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Games – Amanita Design

Games – Amanita Design
Amanita Design Creaks Meet Your New Neighbours CHUCHEL Comedy Adventure Game Samorost 3 Full-length Adventure Game Botanicula Full-length Adventure Game Machinarium Full-length Adventure Game Samorost 2 Point and Click Adventure Game Samorost 1Point and Click Adventure Web Game Questionaut Short Web Game for BBC The Quest For The Rest Short Web Game for The Polyphonic Spree Rocketman Short Web Game for Nike Related:  using games

Ma Job Aventure 15 Serious Games Aiming to Change the World Using games for purposes other than entertainment is nothing new. There are war games, educational games, throne games. But a new class of games has sprung up in recent years, designed to create awareness and raise support for a variety of global issues. Such serious games seek to harness the power of competition and/or novelty to attract players and get the word out for a good cause. Here are 15 games you can play and be a better person for it. Catalysts for Change: On April 3, 2012, Catalysts for Change went live online for 48 hours. A Closed World: Game designers in Singapore created this game because of the shortage of content concerning LGBT issues.

About us – Play Brighter PlayBrighter was created by teachers. We don't need to be told that kids hate feeling patronized, or that marking is a terrible curse, or what it feels like to be clicking away at a broken menu five minutes before a lesson’s about to start! The site evolved from games we made to teach our own classes, and we've never stopped asking our former students what they think. Whether you’re setting differentiated challenges for every student or just need to make straightforward revision more interesting, we want to make it easy for you, because we’ve been there. PlayBrighter is the site we wished was out there – that’s the reason it exists in the first place, and we want it to be as good as it can possibly be. If you teach a subject you feel is under-supported, or there's something else that is making the site less useful for you, let us know, and we'll do everything we can to improve that area. PlayBrighter was started by Greg Pallis, and now includes Richard Brown and Stephen Downie.

English – Down on the farm By kylemawer Level: Primary (7-10 year olds) beginners Location: Connected Classroom Skills Focus: Building a farm Language focus: Animals, crops, colours, numbers, prepositions of place etc Farmville may be old news and the 80 million player mark long surpassed in 2010 (posted in Joystiq Feb 20th 2010) but this didn’t stop my two classes of 7-8 year olds and another class of 9-10 year olds playing, learning and using English and moving on from ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ to ‘Mum, Dad – I’ve got a farm in my English class’. What is Farmville? For those of you not familiar with Farmville, it’s a farming simulation social network game which has proved to be one of Facebook’s most popular games. How do you use this with a class of language learners? Well, working with a class we co-operatively agreed on which crops to plant, animals to buy and then negotiated various other farm management issues. Where’s the Language? Crops Animals

Six computer games to use in an English language classroom Another guest list that I’ve picked up during conference season, this time from language teaching games expert Kyle Mawer. Kyle doesn’t make computer games for language learners (often these aren’t very good), he finds existing games and exploits them with his classes. The result is some serious fun and language learning combined. Here he shows six ways that this is not just child’s play… 1 Reading You’ve heard of TPR (total physical response), well now comes the new improved TVR (total virtual response) and you can find no better place to see this in action than with the tutorial for the online game Runescape. 2 Writing “OK class, today we’re going to do a writing”, not only grammatically incorrect but something that won’t win you a popularity competition with your language learners. 3 Speaking Try dictating naturally some of these chunked questions and get your students to discuss them: What games/ have you got/ on your mobile? 4 Listening 5 Grammar 6 Vocabulary

Digital Play Have you ever wanted to be James Bond? Princess Natasha is a digital game where the character is a bit like James Bond, except that she is a female. The game has messages that help you solve problems and hints on how to continue playing. It's a great way to be reading in English while playing a digital game. If you enjoyed Princess Natasha, then I would recommend that you have a look at Graham Stanley's latest blog, Digital Play. Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer explore uses of digital games for English Language learning and you will find up-to-date information on digital toys and games. Two other game sites which you perhaps may like to explore are This is Infinity and Evoke. EVOKE trailer (a new online game) from Alchemy on Vimeo. What is an EVOKE? Samorost is an intriguing game created by Jakub Dvorsky. In Samorost 2, the gnome goes on a quest to save his kidnapped dog and safely return home. Machinarium is also another game well worth exploring though only the demo is free.

Kids Games - PrimaryGames - Play Free Kids Games Online The World of Miamiopia - An Educational Virtual World For Kids Teaching Themes - Myst The Myst series of computer games can be extremely valuable teaching tools. The characters, landscapes and storylines used in the game can all be used to enhance learning in a wide range of curriculum areas. Below, you will find a considerable number of ideas and resources to help you use the Myst games as part of your teaching. There are lots of ways of using Myst in the classroom, so please get in touch if you have some more ideas / resources of your own. Myst Exile in the Classroom 1 - A description of the use of Myst III as part of Literacy lessons. Images in these resources are taken from the Myst games and are © the developers / publishers of the games. Myst Banner (plain) - A simple banner to display the word 'Myst'. The following posters show locations in Myst III and were created using

Anna's reflections and archive: Games Academy Island is a nice educational game developed by Cambridge ESOL. The main character is an alien who is on an island and has to go through quite a few challenges in order to graduate from the academy. The island consists of a few towns: noun town, pronoun town, etc and each town has 2-3 shops and/or buildings which the alien has to enter in order to complete his challenge and gain a high enough score to be allowed to get into the academy building. In each shop and building the alein is asked to complete 4 sentences or answer 4 questions: these are all multiple choice. Questions cover grammar, vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms. The 4-question set is timed. There are also some scrolls with 2 questions in each. A fun game that I am sure all English Language learners will enjoy.