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Malice In Wonderland - Animation by Vince Collins (new) Music by Edd Harris

Malice In Wonderland - Animation by Vince Collins (new) Music by Edd Harris

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Short interactive film: 3 Dreams of Black by Chris Milk A new interactive music video for the concept album Rome—a collaboration between Danger Mouse and composer Daniele Luppi inspired by the music from old spaghetti westerns. An HTML5 project for use in Google Chrome Director Chris Milk follows the success of The Wilderness Downtown with a new interactive music video for the concept album Rome—a collaboration between Danger Mouse and composer Daniele Luppi inspired by the music from old spaghetti westerns. The video is broken into three different dreams. The first, a first-person dreamy video (similar to Milk’s Last Day Dream)—the second, a ride through an ever-shifting landscape—and the final dream, a soaring flight through sky structures.

James Carlisle: Armature upgrade Back to uni and starting third year with a mime/after effects project. Started by upgrading my summer armature from hard foam to balsa wood. Just to make sure it would survive the animation process. I also made about three pairs of spare hands just incase fingers/wrists broke In the past, there were separate briefs to do a mime, lip sync, and after effects project that don't link to each other at all. But this year they've all been thrown into one.

"Will O' The Wisp" Production Bumper + Short Film (2014) - Hello Everyone :) I've been posting some random W.I.P. photos and little test videos over the past year or so, but I recently discovered there's a "your project" section here in the forum. So this is a thread for my ongoing project, "Will O' The Wisp". Hope you enjoy. How the Puppets from Fantastic Mr. Fox Were Made [Slide Show] With Haymoz’s drawings as a reference, the Mancunian puppet makers went to work. Sculptors began by fleshing out the designs into three dimensions using plastiline clay. The main animal puppets—the ones used for close-ups—were approximately 12 inches tall, and the human characters were slightly smaller; since they don’t share much screen time, the difference in scale wasn’t a problem. After the plastiline figure was approved by Wes—who directed this film remotely from his Paris apartment; Haymoz says that when he finally did visit the studio, it was like seeing Santa Claus—the sculptors removed a layer of clay equal to the thickness of the fur that was going to be applied to that particular area. Says Saunders, “It was kind of half science, half art, how you shrunk the character down so that when you added the hair to it, it would go back to the original volume.” The fur on the animals’ limbs and heads was applied to a latex backing that was stretched over the puppet.

The Pixar Theory Every Pixar movie is connected. I explain how, and possibly why. Several months ago, I watched a fun-filled video on that introduced the idea (at least to me) that all of the Pixar movies actually exist within the same universe. Since then, I’ve obsessed over this concept, working to complete what I call “The Pixar Theory,” a working narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme. This theory covers every Pixar production since Toy Story. The 40 Best Stop-Motion Animated Movies of All Time This technique has been used since the dawn of cinema to bring objects to life and manufacture magical worlds. Before the days of CGI, it was a primary way to produce special effects, in classics from King Kong, to Jason and the Argonauts, to Star Wars. It’s called stop-motion.

Trajan's Amazing Column The story of Emperor Trajan’s victory over a mighty barbarian empire isn’t just one for the books. It’s also told in 155 scenes carved in a spiral frieze on a monumental column. Trajan’s Column, with a statue of St. Peter installed by a Renaissance pope on top, towers over the ruins of Trajan’s Forum, which once included two libraries and a grand civic space paid for by war spoils from Dacia. Dr. Grob's Animation Review Director: Fernando CortizoRelease Date: October 31, 2012Rating: ★★★★½Review: 2012 was a good year for stop motion animation fans: no less than four stop motion features were released that year. In March we had Aardman’s ‘The Pirates! Ani Yr 1 2014/15 CS: Industry Roles & Practices You will prepare as a group: A 10 - 15 minute group presentation in the form of a case study (May 12). This could be either-­‐ a production (series, game, movie, advert, music video etc.), -­‐ a studio or production house, -­‐ or an area of emerging practice (e.g. web based content production and funding, animation in other contexts etc.). Think about your own goals and interests when selecting your topic, and do not forget to consider the UK industry, which is the most relevant to the start of your career. Every group member should present, and the group should take the time to practice and time the presentation. You should prepare visual material to aid the presentation, carefully considering the ratio of text and images.

Project "Expressions" by Helen Schroeder on Prezi stop motion model making Stop Motion Puppet Creation by Helen Schroeder on Prezi A movie by Johannes Nyholm Professional Animination Design,Website Designing,3d Modeling/Animatics,Flash Presentation