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J.K.Rowling Official Site - Harry Potter and more

J.K.Rowling Official Site - Harry Potter and more
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The Harry Potter Lexicon click above for detailed menus, click below for special sections Affiliate Sites: These web sites have received special permission to use material from the Lexicon to create similar sites for non-English-speaking fans. L'Encyclopédie Harry Potter (in French)El Diccionario de los Magos (en Español)

The Complete Vlogbrothers Book List - Zoho Sheet - Online Spreadsheets The Vlogbrothers Book List compiled by Gabriel Hooghuis( NOTES: * = blurbing book club books/brotherhood 2.0 book list NOTES: I update this whenever I have time, I try to do it at least every two months. Luckily, John has started linking most of the books he mentions in his videos in their descriptions. (If there is a book in a vlogbrothers video that is not on the list, please send me the video link!) Date/Video Name Book Title Book Author Who said it? Context Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace John trying to figure out a title for his third novel The Dogs Of War Frederick Forsyth Brave New World Aldous Huxley In Cold Blood Truman Capote and Bob Colacello East Of Eden John Steinbeck Song of Solomon Toni Morrison Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Robert T. Continuum History of Apocalypticism Bernard McGinn punishment ideas We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families Philip Gourevitch Hank book wars Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone J.K. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Harry Potter Lexicon 4 Sites with LOTS Of Completely Free Ebooks That Don’t Suck If you’re a fervent reader and nerd like I am, you’ve probably encountered quite a lot of writing online. However, most of them are either absolute garbage or entirely illegal. It’s hard to find good, legal reads online – unless you know where to look. There are several sites that offer classic out-of-copyright writing, or publishes new e-books online as promotions. If you know where to look, you can feast on these completely free Ebooks for all the time you’ve got, and today is the day we’ll show you where to look. Planet eBook Planet eBook is a classy site that offers classic literature for free. However, Planet eBook doesn’t just give you any piece of ‘free literature’. Furthermore, if you feel like a book is ‘missing’ from it’s collection, you put it up as a suggestion. All books on Planet eBook can be read on the site, but can also be downloaded as a PDF, both in a 1-page and 2-page version. ManyBooks Classic Reader PublicBookshelf

20 Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter | It all ends this Friday. To celebrate the release of Deathly Hallows 2, here’s 20 lesser-known facts about the Harry Potter franchise. (the last several images were created by me). You May Also Like: The Quick 10: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About <em>Harry Potter</em> With Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince coming out in the U.S. later this week, it's time to out myself as a Slytherin Supporter. Maybe you already knew that. Nothing against Gryffindors - I'm no Voldemort or anything - but I always tend to like the villains a little more than the do-gooders. To celebrate Harry and Co.'s sixth movie (and sixth book), here are a few facts that you may not have known about the gang in gold and red (and maybe a couple about the set in silver and green). 1. It has a sour tone to it, doesn't it? 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9. There's obviously a ridiculous amount of Harry Potter trivia out there, and since Harry Potter fever is about to sweep the world again, we might as well share it.

Spice Up Your Writing With Dialogue by Judy Cullins Does your chapter sound like a report? Does it go on and on with past tense sentences that tell, rather than show? To spice up your self help, non-fiction or fiction book and even promotional writing, you need to use much more dialogue. Why? Because dialogue presents your story through your characters' hearts and minds. If your aim your book at agents and publishers, the first action acquisition editors make is to find a section of dialogue. It is difficult to put just the right words into dialogue--to convey character and emotion. Tips: 1. "You can't be serious, she said in astonishment." So, show how astonished through dialogue or beat. 2. Stop using -ly verbs such as "I'm afraid it's not going well," he said grimly." Examples: Percy burst into the zoo keeper's office. "Is something wrong, sir?" "Don't you realize you're killing those poor innocent creatures, you heartless fascist? 3. You have heard about show, don't tell and all -ly forms tell. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

The Very Secret Diaries Welcome! Here you may find the brilliant "Very Secret Diary" series by the wonderful Cassandra Claire. These are also published in her LiveJournal, but she was kind enough to agree to let your humble servant here publish them here. Enjoy! And do be sure to check out her LiveJournal. To receive email when (which includes this site) is updated, please sign up for Ealasaid's mailing list. ~ Warning! These are also archived here. The Two Towers Aragorn, Son of Arathorn, Part 2TheodenLegolas, Part 2 Find Free Kindle Books Disclaimer: this post is about free, legal Kindle books, of which there are shedloads (seriously, scroll downwards). It’s not sponsored by Amazon or anyone else. And if you’re reading, you probably have a Kindle. How to fill your Kindle with oodles of stuff, legally and for free. Don’t get me started on how I fell for my Kindle in 7 minutes. Thing is…as nice as it is tracking down an e-copy of a book you suddenly find you can’t live without, it costs money. Better than the best school ever, I’m sure you’ll agree. So here’s what I do. These are the sites I’ve used to find free Kindle books. And yes, I’m after your suggestions. (click screenshots to go to their websites) Earth-mother of all online free book repositories. Project Gutenberg may be the ultimate online library, but the books? Best kept secret of the Amazon Kindle bookstore? More. Hold onto your hat. The Internet is now yours to read offline, any time you like. “What? Apple? Sadly for me, I’m a misinformed idiot. Update: