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Qute for PC/Mac

Qute for PC/Mac
Qute for PC/Mac is a text editor with Markdown and TeX support. Qute offers per paragraph preview, i.e., users can switch between editing the source and viewing a rich text rendering with typeset formulas for each paragraph separately. Qute is currently evolving to include support for user-defined markup languages and transformers via OMeta, see this post. To make looking at a single text file for hours appealing, Qute offers switchable themes with subtle background images and font effects. Also, Qute includes a couple of great open-source fonts that are a joy to work with. Qute's user interface is distraction-free and offers a full-screen mode. Qute reads and writes plain text files using the Markdown markup language for rich text formatting and TeX syntax for formulas. Qute is built using web technologies. Qute is licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3. Finally, Qute is experimental and comes without any warranty whatsoever. Qute is themable! 1. 2. 3. 4. Related:  topdjApplications.

ouderen & computer Heck Yes Markdown A mind map of 45 creativity apps for mobile devices Feb 3rd, 2011 | By Chuck Frey | Category: Resources Here is a comprehensive mind map of creativity and brainstorming apps for the Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile devices. It includes tools for brainstorming new ideas, recording them and mind mapping apps. A set of four colored icons are included in this map to help you understand which apps are available on which platforms (I wasn’t able to find any for Windows Mobile, but that’s likely to change as this mobile platform grows in popularity). This mind map was a little challenging to create. Tags: android, ipad, iphone, mobile apps, windows mobile Online Text Editor - Writing made easy - Quabel

Tools Online Simple, beautiful & free Markdown editor for passionate writers on Mac LightPaper is a simple, beautiful, powerful yet free Text Editor for passionate writers. You can use LightPaper to write any kind of text documents – blogs, articles, notes, READMEs, TODOs, or the next chapter of your new novel. Its simple interface gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on writing. To remove distractions, you can switch to *Distraction Free Mode* to completely immerse yourself in your current paragraph. It comes bundled with a handful of themes and beautiful fonts. You can also easily create your own themes or add existing ones. … takes things to the next level – … one of the best editors for Markdown bloggers – … if you do a lot of writing for the web, and you’re a Mac user, this is an app you should check out - New in version 0.7 Most Requested Feature: Navigator synchronization with file system New in version 0.6 New in version 0.5 New in version 0.4 New in version 0.3.1 Support for Distraction Free Mode. New in version 0.2.0 Tweet

This Crazy App Turns A Magazine Into An Interior Design Tool A few months ago, Ikea released an unbelievable app. When you placed the company's catalog anywhere in your home, it could appear as one of a few different pieces of furniture on your iPad screen. In a long line of borderline useless augmented reality apps, this simple experience felt like magic. Now, entrepreneur Marc Lebovitz is expanding on that same idea with his new startup, Adornably, a company centered around a new iPad app. After downloading Adornably and creating a free account, you can lay any magazine on the floor of a room and Adornably will use it to scale a virtual image of that room in your iPad. From there, you can shop from a number of furniture options to virtually redesign your space. So why use a magazine to drive the interface? The neatest moment comes when previewing a piece of furniture in a photo and you can drag it around with your finger. Try it here.

How to Focus Attention in Adult Learning and E-learning Studies show that focus is a key attribute for performance improvement and success in life. Yet today’s modern workplace is full of distractions, from text to tweets. Check out these effective techniques for increasing focus for adult learners participating in e-learning, classroom training, and other learning events. From nano-learning to rewards, learn how to focus attention and improve e-learning outcomes. Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of the bestseller Emotional Intelligence, has just written a book called Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. How can you help learners focus in a workplace dominated by email, IM, texts, and tweets? 5 Effective Techniques for Improving Focus and Attention in Adult Learning and E-learning Keep learning shortReality is, you may only be able to get 15 minutes of someone's focused attention, particularly for e-learning. Are you still with me?

Timeline Platform Featured Customers is a world-leading family social nework. Its 50 million users create family trees, share family photos and organize their genealogical information online. has cooperated with AllofMe to leverage the AllofMe platform for helping users view and compare their family photos and events in a super-cool, fun-to-use, chronological timeline. Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blog through customized web-based toolbars. Wibiya has cooperated with AllofMe to leverage the AllofMe platform for helping bloggers view thier blog archive over a timeline. Ynet, Israel's largest news portal, is using AllofMe's Timelines across its site, in the sports, encyclopedia, and news sections. Additionally, AllofMe developed for ynet a back-end system which enable instant timeline creation of any given topic, by searching their 10-years archive and filter out keywords or tags.

APPY Geek Gensyde Thursday, March 20, 2014 2:56 PM GMT L'iPhone 6 fait chaque jour de plus en plus parler de lui via de nouvelles rumeurs et hypothèses sur les possibilités et nouveautés du prochain smartphone d'Apple. Sans doute depuis l'annonce d'une possible sortie au mois de juin prochain et de la commande de 90 millions d'iPhone 6 qui aurait été envoyée au fabricant habituel Foxconn. Les dernières rumeurs en date prédisent un écran de 5,5 pouces, ce qui ne déplairait pas à une certaine partie des utilisateurs estiment que l'iPhone en version 4 pouces est trop petit. Il serait donc possible, pour satisfaire un plus large public, qu'Apple propose son iPhone 6 dans différentes tailles. Toujours au niveau de l'écran, une dalle edgeless offrirait à l'iPhone 6 un gain au niveau des bords permettant un écran plus grand et plus large, sans pour autant augmenter la taille globale du téléphone. Il ajoute également que la finesse de l'iPhone 6 sera sans égale, à savoir 5,5 millimètres d'épaisseur.

Organize Bookmarks Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.