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White Blood Cell Chases Bacteria

White Blood Cell Chases Bacteria
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Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms and Diagnosis Magnesium Thirst Magnesium Hunger We thirst for magnesium rich water. Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests – only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood. Most doctors and laboratories don’t even include magnesium status in routine blood tests. One has to recognize the signs of magnesium thirst or hunger on their own since allopathic medicine is lost in this regard. Few people are aware of the enormous role magnesium plays in our bodies. In fact there happens to be a relationship between what we perceive as thirst and deficiencies in electrolytes. Magnesium Torment (Deficiency) You know all those years when doctors used to tell their patients its all in your heads were years the medical profession was showing its ignorance. Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency The first symptoms of deficiency can be subtle – as most magnesium is stored in the tissues, leg cramps, foot pain, or muscle ‘twitches’ can be the first sign. See References ▼

INACTIVATION OF POLIOMYELITIS VIRUS IN VITRO BY CR... [J Exp Med. 1935 Earth - How much of your body is your own? This story is part of BBC Earth's "Best of 2016" list, our greatest hits of the year. Browse the full list. • Bill Gates is actually worth $1,956• Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has five times fewer cells in his brain than in his liver• Top tennis player Serena Williams has 24.5 trillion red blood cells powering her body• Internet and social media pioneer Mark Zuckerberg’s body contains 800MB of data• President Barack Obama’s head rules his heart; his brain weighs 1.4kg, his heart just 0.4kg Welcome to The Making of Me and You, a unique, new digital interactive from BBC Earth that details extraordinary personalised facts. Just input your date of birth, sex at birth, height and weight, and choose the metric or imperial units that make most sense to you. And instantly find out: Explore, enjoy, and share with your friends either the whole page, or your favourite insights, comparing your vital statistics. This is our story, the story of the making of me and you. Lead photo credit: Beyond Words

Top 10 Foods Highest in Magnesium Written by Daisy Whitbread, MScN Magnesium is an essential mineral required by the body for maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, keeping a healthy immune system, maintaining heart rhythm, and building strong bones. A deficiency in magnesium can lead to muscle spasms, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, migraines, osteoporosis, and cerebral infarction. Conversely, consuming too much magnesium typically causes diarrhea as the body attempts to excrete the excess. High magnesium foods include dark leafy greens, seeds, beans, whole grains, fish, nuts, dark chocolate, yogurt, avocados, bananas and more. Below is a list of high magnesium foods, for more, see the extended lists of magnesium rich foods, magnesium fruits, and magnesium vegetables. 1. More Greens High in Magnesium (%DV per cup) Swiss Chard (38%), Kale (19%), Collard Greens (13%), and Turnip Greens (11%). Complete Nutrition Facts. 2. 3. More Beans High in Magnesium (%DV per cup) 4. 5. 6. 7.

Vitamin C As An Antiviral This article may be reprinted free of charge provided 1) that there is clear attribution to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, and 2) that both the OMNS free subscription link and also the OMNS archive link are included. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, December 3, 2009 Vitamin C As An Antiviral:It's All About Dose (OMNS, December 3, 2009) One of the most frequent questions from Orthomolecular Medicine News Service readers is, Just how much vitamin C should I take? Our bodies cannot make vitamin C (ascorbate), although most animals can. Each person's need for vitamin C differs because of differences in genetics and individual biochemistry [1,2,3]. Mechanism For Ascorbate Antiviral EffectSeveral mechanisms for vitamin C's antiviral effect are known or suggested from studies [4,8]. Vitamin C is also involved in enhancing several functions of the immune system.

Complete Anatomy on the Mac App Store Magnesium Advocacy Group — What you don't know about Magnesium might kill you. The in Vitro Action of Synthetic Crystalline Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) on Herpes Virus + Author Affiliations Summary The experimental evidence presented in this paper shows that synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) inactivates “W” virus in vitro. This is a non-specific action and is due to a pH effect since, when the vitamin is added to a virus suspension buffered between pH 5 to 8, it fails to inhibit the virus. These observations apply only to the inactivating effect of ascorbic acid on the virus in test tube mixtures and have no reference to the effect that vitamin C may exert in inhibiting virus infections in the animal body. Footnotes ↵1 This research was supported by a grant from the W. Received June 29, 1936.

Eye Color - Information On Eye Color Genetics and Inheritance The color of eyes is an interesting topic. In years past a brown eyed child seemed like an unlikely outcome from two blue eyed parents, but as we learn more about genetics we learn that eye color isn't as simple as blue + blue = blue. Let's learn more about the genetics of eye color. Caucasian children are usually born with unpigmented, blue eyes. There are several genes which influence the color of a person's eyes. Our genes are made up of two alleles. Let's say there was a gene that determined eye color. But, eye color isn't that simple. In a second eye color gene let's say that G confers green or hazel eyes and g results in lighter eyes. If one BG or a Bg allele crosses with any other BG, Bg, bG or bg allele then the result will be brown eyes, but in varying shades. Returning to the first example of two blue eyed parents producing a brown eyed child, probably the parents were bbGg with a shift to the lighter side of hazel influencing the shade of blue. Green eyes Additional Resources:

The Root Cause Of Cancer and Why Has it Been Kept a Secret! The Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto H. Warburg, had devoted his life to the study of and cause of cancer. Dr. Warburg was one of the 20th centuries leading biologists, and he discovered that the root cause of cancer is too much acidity in the body, meaning that the pH in the body is below the normal level of 7.365, which constitutes an “acidic” state. Warburg investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells and discovered that cancer cells maintain and thrive in a lower pH, as low as 6.0, due to lactic acid production and elevated CO2. In 1931 Dr. In his work The Metabolism of Tumours Warburg demonstrated that “all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Dr. You have our permission to reprint this article via creative commons license if you attribute us with a live backlink to this article. – Organic Health

4 Tbsp. a Day and Cancer is Gone: Bulgarian Scientist Reveals His Powerful Cancer Killing Recipe! » My Central Health Hristo Mermerski is a well known Bulgarian Scientist who came to limelight for his groundbreaking homemade cure for cancer. There are thousands of people who support his claim for curing cancer with this simple remedy. Dr. Mermerski explains that his cancer-treating recipe is a food that treats our entire body. It is because of this overall healing effect that cancer also gets cured. It is almost like a magical homemade remedy that offers many other health benefits including the following: It cleanses our blood vesselsIt strengthens our immune systemIt heals our heart. How to Prepare Mermerski’s Recipe You will need the following ingredients to prepare Mermerski’s recipe: Lemon – 15Garlic – 12Honey (natural) – 35 oz.Walnuts – 14 oz.Sprouted grains – 14 oz. How to Prepare Sprouted Grains Preparing the Remedy After 3 days your famous Mermerski cancer remedy is ready. If you are suffering from cancer, Dr. He claims that he has studied the ingredients and nutrients in this remedy. source