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Jacci Jaye's Corset Pattern #1

Rating 17 votes Buy or download pattern to rate Difficulty Intermediate Size 4/6 See Sizing Chart Type help Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems Print at Home PDF Description This pattern download and tutorial is a cinch— literally! This pattern is a size 4/6. Recommended Materials Decorative outer/fashion fabric: You can use any durable, non-stretch woven fabric like cotton, silk, twill or linen. Lining: Coutil (also spelled Coutille) is a woven cloth created specifically for making corsets— but any woven like cotton or cotton Amount of Fabrics 1 yard self, 1 yard lining Seam Allowance This pattern includes seam allowance


The Corset Maker's Tools When I first started constructing corsets, finding the right tool for the right job was a real pain. When you think about it, a lot of the tools needed to make a good quality corset can’t be found in the average haberdasher's shop. There are a myriad of possibilities, so which are the right tools to use? I have found that there isn’t one tool to suit all. What some people swear by, others have completely sworn off. Reconstructing A 1910's Era Corset For the past few years, I’ve been searching for a good pattern for a 1910’s corset, but I discovered that the number of commercial patterns and pattern diagrams from books for this type of corset is surprisingly limited. Then when I tried making up a few of the available patterns, I was further frustrated by poor fit and difficulty enlarging the patterns to my size. So I was thrilled to buy a 1910's corset off of ebay for under $30. Judging from corset advertisements from this decade, I am guessing that it dates from the mid-1910's. It has many similarities to the 1916 corset shown here, although the shape it gives is similar to corsets from throughout the 1910's so it works well for a variety of styles.

Mode, Couture de motifs, Inspiration, la communauté et l'apprentissage After you have entered in your billing information and completed your purchase, you will be redirected to your Pattern Library where you will find links to download your pattern and instruction PDFs. If you are no redirected immediately, simply click: Your Username (top right corner) > My Account > Pattern Library Once you have downloaded your pattern Open your pattern PDF with the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Perfect Boning Channels Do you struggle to stitch straight boning channels? Do your stitch lines end up taking unexpected detours? Lots of people have asked how to get perfectly straight and even boning channels and it’s something I struggled with for a long time. How I Sew Corsets This is a guide of how I sew my corsets, I think that is is a really simple way since there is no need to worry about the “stitch in the ditch” issue, having seams that are not exactly aligned. This corset does not have a busk since I made this tutorial before I learned how to insert them. But HERE is a really nice tutorial on how you do it, it is also how I insert my busks. This tutorial does not address any pattern making either, It is simply a note on sewing technique.

Planning Out Boning Channels After the publication of my article discussing the stitching of boning channels, some questions arose as to the positioning of boning channels and some misconceptions as to the reasons for boning a corset. This article aims to address those issues and provide some ideas for experimentation. Let’s start with some of the misconceptions, because they appear to be one of the main reasons that people experience difficulties when working out the positioning of their bones. Boning has one primary function: to keep the shape of the corset by ensuring the fabric is taut.

Underbust Corset Pattern Tutorial So here it is at last, the under bust pattern tutorial! At one moment in the making of this tutorial my portable hard drive crashed and all the data for this tutorial was lost with it, I was almost done with it all it was just a matter of putting the text and the pictures together, I had a pdf version of it, on Swedish which was in one way a good thing but it was not totally finished and had a few things that needed to be fixed in the Illustrator made diagrams that were lost. It kind of killed me to loose all my data, so I kind of gave up on it all but yesterday I had some luck with the hard drive and managed to save the files needed for this tutorial. I was beyond thrilled! So I present to you all the under bust corset pattern tutorial! The biggest prejudices about corsets are that they are really uncomfortable to wear and that one cannot breath properly in them, this of course is all wrong.

Easy Pattern Drafting by Cathy Hay “Using your individual measurements, a pattern is drafted by scratch using the most exacting of standards. It's very clinical and scientific. Everything is measured with a ruler to the greatest degree of precision possible, much like an engineering drawing, using a drafting square and a scale formula. It's extremely complicated, and everything must be checked and double-checked. Foundations Revealed Introduction In this article we are going to look at a simple method for how to make a corset, one that is ideal for beginners. By following the steps you will learn about some of the key principles of a corset.

Draft Your Own Corset Pattern Perfectly fitting patterns at last! Muhahaha! One of the most frustrating challenges in corsetmaking is to get the darn thing to fit properly. Corsets are such unforgiving, tightly fitted garments that a good one must have a perfect fit; there's no room for error. After getting frustrated with commerical patterns, you're probably starting to wonder how to draft (draw out) your own patterns from a list of measurements. Here's how, in a step-by-step format specially designed for complete beginners.