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DSLR Tutorial: How to get the Filmlook & what you're doing wrong!

Batman Returns - Creating the Penguin makeup for Danny DeVito Stan Winston and Tim Burton, having previously collaborated on EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, reteamed to create another iconic character for BATMAN RETURNS, Burton's second exploration of the Batman mythology, after his 1989 film, BATMAN. In Batman Returns, the Dark Knight — again played by Michael Keaton — fights attempts by the Penguin (Danny DeVito) to take control of Gotham City. Winston’s primary task was to design and build a makeup for the Penguin, creating an appropriately over-the-top Burtonesque look, without entirely obliterating DeVito’s features. Key SWS concept artist, Mark "Crash" McCreery rendered Penguin features over sketches of DeVito; then, working from those drawn concepts, 25-year SWS supervisors and co-founders of Legacy Effects, John Rosengrant and Shane Mahan, experimented with a variety of nose shapes, applying them to a shell made from a lifecast of the actor. Pictured above: SWS concept artist Mark "Crash" McCreery's renderings of Danny DeVito as Penguin. -Jody Duncan

Cinevate's Theater - Tools for Filmmakers and Photographers Visit for more information. Filmmakers are storytellers, and how they choose to tell a story is conceived as a unique vision. In realizing this vision, creativity and innovation abound. Over the years Cinevate has been blessed to know many of you in the filmmaking community. Through these relationships, you've instilled great insights, which have allowed us a glimpse into your creative minds. Call it insight, or call it plain old feedback, whichever you choose; we've poured every ounce of it into Hedron. The Hedron Slider is the culmination of years of customer input, product research and development. Along with the Hedron Slider comes an evolved line of add-ons, aimed at expanding the physical possibilities for filmmakers alike. All of us at Cinevate feel honoured to have been included in the storytelling process of so many filmmakers. This video was shot and edited by our good friends at Show less

Jon Favreau Interviews Martin Scorsese About Filmmaking, Editing & Directing. How to take photos of the stars - part 1 ~ HDR photographer Note: this is part 1 of the tutorial. Click here to read part 2. You can also proceed to part 3 by clicking here. So I'm finally writing what I promised a few days ago - a tutorial on taking photos of the starry skies. Photos of the starry sky typically fall into one of the two categories: stars where the stars and the galaxy are sharp, star trails where the the apparent motion of the stars is captured. Equipment First of all I need to write a few words about necessary equipment. Another useful accessory might be additional batteries. Choosing location Before you start taking any shots it is very import you research the location during the day. Another thing you will have to avoid is moon. One more thing which is good to avoid are clouds. Also make sure to start taking photos a few hours after sunset when it is completely dark. Setting up Before taking any photos: If you decide to focus on the stars you will need to set your focus to infinity. Taking photos Post-processing

zbrush machining project New Member User Gallery Join Date May 2013 Location Sao Paulo Age 28 Posts 3 Here is my wip of Hellboy, did only to exercise. Sculpt and render in Zbrush. Maybe i'll make a new render in Vray. Posting Permissions You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts Forum Rules NextWaveDV Showcase F65 users include some of the most world's most demanding cinematographers. Many have shared with us their thoughts for improvements, enhancements and refinements. And we've incorporated many of their best ideas in a suite of upgrades to the F65 and associated Sony products. Version 3.00 upgrade kit. Sony is pleased to announce that we are in final testing of the CBK-65EL V3.00 upgrade kit for the F65 digital cinema camera. We will be able to take service reservations beginning on July 15, 2013. The installation of the CBK-65EL V3.00 upgrade kit requires the replacement of a circuit board, as well as firmware and software reprogramming for the camera, the SR-R4 SR Master recorder and the SRK-CP1 Control Panel. Compatibility with the DVF-EL100 OLED viewfinder. The V3.00 upgrade adds an electrical connector for the DVF-EL100 viewfinder, while it retains the connector for the HDVF-C30W. Independent configuration of the HD SDI outputs 48p system support F65RAW Viewer 1.1.

The Visual Development of Bonsai Slice Anyone who has ever poured themselves into a massive project knows that where you think you'll end up is never ever where you actually end up. Such is the case with Bonsai Slice, I game I worked on for over two years with my crew at Playground Theory. The final game as it looked on release day. Before I take you on this magical artistic journey of rejected concepts, stupid ideas, and long-winded rants, make sure to grab your copy of Bonsai Slice, which is free for both iPhone and iPad. Go ahead... Downloaded it? The Playground Theory office in San Francisco. I mentioned before that I worked on Bonsai Slice for over 2 years, serving mainly as art director. Somewhere in November of 2012, we built this mechanic that allowed the player to "chop wood" using their iPad in real time. Early vector work for the logs and axe. For most of our game concepts, my process was usually the same. Before we jumped into any 3D animation, I'd mash together a gif. Early concept of the robot character. POOF.

Time-lapse Photography Tutorial eBook eBook and Print Book Reviews Time Lapse book : 4 thumbs up! I’ve been in photography since I’m 15 (so that’s almost 30 years .. gosh !!), and I’ve tried many things.. but your book gave me that kick I love so much in photography, there are new exiting things I can try and do, and you just made me not only discover it, but also WANT to do it… really badly :) - Eric I just wanted to take a second and congratulate you on that great eBook. - Tomas You had me at "It's 2:20 in the morning"! - Kennith, Just what I was looking for to get started with time-lapse photography. - K. I’ve read straight through and am most impressed with the amount of information written in such concise readable fashion. - Peter I have been a serious landscape photographers for several years and only now am getting into time lapse photography. - Cosmonaut About The Author Ryan Chylinski Published Author Download eBook $15

20 Lighting Tutorials for Film and Video Join To Bookmark Share Quality lighting is one of the most important elements of any professional looking project. Also check out these great feature articles: Lighting Infinite White from Videopia on Vimeo. 3 point lighting basic from LifeNow Video on Vimeo. 3-Point Lighting Explained! Tutorial 2-Cinematography / Film Look / Lighting / Shot Design from TLA Productions on Vimeo. Tutorial 4 – Lighting – Shot Design – Cinematography from TLA Productions on Vimeo. Tutorial 8 – Ring Lights / Filmmaking / Cinematography / DIY from TLA Productions on Vimeo. Affordable Lighting Techniques for Interviews from Caleb Pike on Vimeo. TAKE 2 “How To Light A Green Screen” With Wuz Good from Wuz Good on Vimeo. Light Writing Proposal from Derick Childress on Vimeo. Dedo Weigert, A Lighting Masterclass from UrbanFox.TV on Vimeo. 3 Point Lighting with Eddy! Reading the Histogram (Photography in 90 Seconds) from E. Lesson 3: Lighting & Colour – tutorial from FíS Community on Vimeo. April 25, 2011 Link 15 Comments