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Direcciones de correo electrónico gratuito temporales

Direcciones de correo electrónico gratuito temporales
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Correo temporal y Reenvío Tools for Reading and Editing Exif Data of Photographs Most digital camera record and save EXIF data with every photograph. Learn about tools that can help you view and edit Exif tags of your photographs. When you capture a photograph with your digital camera, the camera will not only store the current date and time into the image file but even the camera settings. The information that is recorded by the camera into the photograph may include details about the camera model itself, the lens that was used, shutter speed, aperture, focal length and so on. Some modern digital cameras and camera phones are GPS enabled and they can therefore save even the location co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) with the photographs. All this “metadata” is embedded into photographs using the standard Exif format that can easily be read by most image editing programs as well as online photo sharing websites like Flickr and Picasa Web Albums. 1. Also see: Where was a Photograph Taken? 2. Why would anyone want to modify the Exif data of photographs? 3.

TempEMail - Temporary, Disposable, Anonymous, email address Problematic extensions From MozillaZine Knowledge Base This article lists some extensions that are known to cause problems. There are hundreds of extensions, and most problems are not listed here. If you do not find the problem listed below, follow the steps outlined in the Standard diagnostic - Firefox article. Extensions are not written by Mozilla and they are not tested with the browser or in combination with each other. Updating extensions can solve many problems. Most extensions can be disabled or uninstalled in Firefox using the Add-ons manager ("Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions") although a few extensions may present removal problems.

Manejo de Correo no deseado - Harakirimail Access Any Website Or Forum Without Registering Visit any forum or website to find something useful and they will ask you to register. Every time a forum asks me to register, I simply close the site. You would probably do the same. But this time, lets face it. Before I begin, you should know how things work. First grab the add-on for Firefox called ‘user agent’ here and install it. Select User Agent from the left sidebar and click Add. and in user agent field type: Googlebot/2.1 (+ as shown in the screenshot below. Select Google Bot as your User Script by going to Tools > User Agent Switcher. Now browse any website or forum without registering. Advertisement

spamfree24 - Einweg E-Mail/disposable email RockMelt - Your Browser. Re-imagined. Connect for an invitation. ✉ E-mail desechables The Freenet Project - /index Le blog du VPN Les Réseaux Privés Virtuels - Vpn 1 – Introduction au réseau privé virtuel VPN Les applications et les systèmes distribués font de plus en plus partie intégrante du paysage d’un grand nombre d’entreprises. Ces technologies ont pu se développer grâce aux performances toujours plus importantes des réseaux locaux. Mais le succès de ces applications a fait aussi apparaître un de leur écueil. 2 – Principe de fonctionnement du VPN 2.1 – Principe général Un réseau VPN repose sur un protocole appelé « protocole de tunneling ». Le principe de tunneling consiste à construire un chemin virtuel après avoir identifié l’émetteur et le destinataire. Les données à transmettre peuvent être prises en charge par un protocole différent d’IP. 2.2 – Fonctionnalités des VPN Il existe 3 types standard d’utilisation des VPN. 2.2.1 – Le VPN d’accès Le VPN d’accès est utilisé pour permettre à des utilisateurs itinérants d’accéder au réseau privé. Les deux méthodes possèdent chacune leurs avantages et leurs inconvénients : 2.2.2 – L’intranet VPN

Overview and download of the free anonymizer. |

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