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Build a XBMC Media Center with a $35 Raspberry Pi

Build a XBMC Media Center with a $35 Raspberry Pi

How to Properly Clean All Your Gadgets Without Ruining Them Gotta chime in here about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It does an amazing job, but you need to know that it's a micro-abrasive. It's like using Comet. Using a lint-free microfiber cloth (or two), first with diluted white vinegar and then with rubbing alcohol gets rid of nastiness without scratching the crap out of your control surfaces. Eyeglass stores also usually have "lens cleaner" cloths that are lint-free cotton with alcohol on them which you can usually snag for next to nothing. finally, [] has (well, had, they're currently out of stock) keyboard cleaning goop if the compressed air and/alcohol don't get all of your Mountain Dew residue and Cool Ranch Dorito crumbs out from under the spacebar. Flagged

Do I Even Need to Care About Processors Anymore? I'm sure somewhere in this massive, 18-page article, AnandTech might address it :-) [] Massive? That's their PREview. Omg, I know. I'm trying to figure out why you are looking to spend so much money on pieces that will give you little, if any performance increases. Under the assumption you are using After Effects, there is no advantage of having 64 GB over 32 GB, or maybe even 16 GB. If you really want to get a lot more bang for your buck, you should consider building two machines and using the second as a render box which AE (and most professional tools) support by sending jobs them. This way you can build 2 machines for 1/3 the price of the one you are wanting, and getting significant performance and productivity boosts - sure the raw specs of the the other two machines will be lower at 16 or 32 GB RAM and 2700k processors, but you won't even notice the difference.

British firm develops 'cheapest wireless tablet' A British technology company claims to have developed the world's least expensive computer tablet for wireless Internet access. At a cost of as little as $35 (£22) apiece, Datawind Ltd hopes to supply a market of billions of customers, many in underdeveloped countries. The student tablet released in October costs $35, but Datawind released an updated version of the Aakash computer tablet this month for the commercial market that costs $50. Aakash is the Hindi word for "heaven." The Aakash tablets reached their first users last fall under an information technology program sponsored by the Indian government. The company provided 100,000 of the tablets, which were designed at its Montreal facility, to Indian students. Customers have been contacting Datawind with "in the range of about 30,000 orders every day," said Suneet Singh Tuli, Datawind's chief executive officer, during a telephone interview with AFP. "It is huge. Datawind's market research shows sales are likely to continue rising.

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