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Point of Sale and Retail Inventory Management Software ! ERPLY

Point of Sale and Retail Inventory Management Software ! ERPLY

Ecquire With $1.2M In Seed Funding, Danish Mobile Point-Of-Sale Startup Wallmob Sees Big Potential In New Stand Danish startup Wallmob is introducing its new mobile point-of-sale specific iPad stand that’s designed to combine the best of both portability and centralized installation of hardware. It’s an aluminum accessory designed and produced in Denmark, Wallmob CEO Ken Villum Klausen tells me, and it’s a key, if understated addition to the startup’s growth strategy. Wallmob has raised $1.2 million in funding thus far during a seed round, and is eyeing international expansion as its next big move. The startup offers a basic, one-size-fits all POS app for iOS targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, and also designs customer mobile retail systems for major clients including L’Oréal, Armani and the Red Cross. So far, it’s been active in the European market that it calls home, but the lure of the U.S. and other key demographics can’t help but draw Klausen’s interest. The stand is only a small part of those goals, but it’s one that the company put a lot of work into.

MyERP - One app to run your business Ten Great Freemium Small Business Software Free software for small businesses is great to get started. It provides them with the necessary tools to do their job and be productive at no extra costs. However, good software design is not cheap and costs money. Consequently, good software is not cheap. So, how do you balance commercial considerations with budgetary constraints? Enter the freemium model. Essentially, the freemium model is a combination of free and paid. And, what are the benefits, you ask? Free software: The basic version of the software is generally free and enables you to cut costs. On that note, let’s look at some free software that might be of use to small businesses: Zoho CRM Zoho has simplified costly and complex CRM software by offering you three basic versions of their software. Assistly is a cloud-based software based support system. Mavenlink The folks behind Mavenlink say it is an entirely new way for businesses and consultants to work together. AtTask Insightly Zendesk TribeHR Podio Freshdesk Xero Google +

CRM for Small Business – Free, Premium & Enterprise 6 Productivity Apps for Small Business Integrated with Google Apps As you must probably know, Google Apps is a free (for less than 50 users) productivity suite. Implementing and integrating your applications with Google Apps has several benefits. For one, it increases your bottom line. This is because Google Apps is free or does not cost much (for more than 50 users). You can reduce your operating expenses by integrating Google Apps with your business apps in the cloud to enable data and document-sharing. Thus, several users can contribute to documents at the same time, increasing their productivity. Apart from collaborating on projects, are they other benefits in integrating with Google Apps? Yes, you can also use Google Apps to import data directly into many of your applications. There is a bubbling ecosystem of applications integrating with Google Apps and today we are sharing with you six popular cloud-based productivity applications that you can integrate with Google Apps: Brightpearl’s tagline is “Save time. SAmanage: Google +

10 Best New Cloud Apps for Business (Especially SMBs) - SMB Nation Blogs I wrote late last year about a handful of indispensible business-oriented cloud-powered web apps that I didn't think most readers would have known about yet. In only a couple of short months, I've found dozens and dozens... and dozens more. Most of them are free, too, which is just an amazing testimony to the good work that coders all over the world are doing. Some of these apps are so amazing that I wish I had been charged for them. (Don't worry, developers: I've donated in most cases when possible.) I think that's all the introduction these beauties need. Asana: Ever taken a look at the cost of good project management software? Grafire: I prefer Asana for the type of project management I find myself needing to do, but Grafire—another project management app—offers some awesome features that other businessfolk will love. Ever find yourself wanting a super simple, super convenient way to convert entire web pages into PDFs?

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