集、世界最豪華酒店。去真正「有錢人的世界」開開眼界,不但讓您的馬年有個氣勢非凡的開場,也讓您接下來有見錢思齊、努力奮鬥賺錢的動力。 [春節企劃] 有錢人養成計畫杜拜 11 天自由行 $25,3602014/1/23 (四) 下午出發,2014/2/2 (日) 回國兩人同行, 平均一人 = (機票x2+飯店)/2 = (14998*2+20724)/2 = 25,360一人旅行 = 機票+飯店 = 14998+20724 = 35,722 以上價格包含 1. 班機直接訂購連結如下: 桃園-上海-杜拜-桃園機票,每人含稅 USD 508.89 (NTD 14,998)(將連結到全球最大訂票網站之一 Orbitz,直接刷卡開票,正確點入後畫面如下,第一次訂購請參閱圖文買機票教學) 飯店直接訂購連結&行程如下: 去程飛機 2014/1/23 (四)桃園 (TPE) 15:00 / 上海 (PVG) 16:40 (東方 MU 5008)第一站:中國上海 (Shanghai, China) 1/23-1/25入住 4*「北外灘東信酒店」2 晚,含稅 NTD 1,915 (近浦東濱江大道和公園) 按這裡可自由挑選其他 200 間飯店。 按這裡可自由挑選其他 200 間飯店。 Q: 女生在杜拜當地會被歧視嗎? Q: 聽說杜拜人開車非常兇悍,是真的嗎? Q: 這次行程需要簽證嗎? Q: 請問要怎麼訂購呢? Q: 請問可以從高雄出發、更改日期嗎? Q: 請問要怎麼從各機場到市區? 上海:搭乘地鐵或磁浮列車 (磁懸浮) 可直接抵達上海市中心,市區內的大眾運輸工具有有地鐵、無軌電車、渡輪、巴士和計程車等交通工具,可購買「上海公共交通卡」方便轉乘、節省時間。 上海: 外灘:沿著黃浦江的河岸是上海知名的外灘,以延安東路為南,北至外白渡橋,街道上有許多咖啡廳、餐廳和商店林立,除了歷史和文化的重要意義之外,外灘最令人陶醉的莫過於它璀璨的夜景,以及沿路數十棟古典風格的大樓,外灘也因而有「萬國建築博覽群」之稱。 Q: 上海和杜拜分別各有什麼好吃的美食?

HackNTU 臺大黑客松年度小聚 - 活動通 Accupass 每一個人心中都有一個英雄,都想要用自己的力量讓這個世界變得更好! Hacker 運用技術做出豐富人們生活的產品; Entrepreneur 建立商業模式讓好產品被大家所用。而當 Hacker 遇上 Entrepreneur 這個世界即將翻轉! 心中住著理想的你,絕對不能錯過這次 HackNTU 的年度小聚!我們為大家邀請到來自矽谷的連續創業家 David Dupouy ( ) 與大家分享從工程師到創業家,進而成為創業圈的推手的心路歷程,與大家一同思考如何讓你的產品成為真正的生意! 此外,你錯過了今年精采萬分的 Evernote Devcup 與 Yahoo Hack Day 嗎? 我們也特別為大家力邀到今年度各大 Hackathon 得獎的團隊和大家分享他們的作品和經驗! Everyone has a little hero in their mind— the hero who wants to do something to make the world a better place. Nowadays, Hackers create products via technology to enrich people's lives; Entrepreneurs build business models to promote good products to people. If you have a dream in your mind, you would absolutely not to miss HackNTU annually meetup! Besides, did you miss the impressive Evernote Devcup and Yahoo Hack Day this year? We also invite hackathons awarders this year to share their experiences and excellent works. 主秀講者: David Dupouy, Founder Squad 創辦人暨CEO 演講主題:『從 Hacker 到創業家,再成為創業圈的推手-矽谷教我的一門課』 閃電秀講者: 代表講者:林小晴

阿貝好威的實驗室: Hadoop Cluster 如何使用Ambari 安裝與啟用 Kerberos 圖片來源:自行製作 [2014.02.10 Update] 這篇文章是把KDC、Ambari 以及所有Service裝在一起,但是如果套用在真實full distributed cluster mode 這篇文章在安裝上就會出問題,請參考另一篇安裝Fully Distributed Hadoop Cluster by Ambari on Google Cloud Platform。 接續Security for Hadoop - Data Encryption 這篇文章裡面提到的Kerberos ,如果你的Hadoop Cluster 沒有啟動Kerberos 的認證機制,其實根本是沒有安全防護可言的,所以今天這篇文章就要來分享如何利用Apache Ambari 啟動Kerberos 的認證機制。 測試環境: A. 1. 1-1. 1.2 On KDC client 2. 2.1 設定 /etc/krb5.conf --- the same in all Kerberos workstation 2.2 編輯 /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/kdc.conf 2.3 編輯 /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/kadm5.acl 3. 不過在第一次執行可能會遇到下面的問題 > service kadmin start Bug: kadmind: No such file or directory while initializing, aborting 3-1.解決方法要先Create KDC master key > kdb5_util create -s Enter KDC database master key: [your password] 3-2. > kadmin.local -q "addprinc root/admin" password: [your password] Authenticating as principal root/admin@bdp-node1.localdomain with password. 3-3. 4. 5. using ambari-web to create keytab CSV file and save as keytabs.csv 5-1. 5-2. 5-3. 5-4. 9. 10.

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