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SoMA Review - Hunter S. ThompsonRoad Man for the Lords of Karma Hunter S. ThompsonRoad Man for the Lords of Karma Its been 10 days since the Good Doctor ended his life, and the tribute I intend to write will just have to wait till the shock (though not disbelief) that hes gone wears off. Meanwhile, Charlie Rose re-aired last night an appreciation of Thompsonclips from three interviews he gave at Roses round oak table. In a June 97 interview, Thompson described his vision of the Great Beyond. Rose broached the subject by asking Thompson how he thought the gods would judge him. Rose: All right. HST: Did I hide my candle under a bushel? Rose: Yes. HST: Probably. Rose: He says or she says, I gave you this talent. HST: Well, but you know, I'm on trial? Rose: No, you're trying to get in! HST: No, you don't. Rose: Who has the keys? HST: Well, I'll just tell you now, just between us. Rose: Okay. HST: I'm sure [crosstalk] Yeah. Rose: A what? Rose: Yeah? HST: And they come eventually to be judged or just, you know, assessed. And as a road man, I'm a cog in the wheel.

vizio candle ashtray may 28, 2011 vizio candle ashtray ‘vizio’ by flusscreativo designed by italian studio flussocreativo, ‘vizio’ is a candle ashtray that consists of a paraffin wax body, with the wick positioned along the perimeter of the object within the central indentation. once started, the light takes a circular route, following the inner circumference of the candle in order to dissolve the paraffin and give the look of one who kidnapped by the enchantment of fire, stopped to observe its movement. during its hypnotic and suggestive run, the wick melts the wax forming a liquid pool able to hold ashes, foul odor and of course the butts. the wick wraps around the circumference of the candle / ashtray ‘vizio’ comes in a range of colors and can easily be stacked designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. gianfranco di costanzo

List of common misconceptions From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This incomplete list is not intended to be exhaustive. This list corrects erroneous beliefs that are currently widely held about notable topics. Each misconception and the corresponding facts have been discussed in published literature. Note that each entry is formatted as a correction; the misconceptions themselves are implied rather than stated. Arts and culture Food and cooking Roll-style Western sushi. Searing meat does not "seal in" moisture, and in fact may actually cause meat to lose moisture. Legislation and crime Literature The Harry Potter books, though they have broken children's book publishing records, have not led to an increase in reading among children or adults, nor slowed the ongoing overall decline in book purchases by Americans, and children who did read the Harry Potter books were not more likely to go on to read more outside of the fantasy and mystery genres.[21][22][23][24] Music Religion Hebrew Bible Buddhism Christianity Islam Sports

Heaven On Earth (8 Pics) - StumbleUpon For more fun facts, click HERE. Probably Bad News - Everything Not Fit to Print As the media continues to proclaim the demise of print journalism, the timely blog Probably Bad News appropriately stokes the fire, providing headlines, clippings, freeze frames, etc., all demonstrating that The Daily Show exists for a reason: because, wow, sometimes journalists will write the craziest stupidest most unbelievably dummy dum-dum things. People saw these? What's up with Henry Earl? Henry is The Man So there's this guy named Henry Earl. He lives in Lexington, KY. I don't know much about him except that he goes by the name "James Brown", (which is cool in and of itself) and that he likes to get drunk. Well, Henry has earned something of a cult following (he's even been mentioned in Newsweek/MSNBC). Henry's Impressive Record Henry's become so popular that Drew, the guy who runs Fark, was asked by guys at Fayette County to stop linking directly to their offender database as the traffic was crashing their server. I just had to get some sense of the overall scale of Henry's recidivism. Automating it was clearly the only way. More Info About Henry Even though there are a few other, more "full-featured" web sites devoted to Henry, none had the capability to display real-time jail stats -- hence this page. Feel free to link to this page as much as you want. Oh, be sure to check out this animated GIF another Henry fan named Rich made. Donate to Henry But there's a problem.

Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie -  this isn't happiness™ ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck Things My Father didn’t Teach Me, How to tie a Tie share it 3,740 notes How to Disagree March 2008 The web is turning writing into a conversation. Twenty years ago, writers wrote and readers read. Many who respond to something disagree with it. The result is there's a lot more disagreeing going on, especially measured by the word. If we're all going to be disagreeing more, we should be careful to do it well. DH0. This is the lowest form of disagreement, and probably also the most common. u r a fag!!!!!!!!!! But it's important to realize that more articulate name-calling has just as little weight. The author is a self-important dilettante. is really nothing more than a pretentious version of "u r a fag." DH1. An ad hominem attack is not quite as weak as mere name-calling. Of course he would say that. This wouldn't refute the author's argument, but it may at least be relevant to the case. Saying that an author lacks the authority to write about a topic is a variant of ad hominem—and a particularly useless sort, because good ideas often come from outsiders. DH2. DH3. DH4. DH5.

List of unusual deaths - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - StumbleUpon This is a list of unusual deaths. This list includes unique or extremely rare circumstances of death recorded throughout history, noted as being unusual by multiple sources. Some of the deaths are mythological or are considered to be unsubstantiated by contemporary researchers. Some other articles also cover deaths that might be considered unusual or ironic, including List of entertainers who died during a performance, List of inventors killed by their own inventions, List of association footballers who died while playing, List of professional cyclists who died during a race and the List of political self-immolations. Antiquity[edit] Middle Ages[edit] Renaissance[edit] 18th century[edit] 19th century[edit] 20th century[edit] 1920s[edit] Isadora Duncan, ballerina, died when her long scarf caught on the wheel of a car, breaking her neck. 1926: Phillip McClean, 16, from Queensland, Australia, became the only person documented to have been killed by a cassowary. 1950s[edit] 1960s[edit] 1961: U.S.

Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes Kate Middleton with Steve Buscemeyes was removed. Here she is again. Final post. Thanks so much for all the amazing comments. you can still Buscemeyes yourself at Bristol Palin with Steve Buscemeyes. Buscemeyes yourself at Adele with Steve Buscemeyes. Monica Bellucci with Steve Buscemeyes. Thanks to my friends at Vanity Fair Italia for this one. Christina Ricci with Steve Buscemeyes. Thanks to so many for the suggestion. Some of you with Steve Buscemeyes. Thanks for using Give yourself Steve Buscemeyes on Facebook. Miley Cyrus with Steve Buscemeyes…again. Thanks to so many of you for asking for another. Emma Stone with Steve Buscemeyes.

Futility Closet In 1554 Sir James Hales drowned himself. The coroner returned a verdict of felo de se, meaning that Sir James was guilty of the felony of self-murder. His estate was forfeited to the crown, which planned to award it to one Cyriac Petit. Sir James’ widow, Margaret, contested this. Margaret Hales’ counsel argued that one can’t be guilty of suicide while one is still living, practically by definition, so self-murder shouldn’t be classed as a felony: “He cannot be felo de se till the death is fully consummate, and the death precedes the felony and the forfeiture.” The court ruled for Petit, finding that Sir James had killed himself during his lifetime: “The forfeiture shall have relation to the time the original offence began which caused the death, and that was the throwing himself into the water, which was done in his lifetime and this act was felony. The case is remembered, and not charitably, in the churchyard scene in Hamlet: First Clown: Give me leave. Second Clown: But is this law?

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