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"Exploding Box" Class...

"Exploding Box" Class...
Exploding Box Class - "An Exploding Year" - by Anso Please feel free to use these instructions to make your own boxes. You are free to link to this page from any forum etc if you wish. Please do NOT copy this information and/or photos to use for your own classes/forums/webpages without permission. Please also note that I'm not claiming that I have invented the exploding box, but these simple step-by-step instructions and photos are mine.Class Supply list: For the box you will need:* 3x 12x12 sheets of cardstock For the lid you will need: * 1x 12x12 sheet of cardstock (though this can be A4 also, you only need a 6 ¼”x6 ¼” piece) Tools: * trimmer * scissors * scoring tool, like a bone folder etc, or the scoring blade if you have a Zision trimmer or similar * glue (I would recommend double-sided tape PLUS a wet glue like Glossy Accents, Diamond Glaze etc) * 4 paperclips (to hold card in place while drying) – optional * corner rounder – optional * inkpad for edges of card - optional 1. 2. 3.

Teacher’s Badge Holders. Can you believe it? School is almost over!I was at the school on Tuesday and I realized that all of the teachers wear their identification badges everyday. I actually wear my house and car keys around my neck also {since it is the only way I can keep track of them} in something like this. picture source And then I thought, how hard would it be to come up with my own key-badge holder? Before I knew it there I was at JoAnns looking for “lanyard”. This is what you’ll need: A small amount of leftover fabric {or you can use some cool ribbon}, the lanyard {a little bit over a yard} you can buy it at your local Fabric Store, glue gun, scissors, a key ring {I used the one from my old holder} and Fray Block {optional} You can even use an old badge holder and just give it a makeover! First I made my fabric flowers… I used some hot glue while making the flower to hold the fabric together. After cutting it was time to attach the strips to the lanyard. Here is a picture… And then, in front of me there it was…

Stenciled Watercolors Tutorial At the suggestion of a friend, I am posting a tutorial on how to make a nice watercolor painting using plastic stencils! It really is quite a simple process and you end up with something that looks professional. I love sharing these little secrets with people. So here is what you need to get started... Materials: watercolor paints paintbrush plastic stencils (I found some cheap ones at the dollar store) watercolor paper Step 1: Pick out the stencil you want to use and place it on top of your paper. Step 2: Hold the stencil down tightly with one hand. Step 3: To give it a varied look, add several different colors in random areas of the stencil. Step 4: Fill in the entire area of the stencil and ever so carefully lift the stencil away from the paper. Step 5: Let your painting dry completely and there you have it... your own mini artwork! Tips and Tricks:If you notice that your watercolors are bleeding around the edges of the stencil you can try mixing less water with the paints.

48 Homemade Gift Ideas in a Jar {Recipes} Homemade gifts in a jar is an easy and inexpensive way to make homemade gifts! Simply layer the ingredients for any of these recipes in a jar, add a ribbon and a tag, and you have a simple but stylish gift. Voila! Here are 48 homemade gifts in a jar complete with recipes and lots of pictures so you can make them at home for your friends and family. Homemade Gifts in a Jar 1. Pie in a Jar Recipe 5. Cake in a Jar Recipe 9. 13. Recipes for Cookies in a Jar 17. Homemade Bath Salts 21. Halloween Homemade Gifts 25. a mason jar filled with candy corn and peanuts - I decided to tie the tag I made to a mason jar filled with candy corn and peanuts. Mason Jar Halloween Crafts 29. Thanksgiving Homemade Gifts 33. Christmas Homemade Gifts 37. Reward Jars 41. Mason Jar Craft Ideas 45. More Jar Ideas from Tip Junkie

Buy Self Adhesive Foam Board for DIY Projects | FoamologyFoamology | Peel * Wrap * Stick * Done! It's Written on the Wall Maker Mama Craft Blog: Thrifted Clock Redo One of the things I always see at thrift stores are random pot lids in cute colors without a pot to go with them. I came up with the idea of turning one into a clock while shopping at my local Goodwill the other day, with the thought that I'd purchase a clock kit at the craft store. But for the sake of keeping it as green as possible (and making one less shopping trip) I decided to give an old clock new life, and voilà, the thrifted clock redo was born! What makes this project even better is that supplies--and time--are minimal. Pick out a lonely (but cute) pot lid, a clock with hands to go with your pot (and that looks like it might work), a screwdriver, and you're ready. Here's a photo-tutorial to help you make your own: Every clock is a little different, so inspect the mechanism on the back carefully to see if it looks detachable. Now just find a wall to hang your clock and listen to it's sweet little ticking.

DIY Picture Tiles - You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again Lately I’ve been having this huge urge to decorate the house. This is big news. I do not decorate. Arguably, one of the reasons why is because I. absolutely. hate. to. buy. mass. produced. decor. Anyway, this extends to photo frames. Nope. Long story short, I discovered this method of transferring my photos cheaply, quickly, and beautifully to something uncommon and unique. Tiles. The only thing that’s not particularly crunchy about this is that it uses Modge Podge or similar (and I’m not sure what’s in Modge Podge). It’s just grainy and doesn’t dry clearly. Boo. BUT, if you can overlook that one minor issue, I think you’ll love this. And it will be glorious. Here’s how you do it. First, you need to go to Home Depot, Lowes, or something like it. (FYI, I found that Lowes prices on tiles were cheaper than Home Depot. I like the stone tiles, because they have texture. So you pick out your tiles in the sizes you want. And then you get home and gather what you need. Cut them out. Go go go! Love me?

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