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Grammar Rules

Grammar Rules
With nearly 580 links, this resource is ample material for courses on an advanced college level, and would be particularly good for those studying for exit exams, where a thorough knowledge of structure is required. It contains grammar guidance, with thousands of verb conjugations, research and hundreds of activities. Classification by part of speech was an important consideration in my creation by categories. My sincere thanks to Sandra Howard (Marin Catholic High School) for her valued contributions. Agreement of adjectives (GCSE French) Adjective (Adjectif) French Adjective Agreement (Quia java games) Les adjectifs (Orthogram) Les adjectifs de couleur La place des adjectifs qualificatifs Adjectives that preceed the noun Les adjectifs (placement exercise) Les adjectifs qualificatifs (placement exercise) Placement of the Adjective Les Adjectifs (interactive exercise) Adjectifs interrogatifs et exclamatifs Interrogative adjectives (leçon 25 quel etc) Accorde de l'adjectif qualificatif épithète Le Nom Related:  Grammaire & Exercices #2

Learn French online for FREE! French Language Overview French speakers worldwide 128 million French speaking countries Belgium Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Canada Central African Republic Comoros Congo Côte d'Ivoire Djibouti France French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon Guadeloupe Haiti Luxembourg Madagascar Mali Martinique Mauritius Mayotte Monaco New Caledonia Réunion Rwanda Senegal Seychelles Switzerland Togo Vanuatu Language family Indo-European > Italic > Romance > Italo-Western > Western > Gallo-Iberian > Gallo-Romance > Gallo-Rhaetian > Oïl > French Learn French Online This site is designed as a starting point for people who want to learn more about the French language. After some translations into French, the phonetic pronunciation is given in parentheses. Other languages

Institut National de l'Audiovisuel Grammar Archives Basic French Greetings (Complete Lesson with MP3!) One of the very first things you need to know when learning a new language is the basic greetings. How do you say hello and introduce yourself in French? In this article which originally appeared as the first lesson in the new book My French Routine Volume 1, we will learn all about the basic […] Continue reading The Simple Guide to Informal French Grammar Are you already speaking French so well but still sound as if you just came out of a French grammar book? Introduce yourself in French (+Mp3) with these 10 examples If you want to introduce yourself, take a look of these 10 examples below. List of 218 Phrasal Verbs translated in French. This is the second part about Phrasal Verbs.

L'info décodée LES ILES EN FLE NIVEAU A2 - UNITÉ 7 Skip to main content Try Wikispaces Classroom now. Brand new from Wikispaces. guest Join | Help | Sign In LES ILES EN FLE NIVEAU A2 Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... Francais interactif jeux JEUX FRANCAIS Reconnaître les parties du corps humain : les cheveux le dos les coudes les mains les pieds les jambes les cuisses la tête le cou les épaules les bras les doigts le ventre les genoux les orteils la poitrine les yeux le front le nez les dents les lèvres la bouche les oreilles les joues les narines les cils les sourcils les pommettes le menton la pomme d'Adam les paupières la lèvre supérieure la lèvre inférieure les tempes les ongles la paume le dos de la main le pouce l'index le majeur l'annulaire l'auriculaire les poignets les chevilles les mollets les fesses les avant-bras les talons la nuque

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