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Find Industry reports, Company profiles and Market Statistics on Reportlinker

Find Industry reports, Company profiles and Market Statistics on Reportlinker

Newsnight: From the web team: Friday 3 September 2010 Top 10 Meta Search Engines to Get More Search Result There are different types of search engines. As per the workflow, we can differentiate search engine in two different types. First one is the regular search engine. However, a Meta search engine is such a search engine that collects data from other regular search engines, consolidate the gathered results and show them to the user. I am sure the following image can simplify everything, Now, if you want to know about some great and useful Meta Search Engines, read on. Dogpile Dogpile is being developed by InfoSpace LLC and it shows data from Google and Yahoo. Sputtr This is one of the best Meta search engines out there. Clusty This is a completely new side of Meta search engine. IxQuick/StartPage They are not competitor. Mamma Although, it doesn’t show results from Google or any other major search engines yet the result is very accurate. Symbaloo This is another awesome Meta search engine that comes with high indexing rate. PolyMeta Conclusion

Research - Articles - Journals | Research better, faster at HighBeam Research How the Internet of Everything Will Change the World…for the Better #IoE [Infographic] As a futurist and technologist, I’m an optimist. I view technology through the lens of how it can help people. From this perspective, there is no better time to be alive than now. That’s because we are entering an era where the Internet has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of everyone on our planet—from accelerating the discovery of cures for diseases, to understanding climate change, to enhancing the way companies do business, to making every day more enjoyable. Already, the Internet has benefited many individuals, businesses, and countries by improving education through the democratization of information, allowing for economic growth through electronic commerce, and accelerating business innovation by enabling greater collaboration. So what will the next decade of the Internet bring? As more things, people, and data become connected, the power of the Internet (essentially a network of networks) grows exponentially. Let me know what you think. #IoE and #InternetofEverything

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. Vince Cable warns banks over 'outrageous' bonuses 21 September 2010Last updated at 17:29 Vince Cable: "These [bonuses] are underwritten by the taxpayer, I think that's what sticks in people's throat." Banks could face more taxes if they pay out "outrageously large" bonuses, the business secretary has warned. Vince Cable said the government had to make the British economy safe and would not be "blackmailed" by banks threatening to leave the UK. He said there was a range of sanctions available from getting banks to give more details of bonuses, to taxing high profits or financial transactions. Ministers had been warned to expect a "very large bonus payout", he said. Mr Cable's comments followed a similar message from his party leader, and deputy PM, Nick Clegg, who said the government would not "stand idly by" if "offensive" bonuses were handed out. A bank levy set to raise £8bn over four years is due to start in January but Mr Cable and his party leader both suggested on Tuesday that the government could go further if necessary. Bumper bonuses

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