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Healthy Recipes and Meal Ideas

Healthy Recipes and Meal Ideas
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Healthy Eating Pyramid - What Should You Eat? - The Nutrition So Table of Contents Introduction: The Best Guides to a Healthy Diet Nearly two decades ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) created a powerful icon: the Food Guide Pyramid. Tragically, the information embodied in this pyramid didn’t point the way to healthy eating. The USDA retired the Food Guide Pyramid in 2005 and replaced it with MyPyramid—basically the old Pyramid turned on its side, sans any explanatory text. The good news is that these changes have dismantled and buried the original, flawed Food Guide Pyramid and its underwhelming MyPyramid successor. As an alternative to the USDA’s nutrition advice, faculty members at the Harvard School of Public Health built the Healthy Eating Pyramid. Now it’s time to translate that research to your dinner plate: the Healthy Eating Plate. Building MyPyramid and MyPlate In the children’s book Who Built the Pyramid? The USDA’s pyramids and MyPlate also had many builders. Dietary Guidelines in the 21st Century: Progress, Not Perfection

Food-u-Cate The Food Timeline: food history reference & research service Skillet Doux Healthy Eating Research has shown that following a healthy eating plan can both reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and lower an already elevated blood pressure. For an overall eating plan, consider the DASH eating plan. "DASH" stands for "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension," a clinical study that tested the effects of nutrients in food on blood pressure. A second clinical study, called "DASH-Sodium," looked at the effect of a reduced dietary sodium intake on blood pressure as people followed either the DASH eating plan or a typical American diet. The DASH-Sodium study shows the importance of lowering sodium intake whatever your diet. Back to Prevention Page

encyclopedia of spices Spice Advice – how to make the most of spices, which spices to use with particular foods, when to add them, grinding, storage and more. Herbs and Spices Fight Disease — Most of us look at spices as a way to perk up the plate but are you aware of their potential to fight disease? Look here for some recent findings. All about Vanilla – and then some… history, curing, varieties, vanilla extract, essence, powder – even vanilla salt. Cooking with Thyme – Getting the most of thyme in your cooking – including varieties of thyme, preparation, infusions, fresh vs. dried and many suggested uses for cooking with thyme.

Rasa Malaysia: Malaysian Food, Cooking, Recipes, Travel Six days, another six days and I shall hop on my flight on my way back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. Never mind the unbearable coach seat (aka Economy class), 20 hours of eyes-wide-open (I can’t sleep on the plane) and unappetizing in-flight food, I can hardly wait for the day to come. I am brimming with excitement. Rummaging through my fridge, I found some random stuff such as peanut butter, butter, eggs, raisins, another sheet of Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry, spring roll skins(!) Hey Cutie, does my blog look good in this? PS: Do come back soon as I am going to reveal Part 2 of this series. Related Post: Clearing Out My Fridge, Part 2

The ultimate cake I really have to say it: he’s the best, without any doubt, with no regrets and no reserves… I own three of his books, made two of his recipes and I’ve never read in my life something better explained, with all the passages made clear, with all the instruments you have to use and when, all the ingredients precisely indicated…I would go on and on for days, but I don’t want to bother you…Pierre Hermé is just fantastic! I haven’t yet found the courage to try one of the recipes on PH10, mainly because some ingredients are strictly seasonal or difficult to find in Italy or on big surfaces, but the recipes on Secrets Gourmands are just incredible!Take for example this cake. For the almond paste100 g of almonds, refrigerated for 1 night15 g of egg whites90 g of sugar Blend all the ingredients until you obtain a smooth paste. In a big kneader bowl, knead, al medium speed and with the k utensil, almond paste and sugar until you have crumbles. Let it cool, then unmould.

Italian Recipes from Tuscany:Recipes for Tuscan soup, Italian Food, Tuscan desserts - ZUPPA TOSCANA