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DIY Greenwalls

DIY Greenwalls

Vertical Garden Two years ago, in Los Angeles, where land is tight and water precious, Joan and William Feldman faced a common problem: Their home's small entry court, which doubles as a view garden for their living room, was stark and bare, hardly welcoming to visitors. A raised pond with a fountain couldn't compensate for the lack of green, but there was little ground for any plantings. The solution, devised by landscape designer Mia Lehrer and her associate, Holly Kuwayama, was to hang a garden on the wall, a leafy picture that could thrive without much soil or water. Their clients, avid art collectors, loved the concept of a living counterpart to their indoor paintings, and they were keen on succulents, which Lehrer had used with great success on green roofs around the city. "These plants need little water, so they're less heavy than other choices, and their shallow roots require less soil," notes Lehrer, who is captivated by the range of shapes, colors and textures succulents provide.

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NBS | Sustainability: Green roofs: an introduction Green roofs: an introduction Green roofs are the result of a complete underlying roof build-up system, providing continuous, uninterrupted layers of protection and drainage. Recent advances in technology have made them lighter, more durable and better able to withstand the extreme conditions of the rooftop. A green roof is usually composed of a waterproof membrane, followed by a root barrier, a layer of insulation, a drainage layer, the growing medium or soil substrate, and the plant material. The main issues to consider in all roofs are waterproofing and adequate drainage; in a green roof structural loading is also important. Currently the most complete system of standards for green roof design is the German Landscape Development and Landscape Construction Research Facility’s (FLL). Roof types There are two basic types of roof greening covers: intensive (roof gardens) and extensive. There are three main methods of building up a green roof: Sustainability issues Information Sources Articles:

Do it Yourself — Living Walls Lately, the idea of green walls has become very fashionable. Either part of a building or free standing, this sustainable innovation is healthy and great to look at. Also known as living walls, these vertical gardens are packed with flora that benefits everything from our lungs to our ears! Let’s have a detailed look into the benefits of green walls and then find out how to install your very own green wall at home… buy tramadol online no prescription Improved Air Quality ultram online pharmacy It has been scientifically proven that foliage can improve air quality. ambien online without prescription Excellent Aesthetics buy ultram online No one who has seen a green wall close up can say that they’re not impressive, especially the larger-scale ones such as Patrick Blanc’s Parisian creation. adipex for sale Reduced Energy Costs valium online no prescription In the Western world, and America in particular, we love air conditioning. ambien online no prescription Reduced Noise Levels valium for sale

How to Make a Living Wall Steps Part 1 Determining the Right Living Wall for You <img alt="Image titled Make a Living Wall Step 1" src=" width="728" height="485" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');">1Evaluate placement options for outdoor and indoor living walls. <img alt="Image titled Make a Living Wall Step 3" src=" width="728" height="485" class="whcdn">3Measure and mark the space you wish your living wall to occupy. Part 2 Building a Living Wall from a Wooden Pallet Part 3 Finishing Your Pallet Frame Living Wall Community Q&A Add New Question How often should fertilizer be used in living wall? Ask a Question Tips Warnings Loading... Did you try these steps? Upload error

Starting a DIY Vertical Garden (Google / Gardening Tips ‘n’ Idea Read at : Google Alert – gardening Ever since coming across Patrick Blanc’s vertical garden I’ve been interested to observe how this technology might transform the home gardening scene. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before we begin running out room for gardens to grow on a horizontal plane. But for most home gardeners, Patrick Blanc and his artworks are far beyond the comprehension and resources available to them. However, as we have already experienced with increasing gas prices our conservative views of the world may need to change. So, here’s a challenge for us all – myself included. A few helpful links to get your started The basics of a DIY Vertical Garden The frame is basically the support for the vertical garden. If you decide to hang this outdoors then you can do away with the bottom well and just hand water the plants with a watering can. Conclusion Like this: Like Loading...

How to create a vertical garden » DIY Guides Vertical garden If you are planning to grow plants in a small space at your home, a vertical garden is the perfect solution. Vertical gardening is a method that includes flowers and growing plants that rises up off the soil bed. Here are the steps on how to make your own vertical garden. To have a vertical garden seems fashionable nowadays. Things that you need: Chain links/ cross posts Divots artificial wall plant stands elevated pots wall ornaments torches lanterns string lights lights woven Steps: First, measure the space and plan for a vertical garden of multiple layers. Additional Reading: Image Credit:

Green Roofs and Turf Roofs - benefits and design considerations. The environmental benefits of turf and green roofs are widely recognised, while roof gardens and roof terraces provide much-needed outdoor space in urban areas. Due to the high degree of insulation that they provide, green roofs are known for their ability to provide an extremely constant temperature throughout the year. During the winter they keep the heat in, and in the summer they provide a relatively cool environment. Turf and green roofs provide habitat for insects and other wildlife. Green Roof Design Considerations The most important considerations when designing turf and green roofs are ensuring that the roof is strong enough to support the weight of the turf or plants (even when they are fully saturated by rainfall and covered in several feet of snow!) Structural calculations will need to be made, and the foundations and roofing timbers are likely to require upgrading in order to support the additional weight of a turf or green roof. Types of Green Roof Related Articles

Ace of Space: Planting a DIY Vertical Garden By Tammy Strobel | Posted May 25th 2010 12:29PM Updated May 25th 2010 4:45PM If you live in a tiny apartment, chances are you don't have a porch or a huge backyard to grow a garden. Last year, I discovered the concept of vertical gardening and Patrick Blanc's concept of design and space. Vertical gardens are commonly referred to as living walls. When these living walls are used effectively they can make gardening in small spaces a reality. Even if you live in the heart of a big city, it is possible to design a small vertical garden to meet your needs. But there are ways to create this effect at less cost.... In these tough economic times, spending extra money on gardening supplies might not be a feasible. A Frame and Backboard. The water well catch is placed at the bottom of your living wall. If you're not ready for vertical gardening or window farming, join a community garden or ask a neighbor lucky enough to have a yard to share a little soil space. Below are resources to get you started:

Greenworks Self-Watering Living Wall System Green walls are not only spectacularly beautiful, but they also help enliven a space, humidify the air, and process toxins. We loved this simple and modular living wall by Greenworks, a design duo from Stockholm. The design we saw at this year’s ICFF consists of a lovely felted plant wall with a self-automated watering system and a sturdy base. Inserting more plants into a room through planting tiles, potted plants, or a living wall provides a healthier indoor air quality, as well as a more beautiful space. Greenworks’ Mobile Plantwall includes a self-automated watering and nutrition system for the growing plants, which makes it incredibly easy to maintain and take care of. The Greenworks Mobile Plantwall concept was designed by Lisa Wacklin, a design strategist and gardener, and Per Berglund, a design manager. + Greenworks + ICFF 2009 Coverage + ICFF 2009 Photo Gallery

Do it Yourself « Page 2 It’s approaching the end of summer and rather than saying good-bye to your herbs why not go inside and try an indoor vertical herb garden? But, if you live in an apartment and have space restrictions a permanent vertical herb garden might just be the solution for you – where you can have herbs inside all year round. You may also like to get creative and add colour by adding succulents. When growing any vertical garden indoors or outdoors the biggest consideration is choosing the wall and analysing how much light you will get. What should you grow your herbs in? The best solution when growing herbs inside is to use woolly pockets as they provide the right environment for growing herbs and vegetables. Top Herbs To Grow Inside on Your Vertical Garden Walls Which Don’t Get Much Light If your wall doesn’t get much light there are herbs which will have a better chance of survival indoors. Sun Loving Herbs Greek oregano is a very sun loving herb insisting on at least six to eight hours of sun.

Hit or Miss? Growing Plants Gets Techy With The Click & Grow System Image via Click & Grow Exactly how much technology do we need to utilize in order to keep a plant alive? Apparently for some people, a lot. The Click & Grow offers a computerized system utilizing sensors for correct watering and fertilizing to make growing houseplants brainless, ...but also a bit un-TreeHugger. The Click & Grow system uses aeroponics, and according to Gizmag, all one needs to do is pick out a seed "cartridge" that contains the type of plant you want to grow and some fertilizer, stick it in the growing container, connect the container via USB to a computer so you can upload the growth program that suits that plant type, and the container takes care of the rest, acting as gardener so you don't have to. The container lets you know when to refill the water tank, or apparently some of the heftier models of the product will act as a dehumidifier and collect water from the air to keep the tank full. Is it worth it if it's the only way for some people to keep a plant alive?

VertiGarden - Vertical Gardens 5. When completely filled, lightly compress the compost so that it is level at about 1 cm below the top of the tray. 6. Place the lid on to the tray. 7. 8. 9. 5 Simple Ways to Create a DIY Living Wall Photo: ELT Vibrant living walls are a striking way to infuse a little more green in urban areas (not to mention the air quality health benefits they provide) -- and having your own is easier than you'd think. No space? 1. ELT started out making living walls for commercial spaces in Mumbai -- but now you can put their expertise to use in your home with the DIY kits. The super-simple kits come in two sizes, single and double, and mount on an interior wall so you can bring a little bloom to any room in your home. 2. Photo: Woolly PocketWoolly Pocket's Wally gardening system consists of bright pockets constructed from recycled plastic bottles, with a design that makes them durable, breathable, and soft -- plus they're modular, so you can combine as many as you need for a custom design. 3. Photo: Plants on Walls The Floraframe living wall kits from Plants on Walls combine modern aesthetics with natural blooms. 4. Photo: Bright Green USA 5.