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Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer #1 (2012) - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD

After I watched Cloud Atlas The Reality of a Developer's Life - in GIFs, Of Course I'm going to try to illustrate the reality of a developer's life. This post is a translation of another post written in Spanish. When you upload something to the production environment: When you solve a problem without Googling: When you close your IDE without saving the code: When you try to fix a bug at 3AM: When your regular expression returns what you expect: When my boss told me that the module I've been working on will never be used: When I show my boss that I've fixed a bug: When I upload a code without tests and it works as expected: When marketing folks show developers what they've sold: The first time you apply a CSS to a web page: When the sysadmin gives you root access: When you run your script the first time after several hours working on it: When you go on weekend and everyone else is at the office trying to fix all the issues: When your boss finds someone to fix a critical bug: When you receive extra pay if your project ends before deadline: When you develop without specifications:

"The" way vs "a" way (Japan v China dept) - James Fallows This is not a scientific comparison, but when i saw one scene I remembered another. This is the recent scene: yesterday afternoon, Naha airport, Okinawa, Japan. Line crew gassing up a Cirrus SR22: Details to notice below: crew identically dressed in company uniform; complete safety gear -- hardhats, reflective chest straps with procedural checklist clipped on, puffy protective cuff to shield the plane's wing from damage. Now, the scene I remembered and mentioned last year: Refueling the same kind of plane in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, China. With usual caveats against sweeping generalization, what this made me think was: Japan is all about the way of doing things. (Yeah yeah yeah, there are exceptions: perfectionist operations in China, loosey-goosey ones in Japan. At the moment, I am feeling positive toward both approaches. But when it comes to refueling the plane....

Talk about a broad scope; this looks incredible!! Wow. by nostradamion Jul 27