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Seed Starting with the "Baggie Method."

Seed Starting with the "Baggie Method."
When I was ready to sow them using the baggie method I laid them out on a napkin and moistened the napkin with a spray bottle. You want to moisten and not soak your paper napkin to avoid having your seeds get moldy. It's imperative if you're going to start citrus seeds that you sow them immediately because the longer you wait the lower your germination ratio will be. Once I had soaked my citrus seeds overnight and set them on the paper towel which I moistened I folded the napkin in half and set it inside the plastic sandwich bag which I sealed.

Top10 - Gadgets for your bag My opinion is that while most of these things can be useful, they are not the kind of things to carry around at all times, here's what I think.. 10. Cable shorteners, maybe I should give it a try. Not sure about the result though. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Anyways, I still think that this article is great, even if I don't agree with everything, these ideas are not stupid at all and I did learn some new things.

Sun Strategy Blog - LEAVE THEM SOMETHING TO REMEMBER YOU BY... Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 02:03 AM - TACTICS Posted by Administrator A booby trap is a trap designed to kill or severely injure people. As the word trap implies, they often have some form of bait designed to lure the victim towards it. However, in other cases the device is placed on busy roads or is triggered when the victim performs some type of everyday action e.g. opening a door, picking something up or switching something on. Booby traps should not be confused with mantraps which are designed to catch a person. A military booby trap may be used to give away the location of an enemy by triggering a signalling device, or it may be designed to kill or injure a person who activates the trap. A booby trap is generally concealed or disguised in some way so that it either cannot be seen or looks harmless. Part of the skill in placing booby traps lies in exploiting natural human behaviors such as habit, self-preservation, curiosity or acquisitiveness.

Poor-Mans Smart-Grid - Blackout Protection by UPS and Electric Motorcycle The "Smart-Grid" is an interesting concept, which has potential to stabilize the electric grid, due to either times of high demand or the variability of renewable energy sources, through the use of automated equipment, turning devices on and off remotely. One element of the smart-grid we often hear about is using power from the batteries in an electric vehicle to supplement power to the grid. The Smart-Grid requires smart, bi-directional meters, and electronic components that can either charge an electric vehicle OR pull power from it as needed. At night, an electric vehicle owner charges their vehicle from wall power. At any time that the grid has sudden demand (or a sudden drop in supply) electric power is instead PULLED from the vehicle's battery pack to meet that demand. Electric vehicle owners will be compensated through special electricity pricing for being part of the program. The way I see it, the Smart-Grid is a great CONCEPT, but has a number of issues.

Time Traveler Essentials Print This print has how-to information [ZOOM] on all of the low-hanging fruit of our modern age. Go back in time with this as a guide and you'll invent heavier-than-air flight! YOU'LL discover penicillin. YOU'LL be the first to isolate aluminum. Did you know aluminum used to be more valuable than gold? SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: this poster also doubles as an "holy cow if this item somehow got sent back in time EVERYTHING WOULD BE CHANGED" item. Did we mention it also comes on a shirt? Print Info: Approximately 17" x 18", printed on super-high quality 13pt recycled matte paper. Things Sort of Like This Huh

Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously To some people, maybe it doesn’t. To others, it matters a whole lot. The logging policy can be viewed symbolically: a VPN’s commitment to logging as little as possible is representative of their respect for your privacy and how seriously they approach the issue of protecting your data. For example, for a lot of people, a VPN logging exactly what time they turn the VPN on or off might not be a matter of much concern: but our unwillingness to do even that hopefully signals just how earnestly we protect the data that is generally viewed as more sensitive. But refusing to log data has a practical benefit to our users as well: it means that if our databases should ever be compromised, either illegally via a hack or legally via some sort of police subpoena, the amount of data that could be acquired would be so dismally small and meaningless that neither the hackers nor the police could do anything with it. - The Proxy Authority » How To Switch Webmail Providers Without Losing All Your Email Do you use a webmail service you’re unhappy with because it’s where all your email is? There’s good news – you can easily switch, without losing your old email and contacts and without missing email sent to your old address. This guide will help you switch to a shiny new webmail service. The exact ways to switch between email services will differ depending on which webmail provider you’re using. Import Old Emails & Contacts Many webmail providers have import functions that automatically import existing emails and contacts from your old email account. To access Gmail’s Import feature, sign into your new Gmail account, select the Accounts and Import tab on Gmail’s settings screen and click the Import mail and contacts link. For and Hotmail accounts, use the TrueSwitch wizard to import email from other accounts. Yahoo! Email Fetching & Send As You’ll probably continue to receive some emails at your old email address after you switch. In Yahoo! This Yahoo! Send Mail As Yahoo!

3D Printed Records Bring New Tunes to Iconic Fisher-Price Toy Player Have an old toy Fisher-Price record player your kids aren’t exactly enamored with? Now, thanks to the miracle of 3D printing, you can create new records for it. Courtesy of Fred Murphy, this Instructables tutorial will guide you through the process of taking music and encoding it in a 3D printer file that will yield a tiny plastic record the Fisher-Prince record player can play. 3D Printing for the Fisher-Price Record Player [via Make] Jason Fitzpatrick is warranty-voiding DIYer and all around geek.