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Printer Pencil by Hoyoung Lee

Printer Pencil by Hoyoung Lee
Printing With A Pencil Stub So you don’t want to join pencil stubs and make a long pencil. No worries, we have another alternative, how about using them to print on paper. Yes, like a printer that uses pencil to print your documents. Traditional don’t you think? I feel the concept gets even more radical because it proposes the use of eraser to erase off mistakes! Related:  RecyclingConstructeurs

Busy Busy - Opps! ... and a Thimble Holder Tute! So, it has not been a good week ... china wise :( Sometime ago I gently smacked the sugar bowl to my good china . I didn't even notice it at first - then a small crack appeared. The crack has been growing ever since, and last week it exploded!!! Ok, to make up for all that bad luck the mater, after cleaning dresser drawers (aka downsizing) donated a box (eat yer heart out girls) of hankies! I've been doing a fair bit of blog su rfing lately and have truly enjoyed several great tutorials out there. Make yourself a paper elongated egg shaped pattern about 3" to 3.5" long. Cut out your fabric, leaving a scant 1/4" seam allowance. fabric pieces and pin match the points, right sides together. Now, turn your piece inside out making sure you have ni ce neat corners. You should now have a fabric covered plastic pattern piece. y the same. Hold two of your pieces together and whip stitch them together. Here's where you get to be creative and come up wit h something unique!

Cipher - Drinking glass. Psychic. | Project info Type:Personal, conceptField:Product designDate:Feb, 2009Phase:Concept, Visual prototypeShare: twitter facebook delicious digg stumbleupon friendfeed tumblr Awards / Publications:2009 - reddot design award winner 2009Info / Description:An empty glass resembles a meaningless colorful mosaic, until a liquid is poured into it, revealing its name. Each side of the glass is reserved for a specific drink. … moreThe Dekrypt glass though complex in appearance in fact runs on a very simple idea. Differently colored shapes are scattered across the glass surface in a seemingly random pattern, however their position is hardly accidental. Other projects

PC, tablettes, smartphones: pourquoi HP jette l'éponge Résumons la situation: en l'espace d'une semaine, HP est devenue une entreprise de services, et Google vend maintenant du hardware. L'annonce par HP, hier, de l'arrêt des développements de matériel grand public sous WebOS (tablette TouchPad, smartphones Pre) et de la scission envisagée de l'activité PC, et l'acquisition par Google de Motorola, marquent pour bon nombre d'observateurs l'entrée dans l'ère "post-PC". Une nouvelle ère technologique, qui bouleverse les positions établies. Touchpad: 2 mois et puis s'en va La tablette de HP n'a pas eu un succès suffisant pour remplir les objectifs de ses dirigeants. Une décision tout de même étonnante, sachant que la tablette a certes été vivement critiquée, mais que l'OS en lui-même était considéré comme prometteur. Qui veut de WebOS? La division smartphones et tablettes sera fermée définitivement en fin d'année. Que va devenir la division PC? HP sur les traces d'IBM

Quantum Tap by Dennis Kulage & Michael Scherger The Quantum Theory Quantum Tap gives you a good reality check on how much water you ‘think’ you use and the actual. Working on the lines of how syringe works, the tap activates by pulling up a pump action-handle. Scaled markings on the stem of the handle indicate the amount of water that will be released by pulling the handle to a specific correlating height. Designers: Dennis Kulage & Michael Scherger Moss Carpet by Nguyen La Chanh Immaculate Mini Lawn In Your Loo They say walking on fresh grass increases your blood circulation; I can’t vouch for that! Anyways, it is a reason to get going to the nearest park, remove your expensive Jimmy Choo’s and prance around. The Moss Carpet looks at getting the grass to your feet, and that too in your loo! Made from imputrescible foam called plastazote, the mat includes ball moss, island moss and forest moss. Designer: Nguyen La Chanh

10 Unique Creations Made From Computer Hard Drives [PICS] On this day in 1956, IBM introduced the IBM 305 RAMAC — the first computer with a hard drive. It boasted capacity for less than 5MB of data stored on 50 24-inch disks. Fast forward to today. The progress achieved in the computer storage market is quite astonishing. SEE ALSO: Media Format Flops | Vintage Games Console Ads | Vintage Apple Products From upcylcled drives made into jewelry, to discarded drives transformed into sculptures, we've found 10 interesting examples of hard drive creations from all around the world. Image courtesy of VIST

Lego printer introduces itself to the world | Crave Check out this video of a home-brew printer designed and built entirely by some guy on the B3ta forum. He rigged together a sensor, a USB interface with a wiring board, and a series of analog motor electronics to put together the device that can legibly spell out whatever he wants, in this case the existential message "HELLO WORLD," although since it uses a printer driver to put ink on paper, it should also spell out "LOW INK LEVEL, PLEASE REPLACE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN." For more detailed information, check out a list of FAQs with the inventor after the jump. FAQ: Track name? "Christopher and Raphael just popper Shinichi Osawa distortion disco edit" FAQ: Are you using some sort of MCU demo board (the black pcb)? FAQ: DPI? FAQ: How long did this take? FAQ: Open source, schematics etc. FAQ: PPM? FAQ: Wrote your own driver? FAQ: Mac vs PC abuse. FAQ: Felt tip damage drying up? FAQ: Full color version/more colors?

Sociétés : Archos et Bouygues lancent la tablette à 0,66 euro par jour Une semaine après Orange, Bouygues Telecom et Archos ont dévoilé leur offre de tablette tactile pour les étudiants: une tablette et un abonnement 3G illimité pour moins de vingt euros par mois. Après l'offre à un euro par jour d'Orange , voici celle à 0,66 centime de Bouygues Telecom. Pour ce prix là, les étudiants du supérieur (post-bac) ont droit à une tablette Archos 80 G9 et à un abonnement 3G. Cet abonnement leur donne droit au téléchargement de 1 giga de données par mois. La tablette elle-même est dotée du système d'exploitation Android dans sa dernière version (3.2), des derniers processeurs Texas Instruments, d'un écran tactile 8 pouces (un peu plus petite qu'un iPad, donc), d'un port USB, d'une sortie mini HDMI et d'une clé 3G. L'offre sera en vente sur le site Bouygues Telecom à partir de début novembre, mais Archos et Bouygues ont voulu en parler dès à présent pour éviter que les étudiants «se ruent sur l'offre des concurrents». Pourquoi ne pas avoir opté pour une offre 3G ?

Center Tape – Duct Tape Design by Hwang Youn Ha & Han Seung Bum Packaging Perfectionism Does it really matter how you tape your boxes shut? Not really, unless you add some cool hinges to the design, or go off-center like how I usually do. Designers: Hwang Youn Ha & Han Seung Bum

Broken Mirror Lighting by Hye-Yeon Kim A Shape in the Broken Mirror A Shape in the Broken Mirror of our lives! Or not quite that dramatic. Lovely, though! The lights you’re about to experience are inspired by broken glass mirrors and windows. But while a broken mirror breaks, it basically looses its function, these “Broken Mirror” lights rely on those cracks for shedding! Shedding the light of beauty. Designer: Hye-Yeon Kim Recycling in the Garden Friday, February 27, 2009by Jeremy Dore - Categories: recycling < Back to the GrowBlog Index Many gardeners are very creative people. It is very easy to see environmental gardening as a practice that should only involve sustainable natural materials: wood, bark chippings, straw etc. Here are some of my favourite ways to recycle throw-away items: Pallets: Build a compost bin from pallets. There are many more inventive ways to use throw-away items, of course. ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ has long been the mantra of the environmental movement.

Ingenious Cardboard Packaging Folds to Fit Parcels of Any Shape Excessive packaging is one of our top pet peeves here at Inhabitat, so we were really inspired by this flat cardboard sheet that is capable of conforming to the shape of any object, saving a bundle on wasteful filler. Designed by Patrick Sung, the packaging design concept features triangulated perforations that allow it to bend around odd forms. This could also save on fuel for shipping, since all of that wasted box filler is eliminated. We could see how the concept would not be the most practical for all applications, but it could be really great for mailing a surprise gift to a friend! Soft items like clothing or shoes, or even products that are rigid, like a funky reusable water bottle, could be perfect for this packaging. Not to mention that the perforated lines give the package an interesting graphic pattern style. Sung has branded his concept the UPACKS (Universal Packaging System). + Patrick Sung

La Chine fabrique désormais ses propres superordinateurs La Chine se positionne dans le secteur des superordinateurs. L'université de Jinan a installé, au mois de septembre, un nouveau calculateur dont les caractéristiques techniques intriguent les spécialistes, révèle le New York Times, vendredi 28 octobre. Baptisé Sunway BlueLight MPP, la machine est capable de réaliser 1 million de milliards d'opérations par seconde, soit un pétaflop par seconde : une performance qui le "situera parmi les vingt ordinateurs les plus rapides du monde", note le quotidien américain. Conçus et fabriqués à Shanghaï, ces composants sont dotés d'une architecture proche des processeurs les plus en pointe d'Intel, le leader américain du marché, estiment les experts, cités par le New York Times. Avec cette nouvelle machine, la Chine montre qu'elle entend investir dans les supercalculateurs, essentiellement utilisés dans la recherche et le domaine bancaire. Mais depuis près de vingt ans, la bataille fait rage entre les grandes puissances informatiques mondiales.

And Two Shall Become One And Two Shall Become One Daan Roosegaarde is a designer from the Netherlands. His work is all about the interaction between the human body and technology- the public and the design become one. Designer: Daan Roosegaarde [ Movie of Flow ]