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4+1 Ways To Speed Up WordPress With Caching If you are suddenly receiving a lot of request within a short period of time because you’ve been linked by a large site like Digg or Slashdot, your hosting solution might not be able to handle the load. This article should help your to prepare your WordPress blog for such a case or if you’re just using a slow webhost and want to improve the general performance. Note that your room for maneuver is limited in most shared-hosting environments, so you won’t be able to implement all possible options with a $2.95 hosting account. On the whole there are two areas where we can try to save processing time by caching frequently loaded data. The first one is the server system like the web- and database-server software, the second one is the application (WordPress) itself. MySQL Query Cache Since WordPress uses MySQL, almost every page load results in various MySQL queries for logins, post content, categories and so on. PHP Compiler Cache WordPress Internal Caching Static Pages And of course…

APC (PHP Accelerator) Disclaimer: i do not guarantee it will work for you so you better use it at your own risk. It works for me. * I am using # symbol for all shell commands I am posting a quick step-by-step guide to install APC on servers (dedicated or VPS) with cpanel/whm working. First login as a root to your server/vps and make a directory to work with this plugin, #mkdir /home/APC-php #cd /home/APC-php now here we will first download the APC with following command #wget you can check for the latest version now you can use gzip and tar separately or tar -xzvf to unzip this file #tar -xzvf APC-3.0.14.tgz now you will have a APC-3.0.14 folder. #cd APC-3.0.14 now you have to make php configuration files by following command #phpize after this use following three commands # . #make #make test #make install NOTE: if you are using suPHP then skip --with-apxs *one more thing, if you use check your php.ini location by #php -i | grep php.ini then open it with your favorite editor. mine was at

5 Golden Tips For WordPress Performance Optimization / Slashdot-Digg Protection -Simple Thoughts - Java and Web Blog WordPress is a popular blogging software. As a design decision it stores the blog content in database and uses php to fetch and display the pages. This consumes more resources (cpu and memory) than blogging softwares generating static pages. Speed up PHP code execution. Optimize MySQL server installation MySQL on Linux get installed by default with minimal configuration which is suitable for low end machine. Read the fine manual for explanations on each of these settings You may also want to enable slow query log and identify the slow queries. Slim & trim WordPress. Staticize your pages.wp-cache 2 is a WordPress plugin which will cache your page output in a file (download). It will also invalidate the whole cache it a comment is added to any post. At some point you still will have to move to a better server - from shared hosting to VPS (virtual private server) and then from VPS to dedicated server(s).

PHP MySQL Performance Optimization - A Lesson -Simple Thoughts - Java and Web Blog The MySQL database supporting this blog was consuming massive amount of CPU, which effectively lead to site going down 3-4 times this week. I knew an obvious culprit. However reality differed. I knew for sometime I had a jumbo query, which was not cached, and is likely to contribute to MySQL server load: SELECT cat_ID, cat_name AS Category, count( * ) AS ‘Count’ FROM $wpdb->categories, $wpdb->post2cat, $wpdb->posts WHERE cat_ID = category_id and category_nicename != ‘headline’ and ID = post_id and post_status = ‘publish’ GROUP BY cat_name HAVING count( * ) > 10 ORDER BY ‘Count’ DESC LIMIT 0 , 10 I couldn’t see an obvious way to optimize this without curbing the functionality. I also thought about using slow query log to pinpoint the problem. SELECT distinct cat_ID, cat_name FROM st_categories, st_post2cat ORDER BY category_nicename; This took me by surprise. SELECT distinct cat_ID, cat_name FROM st_categories ORDER BY category_nicename; The original query was redundant and wasteful.

BD (MYSQL) 27 Web Site Marketing Ideas That Have Nothing to do with Google or SEO | Sparkplug CEO In 2007, Google updated their webmaster tool guidelines to reflect a change in their approach to paid text links. In the past, you could purchase text links to help your website do better in the search engines. But be careful, this practice could now get your site banned from the search engines: Some SEOs and webmasters engage in the practice of buying and selling links that pass PageRank, disregarding the quality of the links, the sources, and the long-term impact it will have on their sites. As good as it feels to get mad at Google about this, the fact remains that hundreds of web sites’ Page Rank were penalized at the time. So instead of venting, we all need to make a few choices, either: Keep the paid links and lose the trafficDump the paid links and lose the revenue Either way, there is one thing that we should all be choosing to do right now: Decrease the percentage of traffic that Google sends to your site in the first place 27 Web Site Marketing Ideas

Servidor WEB (Apache) Support » high traffic crashing I understand now that it's not really the kind of thing that can be helped on a support forum. But I'm going to document this problem in case it's helpful. Our ISP is, and I've been very happy with their support up till now. I think Zeldman gives them a shout-out in his blog. We've had indications of traffic problems before this and have asked about bumping up from a dedicated virtual server to a dedicated physical server. I'm not rebuilding the site just because my ISP won't help examine where the bottleneck really is. Last night, I was getting error code I posted above. Stuff I've done/looked into: * My ISP has asked if I can have a flat HTML front page. * After looking through these forums, I installed Jerome's Query Diagnostics to see if any queries were holding us up.This was for the front page.This was for a single post. * It seems comments can cause problems, but comments are a big part of the site and I can't disable them, or not for long, anyway.